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15 YouTube Art Channels To Discover Now


15 YouTube Art Channels To Discover Now

Creative time lapses, tutorials, sketchbook tours, and artistic topic discussions have certainly made their way onto YouTube. Whether you are a budding artist or a well-seasoned one, each artist’s channel featured has their individual style to cater to all tastes.

You’ll be sure to be drawn — no pun intended — back for more from these highly underrated channels. Subscribers, if that’s important, range from over 7,000 to over 2,000,000 — with 10 out of the 15 channels having under 200,000! Sit back, relax, and get ready to discover 15 new favorites in the YouTube art world.

15. Peter Draws

It’s tricky to describe Peter and his channel, Peter Draws, but a good word would definitely be “creative.” Peter is most known for his ink doodlings of fantastic and intricate designs, whimsical diagrams, zentangles, and mandalas in his preferred media of black ink. He’s not afraid to push the limits with his art, trying almost everything.

He’s experimented with different colors and kinds of ink, with digital art. He’s been painting and drawing on his hands and face, using glow-in-the-dark ink. He’s tried spray paint, 3D pens, a wood burner — even using a wood burner on a slab of ham.

He’s painted with spatulas, coffee, rulers, roses. He’s even dipped bananas into his ink. Experimentation doesn’t end in his series, “You Send It, I Art It,” in which he opens viewer mail and tries every art supply sent to him. Peter Draws is just about the most creative and unusual you can get in an art channel.

Peter has a pleasing way of saying “drawing” — with a hypnotically soothing voice, which he sometimes lends to his “Content-Free Podcasts” or readings of classical literature over art time-lapses. He is a firm believer in spreading the message that anyone can draw, with anything. Just pick up a pen, and start.

Peter’s Channel

Recommended Video: Peter Draws Channel Trailer

14. Danica Sills

Danica brings us twice-a-week videos filled with wisdom about her artistic journey. She uses the time lapses she records to not only talk about the current piece and how she overcame any struggles or obstacles during, but also to discuss various topics of art.

Her art consists of a lot of beautiful, lanky female characters with backstories. And nearly all have some sort of sci-fi, fantasy, or nature elements to them. Proficient in inking, watercolors and digital art, she boldly vocalizes and bares any and all flaws or doubts in her creations.

She shows where she makes changes in the artworks and her process in experimenting with color and composition. She also encourages budding artists with “how to” videos on watercolor techniques as well as giving tips while working on her pieces. It’s easy to see how much work and especially thought goes into each jewel-like composition.

Whether you come for her discussions of art and creating it, or the mesmerizing way she inks hair, vivid colors and a vivid imagination occupy this artists’ deliciously refined art.

Danica’s Channel

Recommended Video: Zombie Eyes – Making Art Happen – Watercolor Speedpaint

13. Minnie Small

Minnie, also known by the moniker semiskinnedmin, delights with a clear, soothing, bright British accent in her voiceovers. A way to describe her and her videos would be “deliberate.” She gives advice, workspace tours, showing her supplies, sketchbook flip-throughs, discussing inspiration, practices, and incorporating travel vlogs.

She also offers tips and examples on how to keep travelogue sketchbooks as well as the art of keeping meticulous and visually appealing bullet journals. She’s yet another artist who acknowledges challenges and resolutions in working with artistic obstacles in her own art experiences as she strives for professionalism in her cleverly appealing videos.

Proficient in painting with an affinity for gouache, her art style is colorful, illustrative, and atmospheric. She’s also done wonderfully exaggerated human figure studies, as well as other elements of scrapbooking and nature themes into her sketchbooks, travelogues, and bullet journals.

There is something always eye-catching, edgy and cozy about this artist’s work; and her videos are as meticulous and beautiful.

Minnie’s Channel

Recommended Video: Travel Journal Tips #3 – WHAT AND HOW TO JOURNAL

12. Zozaleenie

This relatively new channel shows great promise. Zozaleenie, or Zoe, is an Australian-voiced young woman who clearly spends a lot of time and effort in not only rendering her multifaceted art but also her well-orchestrated videos.

She sings cozy songs to accompany satisfying shots and cute overlays of her iPad drawings. She isn’t afraid to discuss art blocks and creating art via scrapbook-esque “journal entries.” With a wide creative breadth, she displays realistic renditions in her portraits filled with character as well as unique color pattern pairings in her collage-style layouts.

The professionalism and charm in this young channel, with consistently formatted titles and similarly designed thumbnails, shows the great potential Zoe has in sharing all aspects of her creativity in creating art and music on this outlet.

