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Best Sports Moments of 2017 [Part 1]


Best Sports Moments of 2017 [Part 1]

2017 is officially over and has left in its wake a year’s worth of amazing sports images! Across the planet and across all sport, from soccer to football, tennis to soccer, there are countless amazing victories and heartbreaks that’ll forever live as images online. So, let’s take a look at the year of sport that was, in images. 

25. Markus Eisenbichler of Germany Prepares for the Winter Olympics

24. A Pregnant Serena at the Australian Open

23. Cristiano Ronaldo Wins the Ballon d’Or

22. Julian Edelman Makes an Amazing Catch During the Super Bowl

21. Tom Brady Faces His Enemy After Winning the Super Bowl 

20. Sergio Garcia Wins the Masters

19. A Moment of Silence for the Spanish Terrorist Attacks 

18. A Gonzaga Player After a Defeat 

17. Summer Baseball in Boston

16. Conor McGregor Flexes Before the So-Called “Fight of the Century”

15. McGregor Gets the Snot Knocked Out of Him… 

14. Warriors Clinch the NBA Championship

13. Meaghan Duhamel and Eric Radford Figure Skate

12. The Goalie for FC Barcelona Saves the Day

11. Kendra Harrison Prepares for a Race

10. The Sky World Championships in Switzerland

9. Football in Buffalo on a Snowy Day

8. The Pittsburgh Penguins Celebrate a Second-Straight Championship

7. A Pole Vaulter Competes in Australia 

6. The Packers Arrive to Training Camp 

5. Usain Bolt Bids Farewell After his Final Race

4. A Doubles Pair Celebrate a Single Championship

3. Fog During the NFL Playoffs

2. Tiger Woods Returns in the Bahamas and Contemplates a Putt

1. Philadelphia 76er Joel Embiid Stands Next to Houston Astro Jose Altuve and Shows the Range of Sport

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