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Best Sports Moments of 2017 [Part 2]

Sometimes a single image, done well, can capture the joy or heartbreak behind an entire sporting event and that’s what the top sports images of 2017 seemed to do, capture the emotion of sport. So, let’s take a look at the second part of the top sports images of the last year!

15. Federer Backhands a Shot

14. James and Kanter Argue… I think

13. A Soccer Argument Gets Much More Heated

12. Bruce Maxwell Joins His Brothers in the NFL and Takes a Knee

11. And Here’s his Brothers Doing Just That

10. Gordon Hayward Suffers an Injury After Signing With the Celtics

9. The Chaos that is Hockey

8.  Jordan Spieth and his Caddy Celebrate After a Shot from the Bunker

7. A Soccer Celebration…

6. …And Another Soccer Celebration

5. The Exhaustion after the 5,000 Meters

4. Sports Can Be Frustrating, Too

3. Take Some Time to Thank Your Local Goalie

2. A Goal in the World-Cup Qualifier

1. Picture Perfect at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium


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