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Another Top Movie Posters for 2018 (Part IV)

Over the past week we’ve looked into the top movie posters for films that are set to be released this year and come across some doozies. This list continues that trend, showing that the art of film posters is definitely not dead, but perhaps as important as ever. With the advent of smart phones people have access to full movie trailers 24 hours a day and with that and streaming (making it so people don’t even need to venture to their local movie theater to see a new film), movie posters aren’t as necessary as they used to be. That’s actually allowed for some deviation on the tried and true formula for posters (advertising either the film’s main star or a major action set piece) and may have ushered in the golden age of movie posters. So, let’s take a look at the last batch of top movie posters for the year! 

25. Nostalgia

24. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

23. Ocean’s Eight

22. Oh Lucy

21. Outside In

20. Pacific Rim Uprising

19. Pacific Rim Uprisng (Version Two)

18. Pacific Rim Uprising (Final Version)

17. Peter Rabbit

16. Pass Over

15. Paul Apostle of Christ

14. Peter Rabbit (Version Two)

13. Pick of the Litter

12. Piercing

11. Please Stand By

10. Polaroid

9. Proud Mary

8. A Quiet Place

7. Rampage

6. RBG

5. Ready Player One

4. Red Sparrow (Black Widow?!?)

3. The Ring Thing

2. Safe Place

1. Road Trees and Honey Bees


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