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JFK Files Claim Hitler Survived WWII, Was Living in Colombia as “Adolf Schritteimayor”


JFK Files Claim Hitler Survived WWII, Was Living in Colombia as “Adolf Schritteimayor”

The historically accepted “fact” is that former Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler put a cyanide capsule and gun in his mouth whilst hiding in his bunker with his bride, Ava Braun, as Allied forces encircled Berlin and closed in on him and his closest advisers.

That may change now though, as the recently released files from the JFK assassination included a file about a CIA informant who claimed to be close to someone who had been in touch with Hitler personally. In Colombia. In the 1950’s.

The informant claimed that Hitler had indeed survived World War II and was living with fellow ex-Nazis in Colombia and that he knew someone who had personally been in touch with him.

The man had a picture of the former man—which wasn’t included in the file—and reported that the man went by the name “Adolf Schritteimayor,”all of which, if true, is an incredible set of circumstances.

The source, whose code name was Cimelody-3, told a CIA agent that Hitler and an ex-SS agent had been meeting with him regularly.

Whether or not it’s true is obviously the point of contention and the file does say that the CIA was highly skeptical of the report, calling it a “fantastic” story and an “apparent fantasy.” According to a memo which was sent by the chief of staff in Caracas:

“Neither Cimelody-3 nor this Station is in a position to give an intelligent evaluation of the information and it being forwarded as of possible interest.”

The meetings reportedly took place in the city of Tunja and that Hitler was living in a neighborhood full of ex-Nazis called Residencias Coloniales. The people in the neighborhood referred to the man, who strongly resembled Hitler, as “der Fuehrer” and also followed the man with “an idolatry of the Nazi Past.” They also performed the Nazi salute whenever they saw him.

This was a far cry from the ‘thousand-Year Reich’ that Hitler not only foresaw and promised for his country. Soldiers dragged Hitler and Braun’s bodies to a shallow grave next to the bunker and burned the corpses. The remaining bones, including parts of a skull, were taken and because of limited technology at the time, it was assumed that the skull belonged to Hitler.

However, recent tests on that skull fragment have cast doubt on the official story. Apparently, the skull—in the possession of Russian State Archive after being collected by Soviet troops—was tested for DNA and it was reportedly found that the skull belonged to a woman.

With the official story being that Braun consumed cyanide and Hitler consumed cyanide and a bullet, the skull couldn’t belong to Braun as it had a bullet hole in it—unless Soviet soldiers shot the bodies afterwards. So, while those doubts have added to rumors that Hitler escaped to South America—namely Argentina where other high-ranking Nazis also escaped—they didn’t really change the official narrative in any meaningful way.


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