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The Existence of Ghosts


The Existence of Ghosts

Have you ever been sitting in your room at night, thinking about the possibility of some angry ghost waiting for you behind the shut door of your closet, or the door to the hallway? What lurks beyond that which we cannot see and is it dangerous?

Ghost stories have likely existed as long as civilization. Humanity’s relationship with the dead has held symbolic importance long before the first cities were ever formed. It is found that our nearest cousins, the neanderthals, who roamed Europe and Asia until about 30,000 years ago, would bury their dead ceremonially, perhaps to return their souls to the earth.

When someone dies and their body is no longer animated, it begs the question of where their “life” went. Is there an afterlife like heaven where those who have passed are gathered and spending their time waiting for the rest of us? Is there an in between, ethereal world where the souls of the dead roam to watch over us…or haunt us?

While some people avidly assert the existence of ghosts and sell their services to chase them away from a haunting, others will argue just as avidly to the contrary. The scientific community thus far has made no discovery of ghosts, demons, spirits, or anything of supernatural ilk. The rational mind thinks that if these things existed, there would be some proof in our day and age of cell phone cameras.

Maybe souls do exist in a metaphysical realm invisible to human beings, and undetectable by the instruments of science. At that point, would it even matter if they do exist or not? We would never know.

Regardless of how you feel about ghosts, the important point to gleam is that one must always keep an open mind to the possibilities because as much as you can have scrutiny with your beliefs, whether you are a believer or not, you’re running on faith.


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