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Thoughts On Being a Better Person


Thoughts On Being a Better Person

The world can be a harsh place. There’s a lot on our minds these days with climate change, economic uncertainty and rapidly developing technologies poised to have dramatic consequences on our way of life. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the details of what’s bogging us down that we forget to live in the moment, and find ourselves regretting the way things went, or worrying over how we think they might turn out. No matter what is going on in our lives, we have the time and the need, to be good to others. The most important things we have in life are friends, family and the experiences we share with them, so here are some thoughts on being a better person.

Within yourself is where it begins and ends. It’s not possible to escape our minds, therefore our minds are where we have to lay the groundwork for becoming a better person. Sometimes you have everything you need to be a positive force on others in the world, but for some reason it fails to come together, and you find yourself yelling at your friends and family over trivial things. If we were to watch a video of ourselves exploding, our minds would be flooded with feelings of shame, but where do we go from there? Here are some ideas on how we can enhance our lives and the lives of people around us.

Love Yourself

Easier said than done. True self-love and comfort within your skin does not come cheap. It can be comforting to abuse ourselves over not being good enough, or not doing more with our time, to the point where we forget about how to be comfortable liking ourselves. Instead of a soothing voice telling us to take it easy and enjoy the experience for what it’s worth, the voice will nag us forever unless we learn to silence it or change its tune.

Care a Lot

If there is something in this world you think you care about and you want to see thrive, go for it. Put all the time and energy you have into that hobby, or person that you can. If we spend too much time in apathy, it becomes harder and harder to care about anything, and to truly live.

Remember You Are Not Alone

You aren’t the only one who’s been here before. We have a tendency to judge others based on their actions, yet to judge ourselves based on intentions. How would global conflicts differ if we could feel each others experiences and understand each other’s true intent. Maybe the person you’re annoyed with or hurt by had different intentions than their behavior lead you to believe. This exercises the ability to be empathetic and more aware of the needs of others.

Do it Every Day

The more time you spend doing something, the better you’re likely to get at it. If we all spent a little  time each day thinking about how we could make other people’s lives better, we would all lead better lives, and who knows where that could take us?

If we want to do our part in securing a better future for our children, it is of utmost importance that we band together and solve the great issues of our time. It will be difficult to achieve this, and continue to grow civilization, if we spend our time tearing it down rather than building it up. Let’s take a good look at ourselves and see where we can improve our lives for everybody, after all, doesn’t it make a party that much more fun when everybody is having a good time?

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