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Mark Hamill ‘Insulted’ With How New Star Wars Trilogy Changed Luke


Mark Hamill ‘Insulted’ With How New Star Wars Trilogy Changed Luke

In what very well could mean a lot more than he intended, legendary actor Mark Hamill spoke about his feelings concerning the newest iteration of Star Wars and what it means to Luke Skywalker’s legacy.

His initial reaction wasn’t for reasons you may be thinking as Hamill is perhaps one of the least self-important and vain people in Hollywood. He wasn’t concerned about his screen time as an actor but rather how the extremely limited amount of time that Skywalker was in the film would be perceived by movie-goers, saying:

“If it smacks the audience as a cheat or a gimmick, if there’s a big groan in the house, the egg’s on my face, not J.J.’s.”

Skywalker only appeared in the last scene in the film and actually didn’t have any speaking lines. That’s something that initially irked Hamill, who disagreed with the producers of Star Wars and director/writer J.J. Abrams. Abrams told the New York Times that Hamill was “not particularly happy with how little he was in” The Force Awakens and as it turns out that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how Hamill initially reacted to Skywalker’s story arc in the new films.

In interview with Esquire UK,  he said the following about his initial reaction to reading the script from The Last Jedi:

“That’s the hard part, you don’t want to admit how possessive you’ve become. There are times where you go, ‘Really? That’s what they think of Luke? I’m not only in disagreement‚ I’m insulted.’ But that’s the process and you thrash it all out.”

Hamill did eventually come to appreciate the build-up to his big reveal at the end of The Force Awakens. However, that’s not the only thing about that film or the new trilogy that Hamill disagreed with. Hamill is associated with his character Skywalker more than any other actor from Star Wars.

Now, because Lucasfilms has been incredibly — and successfully — secretive when it comes to their films, it’s hard not to read more into something like this especially when there have been rumors for decades that Luke finally gave in to the dark side after the events of the sixth episode.

The title The Last Jedi and the ominous narration by Hamill in the teaser trailer also leads you to believe that perhaps Luke is going to the Dark Side — or maybe the Gray Side? — as he essentially says that it’s time for the Jedi to “end.” While out of context, that quote could really mean anything.

Since Hamill has talked about how protective of Luke’s legacy he is and his initial reaction to how his character evolved, it sounds like they’re doing something to change his legacy. 

That’s where the idea of Luke becoming a “Gray” Jedi comes in. Gray Jedi pull from both the dark and the light in a “best of both worlds” situation. That’s something that the movies haven’t really shown before, perhaps outside of Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu.

There are countless theories that both Rey and Kylo Ren will end up switching places by the end of the ninth episode, with Kylo clearly struggling with the light in the first film and Rey showing some temper issues that could imply that she’s being pulled to the dark.

Bringing Luke to the Dark Side as well would perhaps be too much for even a trilogy and would mean that Kylo would end up fighting Supreme Leader Snoke, Luke and Rey, which is just too much — unless the force sensitive Finn gets powered up somehow.

So, really, what makes the most sense is that Luke is probably just broken from his experiences and thus reluctant to help Rey at all and that’s what leads her into the hands of Snoke. And because Hamill has thought of his character as someone who always does the right thing he didn’t agree with that choice.

Or, maybe the big reveal is that Luke is actually Jar Jar Binks. I guess we’ll find out more come December but stay tuned to BabbleTop for any and all Star Wars related articles, theories and rumors!

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