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25 Social Media Posts that Immediately Backfired


25 Social Media Posts that Immediately Backfired

Social Media is still a relatively new technology, but we’ve had enough time and experience with it to understand that everything we say is online forever (even if you “delete” it) and so while it probably shouldn’t be surprising, it is surprising to see the amount of social media gaffes that people make. From celebrities to people working 9-5 gigs, there are countless examples of people ruining their careers, relationships or reputations with posts that they definitely regret. So, let’s take a look at the top 25 of the more egregious examples. 

25. Iago, No!!

24. Another Bad Way to Talk Japan, Profiting from Disaster is Always a Bad Idea

23. Whoops… 

22. Makes that Collabo Request Awkward, Eh?

21. Speaking of Awkward. 

20. Explains the Fines.

19. I Thought he Didn’t Know Lil B?

18. Pot, Meet Kettle

17. Must Be Fun in the Locker Room

16. Ah, the Irony

15. Perhaps Durant Shouldn’t Post Anything

14. Another Awkward Collab Request

13. Remember Her? This is Why You Don’t… 

12. One of MANY

11. So. Much. Irony on this List. 

10. Seriously, Durant. STOP.

9. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words. Or One Cancelled Wedding.

8. Probably a Good Thing She’s Not Famous Anymore

7. There She Was… Miss America!

6. Regular People Make Mistakes, Too

5. Told Ya So

4. RIP Reza

3. Bad Taste, Personified.

2. She USED to Work for CBS

1. Anthony Weiners… Weiner. SFW Version


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