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Smuggled from North Korea [Part III]

As we saw in parts one and two of this series, North Korea, while a terrible place to live and the exact image of what can be wrong with a country both internally and externally, is still a very interesting place that a lot of people are interested in as it feels like it’s disconnected from the real world and thus reality. The people there have zero idea what the rest of the world is actually like, what television or movies can be and definitely what the internet really is. So, the “Hermit Kingdom” as it’s known, does draw a lot of interest from people who risk their lives by traveling there to learn more about what it’s like to live under the hyper-strict dictatorship of the Kim family. One of those people was Michal Huniewicz, who risked his life even more by taking “illegal” pictures while on his extremely controlled (and choreographed) sight-seeing trips. So, let’s check out the final part of a three-part series of illegally taken pictures from his trip to North Korea (illegal in that there are a ton of rules about taking pictures on these trips which include not taking pictures from the train, not taking pictures of their soldiers from certain angles and as you’ll see, not taking pictures of statues that didn’t include the entire statue). 

18. The Future of North Korea, that as You’ll See Has Little Chance of Escaping the Propaganda and Poverty that Envelops the Country

17. A Pair of Women Bring Flowers to the Tomb of the “Eternal President” Kim Il-Sung

16. Other Tourists Posing for Pictures

15. A (Half-Filled) Grocery Store for Locals Only (Hence this Photo is Even More Illegal than Most)

14. When You Travel to North Korea You’re Not Allowed to Go ANYWHERE (Outside the Hotel) Unattended, This is Where You Check-in to the Hotel and Also Your Chaperone

13. Just Like North Korea, Propaganda is Everywhere in this Post

12. More Amazing Architecture, More Propaganda

11. Another Example of North Korea Staging Examples of North Korea Being Prosperous, This Time the People are Playing Volley Ball and Having “Fun”

10. The “Friendship Bridge” between North Korea and China that is Responsible for 90% of Trade Between the Two Nations

9. North Korea’s Architecture is Even Propaganda Which Explains Why People Are There Hate the US so Much (Partly)

8. Risky! A Tourist Taking a Picture from the Bus Which Could’ve Gotten Him Detained by the Government

7. The Irony of Workers Installing a Street Light Despite the Fact that Pyongyang has Rolling Blackouts and is Hard to See from Space at Night

6. Another Example that Shows that the People of North Korea Can Never Escape the Propaganda that Keeps their Leaders in Power

5. North Korean Art is Actually Quite Beautiful and While This Example is Propaganda (Like Most of their Art, It’s Hard to Ignore its Beauty)

4. The School Books for Children in North Korea (Note the “History” Books Based on the Lives of the Leaders and their Wives)

3. What Real North Koreans Look Like

2. The Most Famous Building in Pyongyang and thus North Korea (Perhaps Outside of the Unfinished Pyramid Hotel)

1. This Elevator in the Hotel Tourists Stayed at is Missing the Button for the Fifth Floor, as the Fifth Floor is a Concrete Bunker Used by the Government

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