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Eminem DESTROYS Trump With New Freestyle At The BET Awards


Eminem DESTROYS Trump With New Freestyle At The BET Awards

Looks like President Trump has made staunch enemies across the US. Eminem roasted the commander-in-chief at the BET Awards earlier this week.

In a freestyle called “The Storm” — with no beat — Em spit bar after bar about Trump and his political agenda with an amazing amount of knowledge. The BET Awards ceremony is perhaps best known for the cyphers featuring the hottest emcees in the game.

Eminem, who has been mostly absent from the music scene since the release of his 2013 followup to his 2000 magnum opus The Marshall Mathers LP, titled The Marshall Mathers LP 2, still has contributed (famously) to these cyphers the past couple of years.

In some of the past cyphers, Eminem freestyled with members of his record label like Royce da 5’9″, Yelawolf and other rapper from his hometown Detroit. This year, however, Eminem flowed by himself — although Royce was standing behind him with a cadre of other tough looking individuals — and nearly broke the internet in the process.

The entire freestyle was about Eminem’s disdain for President Trump and it built in terms of anger, references and intensity as it went on. While BET blocked some of the words perhaps to save Eminem from another visit from the secret service.

His verse on the track “We as Americans” attracted trouble for the lyrics “rap for dead Presidents, I’d rather see the President dead, I set precedents.” It didn’t matter though as most of what Eminem had to say didn’t require any profanity or threats. For instance, the first word they blanked out was most likely “plot.” 

Em was on top of several touchy issues people have with the President. He spit about everything from Trump’s tax cut to his feud with the NFL, and claimed they were meant to distract people from important things like Puerto Rico and gun control after the shooting in Las Vegas.

President Trump typically goes on a Twitter rampage on Saturdays, which appears to be his day off. After a week where Jimmy Kimmel — a friend of Eminem — ripped the right wing and got in a Twitter beef with Donald Trump Junior, it was looking like the late night host was going to be the focus on Trump’s 140 character wrath this weekend.

However, considering this freestyle and the response to it — it’s currently the number one trending video on YouTube — Eminem may have taken any attention Trump might have payed to Kimmel. Odds are that Trump’ll respond to him in the near future.

So, look forward to tweets that mock Eminem for his age, his popularity as compared to 15 years ago, his issues with drugs, Kim, etc. This Saturday, our President has got a score to settle — maybe.

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