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Good Games! Bad Graphics! 15 Video Games Still Worth Playing Despite the Graphics


Good Games! Bad Graphics! 15 Video Games Still Worth Playing Despite the Graphics

The plot of a video game is critical, however, a great part of the satisfaction comes from the cool graphics. Indeed, even the most amazing idea can be decimated if the graphics look crappy. When making a game, it’s imperative to create eye-catching designs that will keep users hooked. Great graphics along with a great storyline are the perfect combination for great game-play. Imagine a scenario where nobody looks past your game’s visuals or excessively straightforward design. Graphics are the first thing to catch a gamer’s eye. It’s how games make their first impression and they should be good. 

Imagine investigating the eyes of a computer game character and realizing that they have misled you, or that they’re terrified, or that they adore you. These are all emotions can be brought to life in a character with the right use of graphics. But we tend to ignore hazy or blurry graphics for the sake of play. There are some games that reached new heights because visuals are upgraded to a better standard. However there are still some good games that have bad graphics. Sometimes a game is worth playing just because it is such a good game. Here is a list of amazing games that are still played around the world despite their bad graphics .


Battlefield 2 is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Digital Illusion. It is the third full game in the battlefield series. The game might have been developed in 2005, but it has graphics that were coded very well which makes it easy to play on most PCs and laptops. It is a good first-person shooter game with little strategy, mostly using brute force to achieve the objectives set in the game. Battlefield 2 is a sequel to the original battlefield 1942 and offers many advancements in terms of gameplay and graphics. Rather than sharp itemized surfaces, Battlefield looks are delicate and jumbled: finishing on the walls are not smooth. Minimal touches that beautify game graphics are missing. 


It has excellent background music with one of the best stories, and the graphics were unmatched when the game was released in the year 2001. The game had many firsts, the bullet decals and shadows were extremely detailed for that generation. The game was a massive hit among the gamers’ community back then. It was so obvious that Gamers did not sleep before ending the game. The story was fluent and the best experience in any game, even current generation games lack the kind of story flow that the original Max Payne had. Max Payne is said to have 20% noise and blurry colors which make it hard on the eyes and difficult to focus on objects while playing. However, its story is so compelling that you tend to ignore the on-screen glitches . 


Basically, people playing DIABLO on large screens or on PlayStations have to deal with poor graphics. They have tried to play it on the highest resolution level on their PCs but Windows comes back with “DIABLO 3 is unable to initialize”…. and then the whole monitor screen just goes black. One might feel that DIABLO 3 graphics are a turn off but still won’t shut the game off because they find this game amazing. It is still exciting right now but sooner or later they will it lose its appeal. Diablo’s over two million copies were pre-ordered when it was announced. You cannot deny its fame even if their are major flaws in the game.


This game does not look appealing while playing, but despite this, people still like to enjoy it even though it’s an old game. The name itself draws you in to fulfill your NEED! But if the graphics are so outdated what is it that people still love. The fans of the Need for Speed were bored after the release of Need for Speed Carbon which offered nothing new compared to the underground series. The game was different from what fans had experienced in the earlier generation games that were a massive success. You can easily play the game with resolution set to 800×600 or 1024 x 768. The graphics and soundtracks may not be what people expect but these guys are still in business. 


Street Fighter has indeed come a long way but the lighting and shadows of the characters are weak. It is one of the first AAA games that utilizes Epic Games’ set of framework. The game also supports cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions; so in other words, it’s unlike any other AAA game out there. Being a fighting game, most players won’t even see any differences between the PC and PlayStation 4 versions, but upon closer inspection, one can see some subtle features that set the two versions apart. But obviously, the graphics don’t seem like they should be. The looks and face cuts of fighters can make one cringe but it is still not enough to make people stop playing. 


Graphics can make or break a game. People were so turned off by the skyward sword’s art design, that some people stopped liking the game. What actually irritated a lot of people is that the art design and graphics in The Legend of Zelda 2017 were actually a only slightly modified from those found in the 2016 version. Fans still have to deal with poor graphics. Still loyal players stick to this game for its good storyline and game-play, and bear with the bad graphics. And, the character Link is still everyone’s favorite regardless of the games visuals.


Super Mario has Mario jumping in an actual city which is populated by humans. One problem that is noticeable is: the humans are proportioned realistically, and Mario is not.  Also the players look like they are dressed in 1950’s and there is a size difference between Mario and other characters too.  But this game is actually quite fun. People still talk about it and how the funny unexpected graphics are hidden inside the game. Super Mario’s oil-painted look is appealing at a glance, but it becomes overwhelming and starts to become irritating to the eye after some time. The graphics and colors are too sharp and make it difficult to play the for a long time.


