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Human Imagination

Imagination has been the most powerful tool for humanity in the recent years. No other animal has created as many tools or as diverse cultures as we have. From our attempts at conjuring the gods in hopes of explaining nature, or writing plays so that we can explain ourselves, there’s always something more which we can, and will explore. 

It is our most powerful tool, and yet we did not invent it. All conscious or sentient creatures likely have imagination. For example, we know animals dream, and dreams are built solely on the visualizations and thoughts contained within the mind, therefore we can assume this is also taking place in an awakened state. We even know that many animals have names or callings for each other, akin to the way we use language — our second most powerful tool — and indicative of some internal database or thought process similar to ours.

Naturally, we don’t expect a bunch of goats, or dogs, or dolphins to be writing magnificent symphonies, or doing much more than playing around and surviving. But for humanity, it’s gone much further than that. Most of us are wearing clothes almost all day, and we were able to control the growth of tasty plants, we’ve even put sounds to symbols, which is one of the greatest steps we’ve ever taken because now someone from 1,000 years in the future will be able to read this blog, or any thoughts you’ve put on the internet and make something of it.

The question is, do you flex your imagination? How much time do you spend building something for yourself, or for others? How much time do you spend trying to think of new solutions for old problems? If you’re thinking “no, not really”, well don’t worry, it’s never too late to start.

Whatever it is you want to do, imagine yourself doing it and how much you’d enjoy it. Try to visualize the outcome and how you’ll feel about it. If you don’t feel capable of this, don’t worry, because it’s like anything else in life: the more you practice it, the better you’ll get. So who knows, maybe the ideas in your head will one day revolutionize the world.  Imagine that! 

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