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Matt Damon Rumored to Cameo in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’


Matt Damon Rumored to Cameo in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, was on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last week to promote the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe offering, Thor Ragnarok and he was interrupted during his interview by none other than Matt Damon, who has had an ongoing “feud” with Kimmel since the show began around a decade ago.

While people mostly wrote that appearance off as just the continuation of one of the longest-running jokes in late night television history, there may have been more to the fact that he showed up during Hemsworth’s interview than people originally thought. 

According to the Weekly Planet Podcast, which covers all things nerd pop-culture, Matt Damon actually appears in Ragnarok in a small but hilarious and memorable role. They said:

“There’s a scene set on Asgard, in which we watch an Asgardian theater production that essentially recounts the entirety of ‘Thor 1,’ like as a play, and in this theater piece the role of Loki is played by an Asgardian actor played by Matt Damon.”

If true, that cameo could mean much larger things for the MCU than anyone realizes. Another theory proposes that Damon isn’t solely there for a quick joke, but instead is laying the seeds to join the cosmic side of the MCU as one of the more powerful characters people have been pining for since the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

That character is Wonder-Man, portrayed by Nathan Fillion in a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — which was actually cut from the film. Yet, Fillion didn’t make the final cut, his appearance isn’t canon as far as the MCU is concerned.

One has to wonder (get it?) why they’d bring Good Will Hunting in for a cameo like that if it didn’t mean something more. There’s no joke associated with it outside of the fact that it’s Matt Damon.

Considering that Wonder Man is actually an actor in the comics, it could make a lot of sense that he’s actually Wonder Man portraying Loki in one of his many roles as he traverses space.

Sounds far fetched? Think about it. What’s funny about Damon portraying Loki? Sure, it’s Damon, but he isn’t affiliated with Thor, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston or the writer-director Taika Waititi.

While Guardians of the Galaxy scribe James Gunn would obviously want Fillion to fill the role, he’s not famous enough to carry a film as important as Wonder Man would be. Sure, you could say the same about Chris Pratt when the first Guardians film was released but that was an ensemble film.

With Damon’s BFF Ben Affleck having played Daredevil and now Batman, it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch for Damon to sign up for a multi-picture deal with Marve. Either way, stay tuned to Thor Ragnarok, which comes out early next month, to see if this theory holds up!

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