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Smuggled from North Korea [Part II]

As we saw in part one of this series, North Korea, while a terrible place to live and the exact image of what can be wrong with a country both internally and externally, is still a very interesting place that a lot of people are interested in as it feels like it’s disconnected from the real world and thus reality. The people there have zero idea what the rest of the world is actually like, what television or movies can be and definitely what the internet really is. So, the “Hermit Kingdom” as it’s known, does draw a lot of interest from people who risk their lives by traveling there to learn more about what it’s like to live under the hyper-strict dictatorship of the Kim family. One of those people was Michal Huniewicz, who risked his life even more by taking “illegal” pictures while on his extremely controlled (and choreographed) sight-seeing trips. So, let’s check out the second part of a three-part series of illegally taken pictures from his trip to North Korea (illegal in that there are a ton of rules about taking pictures on these trips which include not taking pictures from the train, not taking pictures of their soldiers from certain angles and as you’ll see, not taking pictures of statues that didn’t include the entire statue). 

25. For Some Initial Perspective, Here’s China, Which is Right Across the River

24. The Kim Family is Omnipresent, as this Illegal Photo Shows

23. See? Everywhere you go you’re Reminded of the Kims 

22. Some Rare Cabs in this Staged Photo, There is Limited Gas in North Korea and Most the Roads are Dirt/Gravel so Cabs and Cars Really Don’t Exist (There is One Car for Every THOUSAND People)

21. Another Staged Photo Shows Street/Sidewalk Cleaners 

20. Because of that Lack of Cars, People Rely on Public Transportation and Bikes to Get Around their City (They Need Permits to Travel Outside the City)

19. The REAL Roads in North Korea 

18. Like the First Picture, The Contrast Between North Korea (on the Left) and China (on the Right)

17. The Yula River, Which Separates North Korea and China

16. China has a Cult of Personality, Too, in Chairman Mao (Who Ironically is Now Overseeing Capitalism at Work)

15. One of North Korea’s Tourist Spots (Somehow?), Note the One Tourist

14. A 50’s Era Boat Shows How Most of North Korea is Stuck in the 50’s Because they Peaked in the 50’s

13. Another Example of How China is Booming by Doing the Opposite of what North Korea is Doing

12. Chinese Elders Dance Which is Another Example of the Artistic Freedoms Allowed in China that North Korean Doesn’t Allow

11. A Bridge Over the Yula River that was Destroyed in the Korean War (Told You They Were Stuck in the 50’s)

10. The Korean Apartments as Seen from the Train (Again No Cars)

9. More Apartments that Show, Again, How Omni-Present the Kims Are (Photos are REQUIRED in Every Home, Business and School)

8. People Waiting for the Train to Pass on their Bikes (Road is Empty)

7. A Sign that Read: “(The Korean Workers’) Party is never going to forget the comrades of Rakwon (city)”

6. Those Kims Again on this Otherwise Non-Descript Building

5. A Young Man Waits for the Train to Pass on the Tracks of Another Train, or Perhaps is Waiting to Get Hit by the Other Train… Who Could Blame Him?

4. The Country-Side as Seen From the Train (It’s Sort of Beautiful)

3. More of the Countryside with People Gathering Water

2. More of the Countryside with Someone Aimlessly Roaming… Poetic in a Way

1. Pyongyang in the Day Time… It’s Dreary for a Reason

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