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Bill Cosby And 14 Other Celebs Involved In Sexual Assault Incidences


Bill Cosby And 14 Other Celebs Involved In Sexual Assault Incidences

Sexual assault is a hot topic in Hollywood. Year after year a number of celebrities are accused of sexual assault, sexual aggravation, sex with minors, and even rape. Unfortunately, most of the time they never see the inside of a jail cell. This is often because of a few reasons: The celebrity is able to sweep it under the rug by paying off the accuser, the case goes to trial and nothing comes of it because of lack of evidence, or there is bias in the jury because of the celebrity’s status. However, every once in a while there is a celeb who just can’t get out of that charge. They actually have to serve time and are punished for their crime. Here is a list of a few celebrities who were involved in some pretty horrible sexual assault cases. Try not to get too upset when reading about these crazy accusations.

15. Rob Lowe

Actor Rob Lowe is like everyone’s favorite person. He recently had a resurgence in his career but all that good will always be overshadowed by his interesting past. Back in 1988 when Lowe was super popular and at the height of his career, he was charged with sexual assault against two women. One of them was a minor, a 16-year-old girl to be exact. Her mother was not too impressed and filed charges against Lowe. To make matters worse, he apparently taped the encounter he had with the minor. No doubt he got charged for his indiscretion and had a few years of tabloid hell, but no jail time.

14. Paula Poundstone

Actress Paula Poundstone is probably most known for her role in Home Movies voicing the character Paula Small. Besides that, she lives a low-key life. Unfortunately, for her, that spot was blown up when it was discovered she was performing lewd acts on children. Not just any children, but her own foster and adopted children. In 2001, she plead no contest to the charges of sexual abuse and inflicting injury on a child. This story is beyond disgusting; she’s basically  like Woody Allen really. She apparently forced lewd acts on a 14-year-old girl and put the other children in grave danger.

13. R Kelly

R Kelly has a history being a shady predator. Although he has gotten off many times, it does not mean that the evidence against him doesn’t speak volumes. Kelly has been called out a few times in two serious cases. The first time was when he married a then-underage singer Aaliyah. The second time was when he thought it was a good idea to engage in sexual intercourse with an underage girl, videotape it and do a few other horrendous acts like pee on her. There have been a few times after this last incident where people have continued to accuse Kelly of encouraging an underage sexual relationship with them or people they know. When will he ever learn?

12. Paula Deen

During that messy AF racism case that Food Network chef Paula Deen went through, there were a few other accusations that came about. However, they were overshadowed by all the racism talk and the sadness in Mrs. Deen’s eyes. She wasn’t the only one accused of something horrible. Apparently, her brother was accused of sexually harassing employees at one of Deen’s popular southern restaurants. Now, because Deen is the owner of the restaurant, her name also got dragged into that accusation and police case. Ultimately, nothing came of it. It’s not like Deen needs any more drama anyway. She is already in a whirlwind of crap.

11. Nick Young

Nick Young is a popular player for the Lakers who has had his fair share of his own personal drama. The media has definitely exposed him a few times. In 2016, Young and fellow player Jordan Clarkson were accused of sexually harassing two women just outside of an LA restaurant. Apparently, the women had just left the restaurant when a car pulled up carrying 4 men who hurled vulgar and sexual gestures at them. The accusers were able to take a photo of the men and post it on social media where young and Clarkson were immediately identified. Young spoke out about it the situation on Twitter and maintains that the incident did not go as she said.

10. Danny Masterson

When three women accuse you of sexual assault well, maybe you might want to lawyer up. Actor Danny Masterson of That 70’s Show has been accused by three women of sexual assault. They were fellow Church of Scientology members. The incidents supposedly occurred in the early 2000s. Apparently, each time the women made complaints they were covered up by the church. One of the women even went to the police but had no success in pressing charges against the actor. Another one of the women claimed to have dated Masterson for 6 years. His lawyer stated that she was bitter after he broke up with her. Okay, cool, what about the other two women though?

9. Anand Jon Alexander

Celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander has been sentenced to 59 years in prison for several horrendous sexual crimes. His crimes include: having sex with a minor, forcing a woman to perform sexual acts in exchange for modeling jobs, and drugging women. There are several other charges that are worse than the ones mentioned. Alexander has worked with many high-profile stars and was even responsible for seeing the model potential in a young Ivanka Trump. He was actually the first person to put her on a runway. He claims that he is being preyed on by the authorities and is even using his time in jail to write a book about the incident. Alexander has now been in jail for 7 years and continues to appeal the decision.

