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Marvel Announces Wolverine/Hulk Hybrid… HULKVERINE!


Marvel Announces Wolverine/Hulk Hybrid… HULKVERINE!

While it had long been dormant in the imagination of nerds everywhere, Marvel shocked it’s fans when they announced the origin story of their Wolverine/Hulk hybrid back in February of this year. The creation, which combines the heightened senses, adamantium skeleton and healing factor of Wolverine with the size, strength and additional rage of the Hulk. The creation of Hulkverine, as we here at BabbleTop are calling him, has branched out into a summer-long event that is bringing back some of the most famous faces of the Weapon X program that created Wolverine and Deadpool.

Fans didn’t really know how to react to the still yet to be finalized Hulkverine when he was first revealed and had a lot of questions. The most prevalent of which was essentially about how the adamantium skeleton could either shrink or expand to fit the massive size of Hulk’s skeleton (As it has to be the same size when he’s both a normal human and the Hulk, right?). The larger in-universe question is actually, who could’ve actually thought that it was a good idea to combine two of the most rabid killing machines in the world and make them even more indestructible? Beyond that, what is the plan for the killing machine once it’s ready to go?

Those questions have been answered now that the Weapons of Mutant Destruction comic has started, so purchase your copy today to get to the bottom of it, before Hulkverine escapes the confines of the comic book and gets to the bottom of you!

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