There are problems with most video games series or franchises on one level or another,  be it game-play, story-line or graphics. There are winners and losers; some great titles, and some that you should avoid at all costs. Lord of the Rings is one of those games that is dull until you go out of your way and find a special item like side quests. But, there are some players who feel these quests are even more dull than the actual story of the game. And, the graphics are nothing to write home about either – they look tired and lack texture especially the heroes.  Better steer clear of this one.


While the graphics aren’t bad they definitely aren’t up to par with what is expected of games that came out in 2011. However, the game  is limited since it is a multi-platform release. If it had been developed solely for the PC, there would have been a huge visible difference in the nice graphics which were quite good. But unfortunately, the graphics are not the way they should be. The main areas in Skyrim have bad textures but still the game is enjoyed by its loyal players. While you are focused on game-play, everything is good and awesome. Once you take a closer look at the graphics, you will notice that you can’t even differentiate the objects, for example, it is hard to see the delineation between a sword and shield. Once you are addicted to this game, you will simply ignore the places with bad textures. 


Tomb Raider is one of the games that doesn’t look good on HDTV.  The image is mostly blurry with jittery camera movements and do not do justice to the game. People have adjusted the brightness and sharpness on their screens but nothing works. However the bad graphics don’t seem to stop people as far as this game goes. Screen pixels actually break at some point but it’s still not enough to make you shut it off. Tomb Raider is one the oldest games and its avid players love it and usually avoid the glitches that come with its every new release (last one being in 2015). The makers of Tomb Raider have built an audience who cherish the game even with the bugs in this legendary game. 


This game is about forces counter attacking terrorists. Its allows players to either play as law enforcing officer or as terrorist. The terrorists win if the other is killed or if time runs out with no conclusion. A player can choose to play as one of eight different characters. Players are generally given a few seconds to prepare and buy equipment before the round begins. The graphics are quite blurry,  but people still love to play the game despite this deficiency. It’s kind of an ancient game that has old graphics that give a nostalgic feeling. The gameplay is so addictive that you put up with the crappy haziness of the visuals.  


Call of Duty Series game continues with the fictional battle between the US and Russia. The game was released in the year 2009 and was  highly rated. Each mission is comprised of a set of objectives which players are given at the start of the mission and must be achieved as they progress in the game.The game is so addictive that people play it for days on end. This game brought a different world to players; It allowed players to do things which were not possible before, like exploring every nook and corner of the location you are fighting in. The game was coded so it works with a basic graphics card and processor and was playable on any computer. The game has small missions and a great story along with hundreds of options to explore in the vice city. Unfortunately, with the basic graphics, its a bit disturbing at times.


Dishonored may not have the best realistic look, but it has an awesome story. When it comes to Dishonored, it not only has good story but the great gameplay is innovative and offers interesting combat. For this and many other reasons, it was named one of the best games of 2012. The graphics looks muddy and most of the textures are heavily compressed which make it almost look like a painting; not the best choice for game graphics. Dishonored tried to keep an artistic aspect from the 19th century, but unfortunately they didn’t get the best visual effect for a game.


Minecraft is an example of a great game with terrible graphics. Its blocky terrain and nostalgic, low-resolution textures are not due to lazy design; they actually enable the gameplay. Minecraft is unappealing at first glance, yet fans of the game actually find it a thing of beauty. Avid players suggest enjoy the limitless possibilities, and feel that a keen imagination can eagerly paint between the lines. This makes Minecraft similar to abstract art, where some people see a mess and others see a breath-taking landscape. The success of Minecraft inspired a surge of games with 8 and 16-bit style graphics, but few have come close to this gold mine. 


This is the most played game around the world and no one thinks of the graphics when it comes to playing FIFA 17. FIFA 17 surpassed its previous version with a record-breaking launch that sold almost 18% more than FIFA 16. The franchise and the name have become such a giant in the game industry that its flaws tend to be ignored. You can play it for hours and everything will be peachy unless you get a closer look. Up close things are blurry, edges are soft and the colors are dim. Regardless of all these poor graphics, this name will continue to shine as one of the best sports games. 

Sometimes we make compromises when we are attached to something. This happens in gaming world too. If you are addicted or simply play games to relieve stress or have fun, sometimes you can overlook certain aspects. In games, if the storyline is good, bad graphics seem to be forgiveable. But without a doubt, good graphics can certainly bring game quality to a whole new level. 

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