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15 Things Women Like In The Bedroom

When it comes to sex and the female brain, it really is complex. Unlike our male counterparts, we tend to analyze and overthink everything, making it harder for us to eventually let go and relax in the sack. It’s no secret that it takes time for us to get comfortable, but once we are, there is no holding back. There are of course some helpful ways to speed up this process. If you are looking to understand your mate or spice things up in the sack, there is plenty that can be done. Take a look at the following 15 ways she wants you in bed and let the sparks start to fly. 


It is animal instinct for males to go after their prey, and it is no different when it comes to humans. Women like it when men take control of the situation, especially since it takes all the worry out of wondering if they are interested or not. When a man takes initiative to get things started in the sack, it automatically takes the awkwardness of small talk away before getting down to it. Some women like to be taken, completely in the hands of their mate. It may sound old fashioned but there is something extremely passionate about a man’s desire for you that he simply cannot contain. It’s sexy, do it.


No, not the listening about the nagging and telling you how you should live your life, but the actual sounds we make once we start to get dirty. It’s a way of directing you and letting you know what we like and what we don’t. When you hit the right spot, trust us you will know you are doing it right by the way we sound. It’s natural and sometimes very loud. When you don’t hear anything at all, take that as a huge red flag and do something new. Whether it’s moans or actual verbal direction, remember that we are only trying to help you out and attain the maximum pleasure we know we’re capable of.


This is a no brainer, but it also can be a real issue when it comes to getting down and dirty in the sack. Stop worrying about your insecurities, like your hairy back or how much you’re sweating. It’s really not what we are focusing on when getting it on. We care about how good you’re making us feel. Things always seem bigger in your mind than they actually are. Remember, we are not perfect either. Confidence is the sexiest thing anyone can wear, so rock yours. People are naturally drawn to others who give off the air of security and certainty. 


Over the years, we become experienced and it is always refreshing to have someone who thinks and does things outside the box. Instead of regular missionary, think of ways to contort your body that can maximize pleasure. Do your research, there are countless sources of information to improve your game. To become the best you need to treat it like a school subject that you have to study for. Don’t shy away from suggesting something that may seem too out there. Worst case scenario, we say we are not into it and move on. If the girl is ready to dump you for suggesting a new way to spice things up then consider that as a sign that she needs to hit the road. Sex is completely healthy and shouldn’t be considered a taboo. Let’s keep it legal though, guys.


Hats off to all you guys, because it seems like you do most of the work a lot of the time with all that pumping. Allowing us to take initiative or set the mood of what kind of sex we want is a good move. First of all, it means we are definitely in the mood and secondly you’re getting laid, so I don’t think there should be too many complaints! Letting us release our sexual desires with you allows us to fulfill our desires and give it to you exactly how we want. Women like to be the boss sometimes, even though I’ve said the opposite before.  We are complex creatures! Don’t take our prowess as a knock at your manhood, we simply want to have it our way sometimes. 


Sex shouldn’t be this scary and intense thing that we should fear. It’s not like the movies, it’s not perfect and mishaps will happen. When these imperfections happen, you simply have to shrug it off and keep going. If anything, that fart that accidentally slips out will be a funny story in the future. Sex has even sent people to the ER, much more than you think. Obviously, that is no aspiration when it comes to doing the deed but do know that it can be messy, painful and embarrassing. Realize you’re both human and keep it moving.


Sex is a billion dollar business and it goes way beyond your bedroom walls. Think of all the products being sold at your local sex shops. They stay open because there is a huge demand for everything they sell. Some of the products may seem out of your comfort zone, but the more open minded you are, the better. Sure, everyone has their limits, but it’s important to not be such a prude. These products are designed for pleasure and to bring you and your partner(s) closer. The important thing to keep in mind is that millions of people use all kinds of toys and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. When introducing toys to the bedroom, have a relaxed attitude about it and know that it comes with good intentions. You’re missing out if you don’t try some.


