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High School Student Shoots Hilarious Senior Photos at McDonald’s


High School Student Shoots Hilarious Senior Photos at McDonald’s

A high school senior loves McD’s so much, she decided to use her senior photo-op as an opportunity to display her love of it. The photos ended up doing more than broadcasting her personality. After posting her picture it was picked up on social media and ended up going viral.

Like many seniors, Mikayla Clecker from Northeast Jones High School in Mississippi used her senior pictures to display her personality. “I texted my cousin and asked if she would take my senior photos for me and she was like, ‘you know we have to take them at McDonald’s.” Clecker said.

Her cousin, Jana Cooley, took the pictures of Clecker posing with french fries and a McDonald’s drive-thru employee. Clecker also drank a large drink in front of her favorite location. She said she goes to McDonald’s at least once a week because she loves their chicken sandwiches.

The vast majority of seniors go with the standard LifeTouch type photo, where they dress up in their finest digs and sit awkwardly in a field, or apple orchard, smiling. Not Clecker.

The McShoot was even covered on Inside Edition, and Clecker hopes they make it in her high school’s yearbook. You could say that she’s “loving it.”


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