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Donald Trump’s Top 10 Bad Hair Days


Donald Trump’s Top 10 Bad Hair Days

Since he won the last US presidential election of 2016, Donald Trump never ceases to provide juicy tabloid news to the world: from his fiery, unprofessional (and sooo unpresidential) rants on Twitter to his frequent golf visits. It seems like that the entire world dislikes him that they look closely at his every move, every tweet, and every mistake. He’s given so much attention that even his hair did not escape criticisms. Here are the top ten bad hair day moments of Donald Trump in no particular order:

10. Hair-splitting moment

There are a lot of speculations surrounding the mysterious hair of Trump: is it really a real mane of his or it’s just a wig? This video of his clambering aboard Air Force One proves that his mane is real. Well, sort of. Because the moment a strong gust of wind hits his head, it split his hair into two parts: revealing a huge bald patch on the back of his head. Some doctors said that maybe he has undergone a hair transplant operation while some said that he is using a topical cream to help grow his hair. This hair-splitting moment cause so much uproar that Jimmy Kimmel, a late TV host, asked various hair-stylist professional. One of them said, “That looks like ostrich butt. That looks like the behind of an ostrich.”

9. Hair Mess out of Jest

As celebrities became guests on late night shows to promote their shows, Donald Trump appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He talked about media coverage, politics, a supposed to be debate with Bernie Sanders and of course, some light-hearted conversations. He even played a short hilarious script about him interviewing himself in the mirror. And of course, the reflection was played by Fallon himself, trying to imitate Trump’s gestures and odd way of talking. In one part of the interview, Fallon asked Trump’s permission to mess his hair before he becomes a president (that’s an on- point prediction of Fallon) and while they’re still civilians. Trump agreed, saying that hopefully, his supporters would understand. Fallon messed his bunch of hair that looks like each strand were trying to hold onto each other. The audiences seem like both excited about the chance to see Trump’s hair being touched and nervous that his mane (or wig, as others assumed) might fall off. Well, Trump’s a sport and he just light-heartedly laughed after.

8. Comb- over Disaster

Even before Trump became a president, his hair has already caught the public’s attention. As a business magnate and billionaire, he gets to guest on several TV shows and had a short appearance in several movies. Last 2011, he had a chance to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman. As he confidently struts to the studio while being greeted by a crowd, an unfortunate gust of wind caught his hair. His signature comb- over hairstyle was blown apart, showing a bald patch on his head. A lot of beauty experts criticizes his chosen hairstyle, saying that he should change his hairstylist to save his over-all looks. As his famous catchphrase on his now defunct show “Apprentice”, he should also say, “You’re fired” to his hairstylist. Letterman didn’t let him off the hook, though. After thanking him for coming to his show, he targeted Trump’s hair. Trump responded, ‘You just kill me on my hair’.

7.  Windy Encounter in Scotland

Trump is always open for his love of playing golf. Last March 2014, he acquired a resort and golf course in Scotland which quickly renamed to Trump Turnberry. His visit was met by both protesters and supporters. But what caught the people’s attention the most was his windy encounter during his visit. A lot of people are already speculating that he is wearing a toupee and not a real hair. As he was touring the course by his helicopter, his hair was blown apart, cementing the truth that it is really his real hair. During on one of his interview in a Scottish TV show, he was wearing a cap. The interview did not miss the chance of asking Trump of his hair. Trump, despite his status, was lighthearted enough to remove his cap and mess his hair on live TV to prove that his hair is real. But some people have funny comments such as a toupee might look better on him than his natural hair.

6. Fake Tan, not hair

Last February 2017, Donald Trump had a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And it seems like a strong gust of wind loves to follow Trump’s hair, blowing his straggly hair in opposite direction. But what causes an internet uproar is not his horrible hairstyle, it was his fake tan. When the hair blew his hair, it revealed a difference in skin color between his face and his scalp. Twitter was on storm. Some Twitter users show a series of his old pictures, showing a paler trump to an orangey trump, captioning it, fifty shades of Trump. Some people commented, US has its first black president, now, it has its first orange president.

5. Scotch-taped Red Tie

Every time a strong gust of wind blows to Trump’s direction, an embarrassing tragedy happens. It happened at the airport in Indianapolis on his way to visit a Carrier air conditioning plant last December 2016 to deal with the employment problems. This time, it’s a three-in-one failure moment. First, of course, his ever famous hair being blown apart. Second, his fake tan line being seen after his hair was blown. And third, his scotch-taped tie. His power tie was blown over, showing its underside as well as revealing that it’s scotch-taped. A businessman magnate wearing a scotch-taped tie?! A lot of people made of fun of this wardrobe malfunction since he owns a clothing line. Others suggested that somebody give this man a tie clip.

4 His Hair Goes Political

What do politicians talk about during political conferences? Commonly, they talk about achievements, political plans, strategies, and policies. What do Trump loves to talk about? How he looks good on the monitor- and his mop of hair. During the Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill, he saw himself on the television monitor and said, “What a nice picture that is,” he said. “Look at that. I’d love to watch that guy speak.” He also poked fun at his own rug of hair. He said, “Oh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks. I work hard at it,” he said. “It doesn’t look bad. Hey, we are hanging in, we are hanging in, we are hanging in there. Right? Together, we are hanging in.” What a narcissistic guy.

3. Air Bag shocked hair

In his live interview on a Scottish TV last 2014, the TV host asked Trump about his environmental advocacy. Trump said that he is an environmentalist and he supports any project that has a tremendous impact on the environment. Well, except turbines. Trump opposes the idea of building turbines for renewable energy because he said, it is a big problem and it is a destruction to the tourism industry. But many because there’s another reason why he hates turbines? Maybe because wind always destroys his trademark comb –over? One of the protesters in Scotland rubbed a big, yellow balloon on his signature yellow hairstyle, producing a static. His dislodged hair stuck to the balloon with a slogan that reads, ‘Wind power, not wind bags.’ Good thing Trump’s security saved his hair further from further disgrace.

2. In-hair-guration Day

What can goes wrong on Trump’s most triumphant day that is his Inauguration Day? Good thing it’s a rainy day instead of a windy day. This time, Trump’s hair didn’t do any escape attempts. Instead, it just stayed in place. In the parade, he was flanked by First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump, with his hair intact. What’s hilarious is how it seems to settle on his head which is also the reason why a lot of people question the authenticity of his hair. As he was inaugurated into office, so was the legacy of his hair. Some people commented, “Somebody put a tape on that mop!”

1. Again, It’s not fake

During his presidential campaign, Trump promised that he will change his hairstyle. Maybe the reason why he won is that people really want him to change his horrible hairstyle that bad? Well, it seems that he didn’t keep his campaign promise. People repeatedly claim that he his hair is fake and he extensively denies the rumor, letting Jimmy Fallon mess his hair and a female supporter touch his hair. Last 2010, he guested on the Ryan Seacrest radio show. In every show that he appears on, his hair always steals the spotlight. He let the producer of the show touch his hair. He even raised his hair to show his hairline. Nevertheless, it’s not a sight to behold. Yes, he’s got a full head of hair, but it looks like he’s got two layers of hair: the longer strands that were trying to hold onto each other and the shorter ones that look like newly grown. Worse, showing his hairline also shows his unnatural tan.


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