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25 Most Awkward Celebrity X-Mas Cards Ever

They say that celebrities stop maturing around the time that they’re famous, meaning that someone who became famous in the 80’s may still rock acid washed jeans and write in Ronald Reagan for President, for example, and really there’s no better example of that then a celebrity Christmas card. Beyond that… Celebrities really want to prove that they are just like us! Like us, they have families, celebrate the holidays and spend tens of thousands of dollars on their Christmas/Holiday cards, and luckily for you, we have access to every celebrity Christmas card ever (the wonders of the internet), so let’s take a look at some of the most unintentionally hilarious cards from years past to crown the most awkward Celebrity X-Mas cards of all-time!

25. Okay, This One Feels Intentional… Still Awkward Though… 

24. And They Say that Celebrities Rely Too Much on Photoshop

23. Carlton, NO!

22. Is That Mena Suvari or Elizabeth Smart?

21. This is Almost Too Perfect

20. Yuck.

19. Is that a Baby Bump or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

18. This is What Steve Carrell Saw in ’40 Year Old Virgin’

17. The Knife Work on that Turkey is Exquisite! 

16. Leave it to Ron Jeremy to Make Even X-Mas Sleazy

15. Can We All Agree that We’re Relieved Miley Stopped Trying So Hard?

14. I Guess Joy Behar is Famous

13. The First Appearance of the Kardashian Clan

12. A Kevin Federline Sighting!

11. Somehow This Didn’t Last… 

10. Yuck.

9. Remember Her?

8. Really Bending the Definition of “Celebrity”

7. Maybe this List Should’ve Been the “Trashiest” Celebrity X-Mas Cards?

6. How Could Tupac Not Like this Guy?

5. Paris Looks Mortified!

4. Where’s the Promise Rings?

3. Somehow Mariah Carey and Nick Canon Didn’t Make It

2. Speaking of Not Making It… 

1. And… The Kardashian Dump

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