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Ben & Jerry’s Lover? These Are 15 Flavors You Have To Try!


Ben & Jerry’s Lover? These Are 15 Flavors You Have To Try!

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream has been around since 1978. Not many people can say that they have been successfully running a company for the last 5 decades. A lot of the time you will see a company burn out or they are forced to only have their product sold in certain stores. Hell, they are lucky if those stores are big chains. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is still flying high and selling everywhere that will have them. Essentially, they are universal. It seems like they have something for everyone and if they don’t (a very rare occurrence we’re sure) then you can reach out to them with your idea. Never before has an ice cream company been able to name their flavors after bands, musicians, late-night TV hosts, celebrities in general. This duo must be doing something right. Their flavors have become fan favorites, and some have even reach celebrity status of their own. With well over 60 flavors (not including limited editions) it’s hard to choose a favorite. It’s hard to choose 10 so we choose 15 fan favorites. There isn’t nearly enough spaces, so we encourage you to comment on what your favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is.

15. Americone Dream

In 2014, Stephen Colbert had a top ten ice cream flavor on his hands with Americone Dream. Come on, fudge-covered waffle cone pieces, caramel swirl, vanilla ice cream. It is literally a caramel sundae. The funnyman added a funny kick to his version of the perfect ice cream combination and it has paid off a million times over. Even if the waffle cones weren’t covered in fudge this ice cream would still taste amazing. However, it was genius to avoid a soggy waffle cone by covering it in fudge. Do you ever eat this ice cream in a waffle cone and think how redundant you’re being? Or is that just us?

14. Coffee Caramel Buzz

This flavor was introduced to fans at a Bonnaroo Festival and since then it’s kind of hard to come by. Ben and Jerry’s already has a signature coffee ice cream. But you can’t have too much coffee and ice cream pairings especially when it’s done right. This special flavor is a mouth full, literally. It’s a coffee malt ice cream with a whiskey caramel swirl and English toffee pieces. So, what’s up? Still not interested? Can you imagine using this ice cream with a shake or better yet, if you made a shake and added a bit more whiskey? It would be the perfect compliment. The duo was certainly onto something when they partnered with Bonnaroo and better yet when they decided to put alcohol flavoring in an ice cream.

13. Cherry García

Whole cherries and fudge flakes, yum. This is a classic Ben and Jerry’s flavor and for a very, very long time, it was number one on every ice cream list out there. In recent years it has been knocked off but it still remains a favorite amongst many people. Cherry Garcia has the potential to be sweet, but Ben and Jerry were so smart they made the base vanilla instead of chocolate or some other funky flavor. Sometimes simple flavors make the most delicious and satisfying desserts. It’s easy to sit down and eat a pint of this all by yourself so you have to be really conscious when you’re snacking on it.

12. Chocolate Therapy

Have you ever just wanted a basic chocolate ice cream? Well, this isn’t totally that, but it will suffice, trust us. It’s a chocolate ice cream with pieces of chocolate cookie (for texture and crunch of course) and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream. Not only are you getting chocolate ice cream you are getting texture from those cookie pieces and you are getting chocolate freaking pudding. It’s okay to drool we won’t judge you. To top it off, it’s called Chocolate Therapy. Meaning you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars a year talking to someone in an office you can go like once every 3 months. Just replace the other appointments with this delicious goodness. People will tell you to not eat your feelings but… what do they know?

11. The Tonight Dough

Jimmy Fallon is basically everyone’s favorite late night host. He was an instant hit when the reigns were handed over to him and he is still on a high after all these years. This is the same way we can describe his pint of Ben and Jerry’s The Tonight Dough. It debuted in 2015 and it was an instant hit with chunks upon chunks of goodness. The chocolate ice cream base is probably the best part of this pint maybe because it brings everything together, literally. Where would the “gobs” of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough be without this tasty chocolate ice cream to bring it all together?

10. Chunky Monkey

We will admit, Chunky Monkey is not for everyone. It’s an acquired taste especially if you are not a fan of bananas. That being said, banana ice cream made by Ben and Jerry’s is a different breed of banana ice cream. Yes, you still get that banana taste, but it isn’t overpowering. In fact, once it’s mixed with the fudge chips and walnuts it transforms into the ultimate indulgence. Not many people would think to mix walnuts into an ice cream, it’s usually a topping (that is scarcely used). The ice cream duo has managed to make this combination appealing and even turned it into a best seller.

9. Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake regularly makes top ten lists all over the world. Ben and Jerry’s version of the popular flavor is just in a world of its own. It’s packed with strawberries and graham crackers swirled into a yummy AF vanilla ice cream. Really how can anyone go wrong? The strawberries taste as if they are picked at just the right moment like they have eyes on every strawberry for supreme ripeness. There isn’t an overpowering graham cracker taste which is great because it’s not everyone’s favorite cracker. It’s as if they have perfected this flavor and there is nothing else that can make it taste better.

8. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream is one of the most overrated ice creams out there. In fact, this unhealthy (like deadly) obsession that people have with eating raw cookie dough is insane. Let’s be honest, cookie dough ice cream is basic AF it has a vanilla base, some chocolate pieces and chunks of cookie dough, okay great. Ben and Jerry’s make a rather tasty one and it has been on their top ten favorite list since it’s been released so what do we know, maybe it tastes amazing. Regardless, it deserves a spot on the list simply because we have tasted some nasty cookie dough ice creams. Quite frankly if we had to eat it, we would choose the Ben and Jerry’s flavor.

7. Berry Berry Extraordinary

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream really does have something for everyone. They have a line of sorbet “ice creams” that are essentially supposed to be a healthier version of ice cream. However, we find that hard to believe considering some of the flavors they are churning out. Berry Berry Extraordinary is a combination of blueberry fruit sorbet and raspberry fruit sorbet. One scoop of this is 80 calories and that counts for a lot when you are on a hardcore eating plan. They have even gone out of their way to use responsibly sourced ingredients. Caged fee eggs, caring dairy, and its Kosher. Come on, they are really trying to have something for everyone.

6. Chubby Hubby

Just the name alone you know this ice cream is going to be worth every freaking pound. It has that sweet and salty combination that most people seem to love. Peanutty fudge-covered pretzels and peanut butter swirl all enveloped in a malt vanilla ice cream. Get the hell out of here this flavor can do no wrong, well unless someone is allergic to peanut products than, we are sorry, but you are missing out. It has the perfect name because you know that this pint of ice cream is getting ready to completely throw you off of whatever pact you had for healthy eating with your body. If you are able to stick to one or two tablespoons, good on you. We can’t, and we aren’t about to pretend like we tried either.

5. Lemonade Sorbet

Lemonade Sorbet is another one of their fantastic takes on a healthy cold treat. You know it tastes great because lemon anything is so refreshing. It’s not too sour just enough to make you pucker on the first bit, it’s not overly sweet and it melts on the tongue so easily. The lightness of this sorbet makes you think that eating the entire pint won’t affect someone that much but keep in mind it’s still a treat. The fact that a sorbet has the power to make someone think they are eating healthy is insane. That’s how you know its beyond tasty.

4. Phish Food

The name Phish Food does not sound like the best thing out there. Let’s be honest there isn’t anyone out there who literally hasn’t thought that it’s an odd name for an ice cream. However, once you start eating the chocolate-based ice cream with marshmallow swirls, caramel swirls and fudge fish, there is no denying that it doesn’t matter what the name of it is. We will admit that this flavor can be a bit sweet for those who just aren’t into super sweet stuff, but two to four tablespoons are manageable. This is the first and only time the band Phish has licensed their name for anything. Who doesn’t want an ice cream named after them?

3. New York Super Fudge Chunk

New York Super Fudge is actually one of the most popular flavors in New York. Is there any surprise there? It’s certainly not the best flavor when you consider what Ben and Jerry’s has done for ice cream. The ice cream has a chocolate base and is full of white and dark fudge pieces like literally almost every bite you can guarantee to get one or both flavors. Then they round it out with pecans, walnuts, and fudge covered almonds. This is a decadent ice cream and one that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Cavities are certainly in the future of those who eat the entire pint themselves.

2. Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz

Mmmm this ice cream is a coffee lovers dream. It’s hard to get ice cream flavor coffee to have the perfect taste. It can be too overpowering, it can be too subtle and, in some cases, it won’t even taste like coffee. Don’t call an ice cream coffee if the only coffee flavor is espresso bean covered whatever. Thankfully, Ben and Jerry’s got it right. Their version of coffee ice cream is creamy and bound to keep someone awake. They made the smart decision of adding espresso bean fudge chunks now it may sound simple AF but with a coffee ice cream, the fewer add-ons the better. When you taste it, you will realize that it certainly does not need any more than what it has.

1. Sweet Cream & Cookies

Sweet Cream & Cookies has topped our list. Many will ask why and here it is, sweet cream ice cream alone is so satisfying. It’s rich in flavor when the right ingredients are used and to be honest, in the midwest nothing can top a sweet cream or a custard. That being said, the Ben and Jerry’s duo makes one small change and is able to bring this delectable ice cream to life in a second time. They added chocolate sandwich cookies, that’s it. That may not seem like a big deal but that added crunch and extra cream between those sandwich cookies mixed with sweet cream ice cream, come on it hits every taste bud.

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