8. Tupac

A young woman accused Tupac and 2 of his associates of sexually assaulting her back in the 90s. the woman claimed that she was in a hotel room with the rapper when his two associates came in. Tupac supposedly forced her to perform oral sex on him while the associates touched her. He then forced her to perform oral sex on the associates while they each took turns touching her. While the young woman did what she was supposed to do by going to the police and the hospital, no real charges came from the accusations. This is in part because she no longer wanted to pursue charges and because there was not enough evidence to prove the assault.

7. Mike Tyson

In 1992 boxer Mike Tyson was charged and ultimately went to jail for sexually assaulting a beauty pageant contestant. The incident took place in Tyson’s hotel room after he participated in a boxing match. He was charged with one count of rape and two counts of criminal deviate behavior. Tyson was sentenced to 10 years in prison of which he served six years. He came out on probation which he violated in 2002 and had to do a stint of 60 days in jail. Tyson was again accused of rape in 2001 by a 50-year-old woman. Nothing came of this charge but he definitely looks suspect when you take his past into consideration.

6. Rick James

Rick James had a nasty drug habit, however, this is no excuse to do what he did. James’ assumed that a young woman he was hanging out with had stolen his drugs so in retaliation he held her captive. He tied her up, burnt her several times with a hot crack pipe, and forced her to perform sexual acts on him. This lasted for six days all for a bag of drugs that he probably would have snorted in a day. He was ultimately charged with two charges but was able to avoid the torture charge. What makes matters worse is that not too long before this incident he had kidnapped music executive Mary Sauger and beat her for roughly 20 hours. Is that not torture?

5. Reverend Run

Pastor, family man and all-around good guy Reverend Run of Run DMC was accused of sexual assault back in 1992. A female fan accused him of sexually assaulting her after a concert while Reverend Run was at the height of his career. Fortunately for him, the charges did not stick and even the female accuser agreed that he did not deserve to be charged. Only, this happened after it was already taken all the way up the law ladder. There was no evidence to support the charge and Reverend Run was able to resume his career as one third of the amazing rap trio.

4. Joan Rivers

Comedian Joan Rivers has said and done it all in her day. She has always been loud, funny and really knows how to cross lines. Unfortunately, one time she supposedly crossed a line that she couldn’t come back from. She had a female employee who would help try on and model her jewelry. The employee didn’t like the job and complained to the higher ups. Only her complaint now included accusations of Rivers pulling on her clothing and grabbing her breast. The entire company ended up having to go through a sexual harassment class and the employee refused to press charges. Unfortunately for her, she royally pissed off Rivers and she isn’t one to mess with. 

3. Bill Cosby

One of the most popular sexual assault cases currently is Bill Cosby’s crazy 50 women accusation. Cosby has been accused of drugging and raping several women over the span of many decades. However, since the statute of limitations has run out on almost all of the accusations, only one woman was able to bring actual charges against him. Due in part to his celebrity status and a lack of evidence, Cosby managed to get out of that charge and avoid jail time. The jury was deadlocked, meaning they just couldn’t agree on on what to charge him  and whether he deserved to be charged at all.

2. Britney Spears

Britney Spears has had her fair share of tabloid nightmares. One that perhaps few people know about is an accusation in 2010 from one of her bodyguards. He claimed that Spears had been sexually harassing him for some time. He pointed out a few of the things that were offending him. His list included Spears frequently walking around naked, making unwanted advances on him and repeatedly asking him into her room while she was naked. The bodyguard Fernando Flores had a lot of other things to say about Spears including some horrible accusations about her personal hygiene. He was ultimately fired by her father, Jamie Spears, when he accused him of allowing Spears to go on stage to perform without underwear on.

1. Sean Penn

So, this story is crazy and surprisingly not spoken of often. It’s well known that mega-star Sean Penn was married to Madonna back in the late 80s but did anyone know that he legitimately held her hostage and beat her? To make matters worse, he left her bound and gagged for several hours. Apparently, he was on a alcohol bender and things got completely out of control. The whole situation lasted 9 hours and only ended because Madonna agreed to perform sexual acts on him if he untied her. She eventually made her way to the police and filed a report. This is a serious WTF moment.


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