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Happiness- A Distant Dream For These 15 Hollywood Celebrities!

To some happiness is found in little things in life while for others it happiness may found in pursuing a big dream! In life, whether we are pursuing dreams or not, problems come up; they are unavoidable and everyone experiences them. How people deal with them will decide their destiny. Some come out winning the race,  some losing, some make choices that are detrimental while others make decisions that turn out great. Not everyone has found the perfect answer to finding happiness, however the search for it is ongoing as long as people are alive. At times people go through some weird life experiences, the way some try to deal with them can be really insane: they can get abusive or hooked on substances, others end up falling in and out of relationships, while others try to live a healthy lifestyle with positive friends and good habits. Let’s find out how these celebrities tried to find happiness! 

15. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has had a notable image for a number of roles that he has delivered to the film fraternity such as Hamlet (1990), The Man Without a Face and the Oscar winning Braveheart. In spite of a soaring careerMel Gibson’s life has seen some downward spirals with his alcohol issues and the accusations against him for domestic violence by Oksana Grigorieva. Such behaviorctarnished his image and affected his career. Soon after their split, there were internet trolls with a leaked phone conversation of him hurling racial spouts at Grigorieva as well as accusations of beating her up. He was eventually sentenced to three years of probation after appealing for ‘no contest’, a year of domestic violence counselling and several fines. Gibson was denounced by other Hollywood stars and also dropped from his agency William Morris Endeavor Entertainment. Mel Gibson accepted that he was a manic depressive in an interview with a popular media house (Maddox, 2008).  Today Gibson seems to be living a much more sober life and we hope it remains that way for the veteran. (Biography)

14. Whitney Houston

In 1985, it was ‘Whitney Houston’ the album that won accolades for her and made her an instant singing sensation. Some of her songs like “Saving all my Love for you” and “How Will I know”  topped the international charts for almost 14 weeks. Whitney also inaugurated the Whitney Houston Foundation for Children and her life seemed to working for her. Things started to go downhill for the singer following her marriage to R&B singer Bobbi Brown as both Whitney and Bobbi Brown battled drug abuse and seemed to behave erratically. When the initial magic of their marriage wore off, things got really nasty for the couple. Bobbi Brown was allegedly physically and emotionally abusive with Whitney. Even at the peak of her career, there was something that Whitney Houston was missing, and that was happiness.  

13. Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith did not have the best childhood to begin with. Her parents divorced when she was 4 years old. Griffith started her career as a model and was briefly married to Don Johnson. Their relationship ended after six months because of jealousy issues, possibly exacerbated by the fact that both Griffith and Johnson were addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Griffith’s life took a turn after she married actor, Steven Bauer. She began to take control of her life as her career blossomed with movies like Working Girl and Something Wild. Following her success with movies, Griffith began to face problems in her marriage which ended in Griffith and Bauer’s split. After years of a tumultuous life of alcoholism and endless breakups, Griffith seems to have finally found her ground as a result of her counselling sessions with Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota. 

12. Madonna

When life hits us hard, we have the option to try and fix it or screw it up further. The latter has somehow been the case for Madonna. Madonna grew up in a very strict Catholic environment which she despised. The impact of which is clearly seen in her videos; total disregard for the Catholic faith or anything to do with religion. In the 80’s, Madonna married Sean Penn and suffered brutal abuse by the actor. Rebellion and a wayward lifestyle has somehow been the path chosen by Madonna, each time she found herself struggling with a problem. The recent problem with her son Rocco, the furious court battle with former husband Guy Ritchie and her recent breakdown on stage after losing custody of her son Rocco has left her totally bereft.  

11. Bill Cosby

As a young boy, Bill Cosby was the one who was mostly taking care of his mother. His father had always been absent from their everyday life and Cosby did not know what having a father really meant. However, even at that early age Cosby had to be a father to his two younger brothers. Cosby then went on to become very popular as an American stand-up comedian, and had been living a uncontroversial life for many years with his wife and five children. However over the past few years several allegations have cropped up against Cosby. Cosby has been subject to allegations of sexual assault against women, sexual assault facilitated by using drugs, child sexual abuse and other sexual misconduct. As a result of such allegations, which Cosby denies, several organizations have suspended Cosby’s contract with them. In fact many of the awards and titles given to him were revoked for the very same reason. Today, even as we speak, Cosby stands trial for sexual assault charges made against him by Andrea Constand.

10. Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse became a superstar singer in 2006 when she won 5 Grammy Awards for her Album, Back to Black. As many of her family members were musicians, Amy Winehouse grew up being influenced by different forms of music such as Jazz, R&B and hip-hop. It was Winehouse’s schoolmate Tyler James who gave her demo audio to the group A&R which in turn gave Winehouse the opportunity to become a jazz vocalist with Universal. It wasn’t long before she got hooked to alcohol, which eventually turned into a hardcore drug addiction introduced to her by her lover Blake Fielder, the music video assistant. The couple was constantly breaking up and making up again, which included fistfights in public along with physical abuse and self harm. Amy Winehouse started getting into trouble as a result of turning up drunk for her shows. Amy was known for abusing several different substances and often taking more than one at a time. In fact, her death was a result of alcohol poisoning that happened accidentally in the year 2011. 

9. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, the king of Pop Music died of cardiac arrest in 2009 due to Propofol intoxication. Although he was extremely popular, his life was not without controversy. Jackson struggled in several areas of his personal life, in spite of dominating the pop music world from as early as the age of 13. After the success of his album Thriller, which won eight Grammys, he went into self induced exile while all sorts of rumors starting spreading. Sexual scandals surrounding Jackson damaged his reputation a great deal and cost him his endorsement with Pepsico as well as a movie deal. Even through these scandals and Jackson’s marriages and divorces, he continued to have several hits such as HIS Story and Blood on the Dance Floor. As Michael Jackson continued to fascinate his fans with his demeanor and talent, the singer had a odd disease that had begun to slowly kill his singing career. According to sources, the singer couldn’t even speak let alone sing and was also extremely suicidal. 

8. Chris Farley

When Chris Farley was on stage, he was larger than life. Chris Farley was a hilarious comedian and actor who lived in the hearts of people. He was known for his popular sketches on Saturday Night Live and from movies like Tommy Boy and Beverly Hills Ninja. In spite of his charming persona and an infectious comic streak, Farley was immensely addicted to drugs and alcohol and his substance  abuse is what finally led to his death in 1997. It’s difficult to understand why a man who made the world laugh would have such emptiness insie himself. 

7. Sean Penn

With a soaring and fantastic career, Sean Penn still struggled a great deal in his personal life.  Although, he was in a number of hit movies such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bad Boys and Dead Man Walking, he did not have a great reputation because of his aggressive behavior. During his marriage to pop icon Madonna there were reports of him physically abusing her which resulted in a felony assault,  he did 34 days of prison for punching a man in public, and he was constantly getting in trouble with the paparazzi. All of these just added to the “bad boy” image he portrayed in many of his movies. If battering Madonna wasn’t enough, Sean Penn also hung a reporter out  of his 9 story balcony, after discovering him in his hotel room while shooting the movie Shanghai Surprise. He also kicked a paparazzi reporter in 2010, breaking his camera in public. Even with all his fame and money, Sean Penn struggled with terrible anger issues and an attitude problem that has gotten him into trouble many times. One can only hope that he stops contributing to that bad boy image in the future! 

6. Britney Spears

Its almost heartbreaking when young celebrities who are unable to handle stardom and heartbreak end up in messing up their lives. Such is the story of Britney Spears who was one of the most successful singers of her time with six of her albums hitting the chartbusters and running at number 1 on the Billboard 200, yet her life was in a total shamble. Along with her successful career with albums like Britney and Oops…. I did it again, Britney Spears seemed to have struggled with a series of personal reversals. Britney’s divorce with Kevin Federline and their bitter custody battle for her two sons nearly ruined her sanity. In fact it was quoted by several news agencies that Britney was facing some serious mental illness along with behavioral tail spins, and continued bouts of emotional breakdown in public, after she split with Kevin. Britney who has finally settled down into a quiet life today and continues to enthrall us with her performances, definitely suffered a turbulent past. 

