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Jane Fonda, at Nearly 80 Years Old, Looks Unrecognizable at the Emmy’s


Jane Fonda, at Nearly 80 Years Old, Looks Unrecognizable at the Emmy’s

Jane Fonda, one of the greatest actors of her generation and of all-time, walked the red carpet at the Emmy’s Sunday night, stunning the crowd and the internet. The 79-year old had a jaw-dropping new hairstyle, one that very few women of her age — if any — usually rock on the red carpet — or in general.

Fonda had a long, high ponytail a la Ariana Grande and a set of bangs that some have described as “severe,” belying her age. It made everyone in the crowd do a double — or triple take. She posed for photographs and left many speechless, which is a bad thing considering some were there to interview her!

As stated above, people online were freaking out about the look. The good fodder helped #emmys leap to the top of the trending list on Twitter. 

She also was wearing a long-sleeved, bright hot pink dress that was very form fitting but still classy. In addition, her accessories — besides her extension ponytail — were a silver clutch purse and matching high-heeled shoes. On top of that she had some beautiful emerald and diamond earrings that matched the necklace hanging down her back.

People have been used to Fonda’s shoulder length hair for years now, so the ponytail look was definitely the highlight of the night. She was candid about the look, saying it wasn’t her idea.

“I am just kind of a limp rag, and they do whatever they want. I’ve had long hair before. But these are my bangs. He cut the bangs,” said Fonda. Regardless of who was responsible it was still quite the fashion moment and proof that Fonda is a living legend.

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