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15 Things That Drive People Crazy In Relationships


15 Things That Drive People Crazy In Relationships

It is no secret that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Cohabitating on planet Earth, we have come to love and hate our respective counter parts. Nobody is perfect, neither man nor woman, and that is important to keep in mind when evaluating what irks us. There are plenty of things us females do that probably drive men insane in a negative way. The same goes for us, there are a multitude of things that men do without even realizing it that drive us up the wall. We are only human so it is normal that these annoying habits and behaviours will arise, but the question is, will we do something to change them? 


Believe it or not, what goes on in your mind is vastly important. It is attractive when you express all your dreams and ambitions to us. It takes a fast nosedive when nothing gets done on your part to achieve or attain these alleged goals. It is actually extremely frustrating to see the potential that you have and at the same time see you fail to attain it. What’s the point in letting us know your latest desires if you take no action in achieving these goals?  All talk and no action is a big no no.


It’s always nice to wake up on the right side of the bed to a sunny day and a positive outlook on the day. The worst thing is when your counter part, coworker or friend is just not on that page at all. Whining about every possible thing is just a downer and we are so not interested. Life is pretty messed up as it is and sometimes it’s nice to just forget about all the negativity going on in the world. When someone doesn’t match your energy it can feel as if they are sucking all the positive energy out of you. Try to see the bright side of things as much as you can. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”


There is no worse feeling than having the weight on your shoulders and someone making sure you feel it. Moving at your own pace is vital for a successful relationship. If you push someone to where they are so uncomfortable, they will only end up resenting you and eventually fleeing. It can be frustrating not to have everything go your way all the time, but that’s where compromise comes in. Be as understanding as you can be and try not to back us into a corner where we feel like we can’t even breathe anymore. Things can be scary and it can be difficult to understand how the other feels, communicate the best you can and leave the pressure outside the door. 


It still amazes me that some people could lack so much personal care in this day and age. In all fairness, some conditions are medical and much more difficult to handle when it comes to hygiene. There is no excuse for laziness when it comes to bad breathe, greasy hair and an overall disgusting physical appearance. It may sound shallow, but it plays a major role in social situations. A certain respect is lost when you encounter someone who cannot take care of their physical well being. It shows a lack of respect for one’s self when there is a disregard for their appearance. If anything it will have an negative impact on you, your career, relationships and social interactions when you disregard basic human hygiene. 


I cannot stress enough how important it is to realize that nobody is perfect. When it comes to baggage, what is our maximum capacity? It is a personal choice of how much you are willing to take on when handling someone else’s baggage. Naturally, people like a clean slate when meeting someone, but life doesn’t always deal us the winning hand of cards. The more you can limit how much you are packing in terms of baggage for your next relationship, the better. Take your time with life decisions as much as you can knowing they will forever affect you down the road. 


The.Absolute.Worst. Nobody likes the person who can’t just leave them the hell alone. You would think the block button would do the job, but the crazies today can take it to another level. You innocently open up a door not realizing the tornado that is about to enter your life: the clinger. People who fake message you in hopes to start up a conversation without looking desperate after you’ve shut them out are a prime example of the stage five clinger. There is something almost sad about them that pulls are your heart strings, but then their annoying behavior just pushes you back into the oh-my-god-this-person-is-so-annoying phase. Eventually, if you’re lucky the clinger fades away with time the more you ignore them. Either way, the entire situation is just unfortunate for all parties involved, willingly or not.


Birds of a feather flock together is a popular saying that is completely true. It is important to surround yourself with like minded people who push you towards your ultimate goals. Having people who take the time and energy away from you focusing on attaining your goals can only bring you down. People who don’t respect or see the value in your dedication to your future or passions are people who are only in the way. People who bring you down or make you lose focus, need to be cut out pronto. 


A closed mind, is a mind lost. Not being able to consider and contemplate other ways of thinking is a downfall. Imagine having passionate debates with others and becoming so frustrated because at no point do they even considered another point of view on the subject. I respect anyone with a strong opinion with valid arguments to back up their thoughts. The problem lies in people who can’t consider opening up their mind to the fact that they are not always right. It can be infuriating not being able to exchange with someone because that person is adamant about being consistently right.


It’s sad in a way that some people can have such low self esteem that they let anyone walk all over them. Allowing others to treat you poorly is not their fault, it is your own. I am a firm believer that you teach people how to treat you. There can be countless reasons as to why people lay down and take it, so to say, but it is 100% accurate that it is unattractive. Confidence, self assurance and assertiveness are what stands out when it comes to observing and admiring others. There is something about the doormat mentality that just does not fly, they lose and will never win with that mentality and behavior.


At first, it can seem somewhat flattering and attractive that one adores you so much that they become jealous. Like anything, all things are appropriate with the right quantity. Over-the-top jealous people are freaky and potentially dangerous. Firstly, they are insecure otherwise they wouldn’t be doubting you and worrying when anything happens. Past experiences could have manifested this jealous behaviour, but it is unacceptable to carry on. Jealousy only leads to headaches, heartaches and trouble. Avoid it at all costs. If our counterparts do not make us feel secure enough that we can’t just brush things off, then there is a problem bigger in the relationship. Give it a rest or move on.


This person is one who is dying to hash it out at all times. Any itty-bitty little thing is a green light to start a fight. They are exhausting, dramatic and almost impossible to deal with. If you encounter a personality like this, hit the road and run. It’s almost impossible to figure out why some people are the way they are, but it’s up to you how much you want to put up with. Do you really want a screaming match every second day over nothing? This type of character trait will drain you dry. There are obviously more issues going on with them when they feel the need to pick a fight all the time. Fighting back is not even worth it, just hit the road.


The exact opposite of The Fighter, this person will avoid any conflict or confrontation for the life of them. It is impossible to get to the bottom of things with this personality. Trying to draw a conclusion on any serious matter seems like an impossibility because they refuse to talk about anything. It can be frustrating, especially if you see a serious future with this person. Some people just don’t like drama and conflict and avoid it at all costs to keep a pleasant and stable environment. If you’re okay with brushing things under the rug then this is perfect for you. Everything will always be PC and sail along smoothly. Most people get driven up the wall when there are no blow out fights here and there to keep the passion alive and to hash out issues.


When walking down the street, it seems like their head is turning to look at someone else non stop. Their eyes are wide open and they are not just looking at you. It can make you feel crummy and question exactly how much you know about what’s going on outside your relationship. If this person feels the need to constantly check everyone else out, chances are there is something going on. Especially if it is going on in front of you. It is disrespectful and inconsiderate and you shouldn’t put up with it. My advice is to confront the culprit and make sure this faux pas behavior stops immediately. They should only have eyes for you.


This is a nicer way of calling them a loser. This person has nothing going for them. The lack of ambition is incredible and there seems to be no serious motives or projects to sustain their potential or lack there of. A lack of drive limits their ability to complete tasks and projects that can better your lives together. They are happy staying still and comfortable in their present existence. They don’t shoot for the stars. This type of person matches well with someone who prefers security and takes no chances at bettering their lives. They are right for certain people, but not all.


There is a limit to how much we can take. When people constantly nitpick and criticize everything we are doing, it becomes unbearable. Having someone in your ear complaining about what you’re doing wrong or how you can improve everything is really annoying. Naturally, there will be times when a suggestion or two is warranted from your significant other, but when constructive criticism turns into nagging, it’s time to hit the breaks. Resentment builds and someday you will just snap if it continues all the time. Nobody likes to be babied or feel scrutinized, so nip it in the bud real quick when you see it’s becoming a habit. 

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