Zoe’s Channel

Recommended Video: Sketchbook Lookbook

11. Chloe Rose Art

This lovely British gal explores art, methods, struggles, materials, and tests and discusses supplies and techniques. She also offers plenty of humor in her videos,testing art hacks or making parodies.

There’s no shortage of collaborations with friends and other channels, as well as humorous takes on listicles, such as “Types of Artists” (And “Types of Artists 2,) “Things They Never Told You About Being an Artist,” “Top 10 Pinterest Art Hacks,” and “Art Advice: How to Not Fail as an Artist.”

She also sprinkles in a hearty amount of challenge-style videos, such as the Style Challenge, Pancake Art Challenge, One Marker Challenge, and more. Chloe explores art hacks and cheap art supplies and products for us to weed out what works and what doesn’t for artists.

An affinity for painting, her art, when featured, tends to be fan-based compositions, colorfully and carefully rendered, showing that there’s a seriously talented artist in this seriously funny woman.

Chloe’s Channel

Recommended Video: 12 Artist Hacks (You Might Not Know)

10. Butch Hartman

Butch Hartman of The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, Tuff Puppy, Bunsen is a Beast, and more? That Butch Hartman?! The answer is, yes! Get to know the man behind these iconic cartoons on his own, amazing YouTube channel.

Butch addresses his “Hartfans” with infectious energy and zest for all things art, cartoon, and comic. On his channel, he hosts a plethora of guest collaborations, popular challenges, tutorials, even the occasional convention vlog.

Each video from this Nickelodeon legend is as fun as you imagine it to be, as Butch draws his own characters in different styles, tries new art products, gives sage advice to young artists, and just generally has a ball creating.

He’s created The Noog Network, an app with games and even more cartoons. In general, Butch is overflowing with creative energy. You should be familiar with his art style by now, so here we get to enjoy seeing it firsthand.

Butch’s Channel

Recommended Video: 100 Layers of Cartoons (ft. Nicktoons: Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, TUFF PUPPY, & Bunsen)

9. Jenna Drawing

Jenna’s art channel shows her great progresses as she continues to hone her skills. In her beloved series, “Draw This Again,” we get to see Jenna improve art she made when she was younger, or even from a year or two ago. This shows the artist in us all that we can and will improve, even after a year.

Heavily based in digital art, she also excels in traditional sketching, sometimes combining the two by digitally coloring a sketch. She also connects with her viewers in her other popular series, “Drawing Your OC’s” (Original Characters).

She tells a backstory while drawing viewer-submitted drawings and/or descriptions of original character concepts, giving reasons as to why the particular character stood out to her. She even expanded on this with drawing viewer’s pets!

Jenna shows great bravery in not only facing but showcasing her old art and boldly pointing out all flaws and/or regrets as she practices to push her artistic skills. Her style typically involves glowy-skinned female portraits in creative environments, as well as speed-paints, art topic discussions, fan art, sketchbook tours, and livestreams.

Jenna’s Channel

Recommended Video: Draw This Again! – RECREATING A CHILDHOOD DRAWING

8. BananaJamana

The art on this bubbly young woman’s channel is best described as “whimsical.” A die-hard Disney fan, (as well as many other fandoms,) BananaJamana, or, as she’s known, Jamie Jo, paints typically larger scale, time lapse paintings with incredible realism and attention to detail.

She’s even been accused of fraud! She is pure talent. And it doesn’t end at her oil and acrylic paintings. Jamie excels at baking and edible decorations.

She’s also a master craftsperson. She offers a wide range of adorable and fun DIY projects on her channel, usually incorporating fandom and/or Disney elements into all of her creations. Oftentimes, she combines astounding realism with a cartoony style.

Her energetic personality, smile, and sweet voice are always welcome in her fun punchy videos. We also get to see Jamie’s softer side when she addresses the hardships of being an artist on YouTube.

Jamie’s Channel

Recommended Video: Giant Cupcake Painting – Original

7. Draw with Jazza

This effervescent Aussie has posted many in-depth tutorials, how-to’s, art advice, and product tests. Jazza shows proficiency in a wide breadth of mediums, such as traditional, digital, and animation, as shown in his avatar in the end-card of his videos.

He also explores virtual reality art. He conquers challenges such as drawing with only highlighters, white-out, an etch-a-sketch, erasers, painting upside-down, timed animation challenges, and more.

He doesn’t stop there, however, adding a hearty dose of sparkling humor to his videos and series, such as the “obnoxious but consistent” Passpartout art game series. An aspect he is well known for, and where his creative talent can shine, are his solid character designs.

Using the app he created, Arty Games, he generates physical and/or personality traits to combine into crazy characters. He also works with other YouTube artists for fun art challenges. He even collaborates somewhat with viewers, as he hosts open monthly art challenges with winners and impressive sponsored prizes.

