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‘Inhumans’ Is Better Than What Critics Say


‘Inhumans’ Is Better Than What Critics Say

Since the embargo was lifted for critics who had seen the first couple episodes of Inhumans, people have been ripping into the show. It had a terrible buzz before it was even released.  It premiered on IMAX and on ABC last Friday.

There are some good things and some bad things about the show. Yet, considering the negative reactions its promotional footage got at Comic-Con, the show isn’t half that bad.

Inhumans starts out slow with some clunky dialogue — a staple of its showrunner Scott Buck, who also spearheads Netflix’s Iron Fist. But it picks up and becomes interesting along its two-hour pilot. The first episode establishes multiple plot points that fans of the comics will recognize.

There were several exciting moments. Black Bolt getting tazed? Yes, please. Or anything involving the giant cosmic bulldog Lockjaw. Marvel fan boys and audiences accustomed to the Netflix shows will definitely like Inhumans.

Overall, by delving deeper into the Marvel universe, it will serve as an interesting companion piece to its sister show Agents of SHIELD.

Now, for the downsides. Putting a show that was mostly filmed with television cameras isn’t the best fit for an IMAX screen. You can tell on television which shots were meant for IMAX and they do look neat, but they’re not as distracting as people have said they were.

The main complaints many critics have pointed out were that the actors offer bad performances, that it looks cheap and that “worst of all” it’s super “boring.” The show has been called the worst thing Marvel has done since the Fantastic Four movie in the early 90’s. That would put Inhumans in trash bin alongside X-Men: The Last Stand, Daredevil (the Ben Affleck version), Elektra and Ang Lee’s Hulk

Perhaps if critics lowered their expectations they would give Inhumans a shot. Up until recently, everything Marvel had done was considered to be on a good to great level. They’ve yet to release a movie that has gotten a “rotten” rating, and their first three Netflix shows were beloved by all — Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

Critics have only seen the first couple of episodes and are already writing off this show. It’s currently spoiled to the core with a 4 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Agents of SHIELD also received poor reviews in its first season and look where it’s at now. Give Inhumans a chance, you won’t regret it.


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