5. Chris Brown

Chris Brown is an American Singer, Songwriter and a mystical dancer. Brown was drawn to music from an early age and his mother supported his passion. He went to the dazzling city of New York to step into his music career. His first break came with “Run it” and he soon became the king of R&B and Hip hop. Things changed soon when in 2009 Chris was sentenced to five years of probation for charges of felony assault against his then girlfriend, Rihana. In spite of a successful growing career with numbers like “Look at me now” and “F.A.M.E.”, Chris brown received unnecessary media attention because of his bad temper and a series of altercations. As high as his albums soared, his personal life sunk with the same intensity; he was in trouble again because he falsely reported completing community service that he was ordered to do by the court, and trouble in his love life knew no end. Today, even as the singer continues to perform, his legal woes continue to haunt his career. 

4. Lindsay Lohan

Life is mean to us in one way or the other. Many of us may choose drug addiction path if given a chance. One common factor among all Hollywood and even Bollywood celebrities is that they have money. When money is abundant, there is no lack of contacts and access to drugs. Lindsay Lohan started her career off at a tender age of three as a model, followed by acting in soap opera ‘Another World’ on NBC and then in the movie ‘Parent Trap’ at age 12. After the success of films like‘Freaky Friday‘ and ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’, Lohan really took off with the Hollywood blockbuster hit ‘Mean Girls’ . However, that is where her life began to take a downward spiral into bouts of drug and alcohol addiction. Lindsay’s hard party life resulted in her leaving the industry due to several health problems, exhaustion and endless hospitalizations. Not to mention her countless imprisonments and court hassles that nearly spoiled Lohan’s career because of frequent visits to rehab. It was on the Jonathan Ross show that Lindsay finally talked about her stint with drugs and her troubled past. Life has not been kind to her, even as she maneuvered herself out of a violent relationship, however Lohan is now determined to stay on track and make the right choices for a happy life. 

3. John Travolta

John Travolta is a Golden Globe winning actor who gave us hits like Saturday Night Fever and Grease. John had a fairly successful career and personal life which finally ended with allegations about the actor’s problems with sexual assaults. The first allegation came from a masseur named John Doe#1 who said that Travolta attempted sex acts with him during a massage session. The next allegation came from a Masseur in Atlanta identified as John Doe #2 who said that John had conducted himself inappropriately before the masseur and the third case is from Fabian Zanzi who said that he was offered $12 000 to have sex with John Travolta in 2009. With all these accusations surfacing, one can only wonder if these reports are true or is it just an ugly gimmick to mar the image of the actor. Is the actor a Gay Sex Addict? Time alone can say!  

2. Johnny Depp

Johny Depp has been one of the greatest celebrities in the industry with some awesome performances in movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series, ‘Edwards Scissor Hand’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. In spite of his steep career growth, Depp has been struggling with drug abuse which has gotten the better of him. His wife finally decided to let go of him after years of hoping and waiting that Depp would mend his ways and stop physically abusing her while he was under the influence of drugs. Amber Heard told a daily news agency that she had become scared of his temper and even though she loved him immensely, she finally decided to call it quits. Depp is also believed to have been facing a tumultuous financial crisis that has left a huge burden on the actor’s finances. 

1.  Charlie Sheen

Sheen has faced tumultuous years of debauchery and has had serious issues with anger management. Some consider him to have total disregard for people, and he has battled with drug and alcohol addiction for many years. A notoriously abusive man, Charlie has lived a promiscuous life, with frequent visits to prison for assaulting his women for a very long time. In 2009, Charlie was arrested for physically abusing his wife Brooke Mueller, in 2010 he was in trouble yet again with Christina Walsh, and was investigated by the New York Police for hurling insults at her and locking her up naked in a New York Hotel room. Christina Walsh who is also known as Capri Anderson, later filed a case against the actor. How bad could this journey get? Charlie is now battling life, being diagnosed with HIV positive which he publicly accepted last June, after numerous people attempted to blackmail him with this information. 


Divorce, substance abuse, alcoholism, physical abuse and verbal abuse are just some of the most common traits that typically define the life of a celebrity.  One common thread in the lives amongst these stars is that their lives started off not so well and neither dealt well with the emptiness they were experiencing. Many have had a tough life but not everyone decides to go about it the hard way. In fact two things that a person facing domestic violence or relationship turmoil shouldn’t pursue are fame and money; they seem do more damage than good! One needs a considerable amount of maturity to handle the attention as well as lulls in their careers, which most of these celebrities fail to possess as a result of their family backgrounds and childhood problems. At the end of it all, we can only hope that life treats them well even when they do fall!



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