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Marvel’s Inhumans Debuts New Trailer. Is it Better Than the Other(s)?


Marvel’s Inhumans Debuts New Trailer. Is it Better Than the Other(s)?

Poor Marvel’s Inhumans. They’ve always been sort of a D-Level group in the Marvel Comics pantheon. And they’ve gone from a movie with a $250 million dollar budget to an eight episode IMAX/TV-hybrid that has had nothing but bad press since essentially everything from the show has been shared.

From the initial images to the first teaser trailer — and a press conference that Marvel cut short after the showrunner and actors started getting testy, everything has gone wrong for the first family of Inhumans so far. So, will its latest trailer turn things around? There’s only one way to find out!

One of the main complaints about the show has been the so-called outdated look. From Medusa’s wig to the general feel, it looks like something that was filmed 10 years ago. While people liked Lockjaw, the teleporting dog was shown in the same scenes in both trailers.

People fear the show won’t showcase him very often — maybe because of the cost associated with CGI. But, the entire trailer is mostly from the same footage. Based on fans’ negative reaction, you’d think they’d show something different from the previous trailer.

Still, considering the show is only going to be eight episodes, perhaps Marvel didn’t want to give too much away, too early. However, Inhumans needs to attract viewership. Some worry they’re showing the “epic” moments — Lockjaw, Blackbolt using his voice, etc. — because everything else is just a family arguing on the moon.

Granted, to some, the Inhumans just talking in space is enough for them to tune in. Especially considering how great Marvel’s other ABC product, Agents of SHIELD, has been lately, you have to hold out hope that Marvel will make up for the sin that was the first season of Iron Fist by giving us the great Inhumans show we deserve.

But since the showrunner, Scott Buck, is the same that ran that very season of Iron Fist… That hope may be misguided. He recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the show and said:

“Basically we’re telling a story about a family at a very critical juncture in their lives, when we meet up with them, we’re going to find that pretty much everything they’ve ever known is at risk.”

If things don’t go well, hopefully it’ll be Buck’s job at risk. As he’s responsible for the only black mark on Marvel’s “moving picture” properties already and it looks like he’s going to be at it again from everything they’ve shown us (or not shown us) so far. 

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