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Is Michael Bisping VS. Georges St-Pierre A “Fake” Super Fight?


Is Michael Bisping VS. Georges St-Pierre A “Fake” Super Fight?

In the day and age where our President literally took credit for “inventing” the word fake, it should come as little surprise that some, including the New York Post, are using that term to describe the upcoming “Super-Fight” between Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre.

Now, they may have a point as it seems like since Floyd Mayweather boxed Manny Pacquiao in what was called the “Fight of the Century,” combat sports have used similar terms to describe every decent match-up since. The fight between Mayweather and Conor McGregor is a perfect example of something that was completely overhyped and underwhelming.

The main event at UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden is being promoted as an instant classic. George St-Pierre is one of the greatest combat sport fighters in history and has expanded beyond the octagon lately by appearing in big budget movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The fear is that he may have gone the Ronda Rousey route meaning that he’s been away from fighting for too long and has diverted his focus onto too many things at once. St-Pierre is coming back from a four-year hiatus. His opponent Michael Bisping is known as a legend slayer.

While that’s a good thing—if you’re Dana White and you want people to promote their fights—all of this somehow isn’t combining into the amount of interest that people expected. And according to a New York Post article it’s suffering from a “serious case of ‘who cares?’.”

Bisping’s WWE-esque personality and the “build-up” to the fight—over a year of jawing at one another on social media and in the press—ended up looking transparent to people who are suspicious of the UFC’s promotional approach.

The UFC’s fanbase has exploded over the course of the past few years. Someone like St-Pierre, who semi-retired four years ago, is essentially an unknown when it comes to most new or casual fans. St-Pierre retired before the rise of Rousey and McGregor.

Even when he was a champion, he wasn’t that exciting of a fighter. He fought a lot like the San Antonio Spurs play basketball. He’s a technical master who relied a lot on takedowns, dominating his opponents on the mat. While it has worked wonders for him, it’s also perhaps the most boring way for a fight to end.

Perhaps the UFC didn’t put enough effort in selling this fight the way it should have, thinking that the former welterweight champ and the current middleweight champ could sell it all on their own.

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