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Kesha Responds to Seinfeld Hug Snub


Kesha Responds to Seinfeld Hug Snub

Kesha’s had a rough few years. She’s tried and failed to get released from her contract under producer “Doctor” Luke. She’s claimed that he’s been physically and mentally abusive and while the judge who oversaw her last attempt at freedom acknowledged that he was indeed being rude, it wasn’t necessarily ruder than what is normal (and therefore not abusive). To add more misery to her plight, she recently (and publicly) attempted to hug Comedian/Legend Jerry Seinfeld while he was being interviewed on the red carpet before the National Night of Laughter and Song at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. She was rejected by the comedian not once, not twice, but three times!

One can assume that if Kesha was a big enough fan of Seinfeld’s to interrupt his interview for a hug request, she must’ve seen his iconic television show. That show has an episode that surrounds the fact that Jerry loathed the “Kiss Hello” …and that was with people he knew! It’s not hard to imagine his reaction when a woman he doesn’t know approaches him and requests a hug. Of course he’s going to say no! The fact he doesn’t know who she is clearly due to a generational gap and not a slap in the face to Kesha.

The rejection quickly went viral, of course, because it was essentially something that couldn’t have been more internet popular had it tried and Kesha approached the situation while on Sirius XM’s Hit1, saying:

 “I felt like I was 5 years old. I instantly was like, ‘Oh, f*** me.’ And I, like, somehow ended up in my very own episode — mini-episode — of Seinfeld for like five seconds.”

Clearly, she did, in fact, know her Seinfeld as she realized that that situation would’ve fit perfectly on that show, or even it’s philosophical spin-off, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Despite the fact that one of her idols inadvertently dissed her for all the world to see, it sounds like she ended up getting a hug from a legend after all. After what from this point forward will be referred to as the Seinfeld Incident, Kesha was hugged by music legend Bob Dylan. She was at a music festival when she ran into the living legend. Again speaking to Hit1 she said:

“So I just walked up, and I just kind of stood there and smiled, and he just opened his beautiful arms and gave me the most wonderful, healing Bob Dylan hug that I’ve ever dreamt of, and I just could care less about anything else, ’cause he gave me another hug at the end of our conversation. So I got two Bob Dylan hugs.”

Whether or not Dylan hugged her out of pity because of the Seinfeld Incident isn’t clear, but Dylan doesn’t seem like the type of guy who is hitting f5 on Reddit multiple times a day. Either way, it looks like things are looking up for Kesha as she did receive two hugs from Dylan and she’s also released her first single in years, titled (in all caps) HUG ME!. Just kidding, it’s actually titled Praying and it’s receiving a ton of attention and streams. So here’s to Kesha… Let’s all relive this awkward moment in all its glory:

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