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Inhumans City of Attilan Revealed!

The production behind ABC’s Inhuman’s have released a second image from the upcoming hybrid movie/television show; originally announced as a film set to release in 2020, then removed from the release schedule completely, only to reappear as a television show that will premiere over the course of a week at IMAX locations across the country before turning to the small screen as a limited series. The first image was a photo of the Inhuman “First family”, consisting of Black Bolt, Medusa, Maximus, Karnak, Gorgon, Crystal, Triton and Auran.

Unlike the above photo, the picture of Attilan has been much better received. While it appears as if Attilan doesn’t exist on earth, there have been very few clues as to the location of what has been described as “The Great Refuge” by show-runner Scott Buck. In an interview from earlier this year, Buck confirmed that Attilan will not be on earth, but that’s about all he would say. Anson Mount, The star of the show that plays Black Bolt, the King of the Inhuman’s whose voice can destroy entire cities, discussed how his characters interpretation of sign language would work as someone not of earth, as well:

“I actually have to do more preparation when it comes to scenes in which I sign, and I can’t use American Sign Language,” Mount said. “Because he’s not from Earth, he wouldn’t know American Sign Language, so I’m making my own sign system.”

From what the picture shows, it appears as if Attilan exists atop some sort of asteroid or comet. In the comics, it existed both in the Himalayan Mountains and on the Moon, neither of which it appears to be in the photo. With 2016’s Doctor Strange opening up the MCU to the idea of the Multiverse, the best explanation that the internet has come up with so far is that Attilan actually exists within a different dimension or universe from the one that the Inhuman’s on the other ABC MCU property, Agents of SHIELD, inhabit. Considering that they’re essentially the failed experiment of the Kree, an alien race that was represented by Ronan the Accuser/Lee Pace in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film and it may make sense that the Royal Family fled this reality to escape from the Kree who returned to clean up the mess they made when they experimented with cavemen on planet Earth many millennia ago.

Either way, Inhumans is shaping up to be must see television. The first two episodes will premiere on Friday, September 1st and the rest of the eight-episode series will premiere later in the fall. While that’s not a ton of content, especially when compared to Agents of SHIELD, which was just renewed for a full 22-episode season, it will be much larger than what a film could’ve been. Hopefully, it’ll open Marvel up to the idea of a feature-length Inhumans film in a way that Agents of SHIELD has yet to do. Outside of mentions here and there of “enhanced” human beings in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, there still has yet to be the replacement for mutants that the Inhumans were originally thought to be. Hopefully, with the debut of this show, it’ll begin to change things in the movies as well. Either way, you can rest assured that it’ll be out of this world!

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