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Man Arrested After Stabbing Roommate in Star Wars vs. Star Trek Argument


Man Arrested After Stabbing Roommate in Star Wars vs. Star Trek Argument

This was bound to happen eventually.

One of the longest running arguments/feuds in all of nerd-dom is which franchise is better, Star Trek or Star Wars. While it’s more a matter of preference than anything else, somehow a set of roommates in Oklahoma ended up almost killing one another over it last week. James Whyte, 23, of Oklahoma City was apparently a bigger fan of Star Trek and became involved in an argument with his friend and roommate, Bradley Burk (the Star Wars fan) who called Whyte “a Trick” (according to police reports). The “trick” comment sent Whyte into a frenzy and, according to Oklahoma City Police, he followed Burk into his bedroom and shoved him to the ground.

Apparently emulating Spock, Whyte then began choking his (now former) friend while he lay on the ground. Burk reported to police that he feared for his life so he grabbed his Swiss Army Knife from his pocket before he lost consciousness and that made Whyte let go (which was a total trick move). Apparently, Whyte then reached for the pocket knife and ended up cutting himself on it, and the police were called to the residence.

Whyte was charged with “assault and battery, possession of marijuana and outstanding Oklahoma County warrants,” according to Fox 25 News of Oklahoma City. 

In an update from Burk, he said what will amount to one of the best quotes of 2017 in regards to the fight, saying: 

“He was saying Spock was the s%^& and I was saying Yoda was the s%^&.”

That just about sums it up and makes this one of the best stories of all time. 

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