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‘Deadpool 2’ : Josh Brolin’s Cable Silences Critics


‘Deadpool 2’ : Josh Brolin’s Cable Silences Critics

Heeee’s Heeeeere!

When Josh Brolin — Marvel’s Thanos — was cast as the superhero mutant Cable, it surprised a lot of fans. But when footage of a ripped Brolin working out came out a few weeks ago, he very much looked the part. All he needed was to dye his hair and lose an eye. Well, yesterday Ryan Reynolds and Brolin released a couple pictures of the actor in full Cable regalia, and there’s nowhere for the anti-Brolin crowd to go.

Sure, the eye looks a bit CGI and his hair is more black than silver. Still, you can’t complain about this. 

After years spent in development hell, 2016’s Deadpool was a complete smash-hit. When Reynolds’ pet project was released — with a limited budget, as far as superhero movies go — it blew everyone out of the water. In the post-credit scene, Deadpool pulled a Ferris Bueller, walking out into the hallway, dressed in a robe, to tell moviegoers to go home. But not before letting it slip that a sequel was underway, co-starring Cable. Ever since, fan speculation had run wild about who would end up playing the grumpy, time-traveling offspring of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone.

When fans cast comic book characters for movies, they have an image from their childhood in mind — from X-Men cartoons or comics they read in the 90’s. That Cable is just unrealistic, unless you were to hire someone like a bodybuilder as opposed to an A-list actor. Some even had Dolph Lundgren or Stephen Lang — the baddie in Avatar — in mind. So, this is about as good as things can get. And if that doesn’t silence them, this next picture will…

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