Ah, the mind can be so vivid and imaginative. Perking up the psyche when it comes to getting down can increase the entire experience in a major way. Women think a lot and creating a scenario that can let their imagination run wild is H-O-T. The best thing about role playing is that there are endless scenarios, so things will never run dry. You can come up with scenes and roles every day by simply observing your surroundings. Roleplay is an outlet for people to become who they desire to be (if only for a moment) or have always thought of but simply never tried. It can set the tone for the sex depending on who is cast as what. Doctor/patient, and teacher/student are classic go-to’s, but take a look around and see what fantasies you can come up with.


With all wet and wild behaviour involved in sex, there comes a time when we do need a little loving. People crave human touch and what better way to sustain human needs than with sex. With all the roughness one can endure, believe it or not, we love to be looked in the eye and gently touched. Especially when in a relationship, the loving and gentleness you bring in bed can make us fall in love with you just a little bit more. Sex isn’t just about the gratification at the climax, it’s about a bond shared when doing it. It sounds cheesy, but it can be a way to express your love to your partner and is very fulfilling.


It comes back to the mind yet again. Amping us up about what’s to come gets us excited and eager for you. Throughout the day, let us know exactly what you’re going to do. Go into detail about all the ways you want us and let our imaginations run wild. Trust us, if we are into you we will be fantasizing about all the ways you said you’re going to touch and ravage us. Sex doesn’t have to be just physical, it can be a very fun mental game. Think of building sex up like one of your favorite songs. It builds and builds getting you so turned on for that beat to drop and once it does, you explode and enjoy it even more.


Sex isn’t selfish, it isn’t about just one person. It is important to be vocal about what you want and what you don’t. Be honest and clear and forget about hurting people’s feelings. Being clear about what’s going on with you let’s us know how to act and what to think when it comes to our sex life with you. It betters us in the future and can ameliorate our relationship and sex in general. Expressing yourself is underrated, and guys seem to shy away from sharing what’s really going on inside. Trust us, it will help in the long run for us to know what you’re thinking, feeling and desiring. 


Sure, it may seem scary to let us know that we are doing something that isn’t so hot, but it’s your duty to do so. The only way to stop an annoying habit is to let us know. Nicely preferably, thanks! Keeping quiet about something that grosses you out or irritates the hell out of you will only make you not want to have sex with us anymore and leave you unsatisfied. It may suck at first and be a dreadful thing to bring up, but it is far more beneficial to let us know that something is off. Showing us how you want something or giving us tips in order to improve our game is helpful and will make us even better lovers. 


As much as women have progressed in many ways over the years, we definitely still love when you hold the reigns. There is something so hot about being dominated and told what to do. It makes no sense, I know. In society we are bulldozing and fighting fiercely for equality and our respected place in the workplace, but in bed it is sometimes nice to play the submissive role. As much as we are evolving this day and age, keep in mind that humans are animals. There is an animal instinct in all of us and sometimes that takes precedence physically over all that is unequal in the world. Being the confident one in power can make any girl swoon, so keep it up boss. 


After all the wild, passionate and romantic sex is over, there is the time that you lay there, sweaty with heavy breath. Whether it’s a look of approval or verbal acknowledgement on your satisfaction, it is appreciated. Sometimes girls can feel insecure about their performance, so letting us know that we did a good job reassures us. It is important for us to please and gratify you in bed and letting us know that we did gives us confidence and makes us want to get even better each time. We love sex just as much as you, expressing that things went well is a great way to keep our sex life and our sex drive alive.


Taking your time with us relates to all forms of the act, the build up, the foreplay and the actual session. Quick and easy is so over. It’s meaningless, unsatisfying and actually the worst. Taking your time with every word and every touch is intensely sensual and will always be remembered. It builds us so up that when we finally get it, we go crazy. Invest your time in us and in the long run you will be satisfied more than you can imagine. Sex isn’t a race or a game of numbers, take your time with each person you desire in all ways. Get to know them, their likes, their dislikes and get ready to have the most fulfilling sex sessions because you invested your time. 

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