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Here’s Why Conor McGregor Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Floyd Mayweather Come August


Here’s Why Conor McGregor Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Floyd Mayweather Come August

In boxing, and in life, they say that regardless of the odds stacked against a person, they always have a “puncher’s chance” to pull out an upset and win. While Conor McGregor is MMA’s reigning most popular face (especially after Ronda Rousey’s last few… Years) and does have one of the best left hooks in the world, that chance seems to be dwindling the more people look into the supposed “Biggest Fight Ever”. Simply because both boxing and MMA involve physical violence doesn’t mean that someone can easily transfer their skills from one to the other. That’s why Olympic sprinters don’t turn in their gold medals for cleats and join the NFL as wide receivers (Anymore). So, with that in mind, let’s look at exactly why people are saying that McGregor has no chance to win against Floyd Mayweather come their fight in August. 


McGregor, like a lot of fighters in the UFC, uses kicks to maintain a distance between himself and his opponents while attempting to figure out his next move. He won’t be able to do that against Mayweather, in fact, he’s contractually forbidden to kick Mayweather at all. UFC President Dana White discussed this week by saying: 

“This is a boxing match under the rules of the Nevada State Athletic Commission,”

White said, per USA Today. “When you talk about a guy like Floyd Mayweather — the lawsuit if that ever happened … you all know how much Conor likes money. Conor would depart with a whole lot of money if that ever happened.”

Sounds like Mayweather is as good at fighting in the court as he is in the ring. So, that takes away the main safety net that a fighter like McGregor uses and on top of that, he is forced to stand face to face in a style that he’s not entirely comfortable with. But he still has that devastating left cross, right? Well, it may not be so devastating in August, because of … 

The Gloves

MMA fighters do wear gloves but they’re nothing like the gloves that McGregor will be wearing when he faces Mayweather. While fighting in the octagon, McGregor typically wears four-ounce pads. In the ring, however, he’ll be rocking 10-ounce boxing gloves. While the additional weight may sound like a godsend to a fighter who relies on knocking his opponents out with power, it’s also a two and a half fold increase from what he’s used to while he’s throwing those knock-out punches. When someone who goes for a knock-out punch (which requires decent aim, actually) and misses by even a half an inch, it can make all the difference in the world. Especially considering… 

McGregor hasn’t trained SERIOUSLY as a boxer until this year

There was a video of McGregor sparring last year that got a lot of press, even here at (by me). McGregor’s defenders were quick to say that the video was filmed at the end of 2016, and it’s 2017 now, bro. Compare that, though, to the fact that Floyd Mayweather has made boxing his daily passion/career/gold-mine since his youth. Mayweather, who’s the king of elusive boxing (second to perhaps Muhammad Ali, RIP) much to the dismay of many of Pay-Per-View buyer, has gone 49-0 against other men who have also made boxing their livelihoods. Even if McGregor is an extremely gifted fighter, again, you can’t just pick up another sport and beat the reigning champ after eight or nine months of trying. Ask Tim Tebow. On top of this, there’s one final component that will end up being the KO for McGregor and it’s the fact that…

The Fight is 12 Rounds

The longest fight McGregor has even been in has lasted five rounds. Including that, only two of his bouts have gone past the second round. He’s a knock-out master and hasn’t had to really go the distance in any of this fights. Just ask Ronda Rousey what it’s like when you suddenly can’t knock out your opponent (Or even ask McGregor, who landed his normal knockout blows on the much heavier Nate Diaz but failed to KO him). Add to that the fact that Mayweather plays elite defense, McGregor is wearing much heavier gloves than he’s used to, will be sued out of the US if he decides to kick Mayweather and that he most likely will be unable to knock out Mayweather in the first or second round (just based on technique)… And you get why the betting odds for McGregor are where they are right now.

That’s not to say that it’s an impossible task. Like they say, everyone has a punchers chance. Even if that punch is surrounded by ten-ounce gloves.

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