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Iron Fist To Join Luke Cage In Season Two, Create Heroes For Hire


Iron Fist To Join Luke Cage In Season Two, Create Heroes For Hire

After the lukewarm reception that the Defenders show received from both critics and fans, it was thought that the idea of a Heroes for Hire show would never happen. Well, rest easy, Iron Fist/Luke Cage fans. It was announced this week that Iron Fist will co-star in season two of Luke Cage’s solo show on Netflix.

That may be either really good news (if you’re an Iron Fist fan) or really, really bad news (if you’re a Luke Cage fan) but considering that Luke Cage season two should be handled by the same team that handled season one (and as far away from Iron Fist/Inhumans showrunner Scott Buck as is humanly possible).

One has to think that perhaps for the first time Iron Fist will get his just due on Netflix. Ironically, Iron Fist was added to Luke Cage’s books to create Heroes for Hire because of low sales.

There have been many iterations of the superhero supergroup “Heroes for Hire” in Marvel comic books. The original Hero for Hire was Luke Cage himself. The name debuted in Luke’s solo book, the aptly titled Luke Cage, Hero for Hire.

It revolved around Cage attempting to merge the typically free world of super heroics with a business that’d allow him (and other heroes) to pay their bills by fighting crime (not everyone is a billionaire playboy, after all). Initially, Heroes for Hire, Inc. was a small business in New York that offered a paycheck to anyone willing to do professional investigation, bodyguard or protection work.

While they ended up employing many heroes and even some bad guys turned good during its initial run, he only had one business partner: Iron Fist aka Danny Rand. So, considering the fact that they make up one-half of the Defenders many people were clamoring for a Heroes for Hire spin-off (at least until they saw Iron Fist season 1 and wanted nothing to do with Rand).

So, one has to think that the fact that he’s joining Luke Cage’s second season means great things for his character, especially considering how well-received season one of Luke Cage was. In the books, their business was supported by corporate attorney Jeryn Hogarth, played by Carrie-Anne Moss. Hogarth has appeared on Jessica Jones, DaredevilIron Fist and Defenders.

The season should revolve around them picking up in the aftermath of The Defenders, presumably assuming that both Daredevil and Elektra died when they dropped an entire building on the Hand. The two have seemed like an epic mismatch on the Netflix machine.

One is grounded in streetwise realism and the other floats in the mystical nonsense that brought things like dragon bones to the Netflix world. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the conflict. Iron Fist is actually a pretty interesting character in the comics with a rich backstory that should tie in nicely with Marvel delving into more of its mystical side with films like Doctor Strange and even Inhumans

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