Advocating that anyone can be an artist, Jazza’s channel displays the perfect mix of professionalism and fun.

Jazza’s Channel

Recommended Videos:

How to SKETCH Like a PRO! – Tools, Tips and Tricks!

Passpartout Series

6. Audra Auclair

Audra’s world is fantasy-based, multi-layered, and full of the richest details. In her vivid, complex art pieces, she displays creative thought, composition, and design. Check out her amazing renditions of human anatomy.  Like her tagline, “Art, Life, Things,” Audra’s videos don’t stop simply at speedpaints and time lapses.

She also speaks out on other creative and non-creative topics such as testing and reviewing art supplies, her favorite art books, (and regular books), inspirations, travel vlogs, tattoos and mental health.

In a calm, even-toned voice, Audra shares her experiences in her own art journey, her inspirations from Studio Ghibli, Japan, other fandoms, and nature, tutorials, advice, workspace and sketchbook tours. She also talks about copying art, her thoughts on art school, body image, becoming an artist, depression, current events, and environmental issues.

Fluent in mixed media, including watercolor, gouache, ink, pencils, and digital art, her surreal, feminine character designs challenges her viewers’ imaginations. If you’re ready to relax and be swept away to an enchanting place, look no further.

Audra’s Channel

Recommended Video: 2017 Sketchbook Tour // Life Drawing, Watercolor, Gouache in my Travelogue Watercolor Journal

5. Magicianbelle

The newest channel on this list, Magicianbelle — aka Charlie Belle, an illustrator — immediately captures viewers with a deeply hypnotic, soothing voice greeting, “hello lovelies.” On her young channel she’s begun showing her sketches, describing her technique, methods, supplies.

She talks about her personal artist story, revealing being bullied in school and not knowing what she wanted to do with art growing up. Her art and inspiration mainly comes in the form of females, figures, and a focus on fashion — a large part of her artistic history — as well as a healthy dose of various fandoms.

Keep an eye out for her art and chats, growing collaborations, art challenges, Q and A’s, and more. The level of professionalism and style are sure to get this artist’s YouTube channel to rise in popularity quickly!

Her peaceful, well-executed videos and the characters she draws delight with wonderfully vivid, monochromatic, organic outlines. True to her channel’s moniker, there’s a touch of magic.

Magicianbelle’s Channel

Recommended Video: My Art Journey | STORYTIME | An Introduction to How It All Started

4. Happy D. Artist

Happy is nothing if not hard-working, faithfully running Patreon, Instagram, Twitter, her website/shop, filling orders, and keeping up her YouTube channel with several running series among her time lapses.

Giving friendly voiceovers to her time lapses, Happy excels not only in rich, impressive oil painting, but also lovely little pencil sketches. Her themes are almost exclusively young, beautiful — usually Asian — characters surrounded by elements of fantasy and nature.

Her super vibrant renditions of Asian portraits incorporate themes of space, flowers, gardens, moths, butterflies, ocean life, or fantasy. She also offers her Patreons the “One Dollar Coloring Challenge,” where, for one dollar, fans can get color illustrations.

She also offers commissions and live streams videos of herself working with insider information, tips, and advice. Her two popular series, the hour-long “Art & Chat” and successful “Studio Sessions” tackle tough subjects such as copyrights, social media, procrastination, art careers, art blocks, nudity in art, and much more.

Happy’s Channel

Recommended Video: How to improve your art || Oil Painting Timelapse

3. Mary Doodles

Mary Doodles is as fun as she sounds. A part-time improv performer as well as the other half of Peas in a Podcast, she brings her lively, humorous personality to not only her videos, but to her whimsical art as well.

Her stylized illustrations are guaranteed to bring a smile; they always hold some small, amusing backstory, twist, or quirk to them. With her angular style, expertise in watercolor, and high attention to detail, composition, and color, Mary delights with epic, multi-shot time lapses and mesmerizing application of inks and watercolors. 

She also offers her “Doodle Bugs” art advice, tutorials, and how-to’s in her series “How to Art” as well as in-depth chats about art in her “In the Studio” series. She occasionally offers live videos with warm voiceovers discussing various art topics and answering fans’ questions.

She’s known for her vast array of different challenge videos such as her “What Will I Draw?” series in which she makes scribbles and lines in crazy ways and creates a full art piece out of them. She also interacts with her audience by inviting viewers to participate, in “Your Art This Month,” (YATM,) where she suggests a monthly theme to create an art piece.

She then shares her own take on the theme and shows a design submitted by a viewer. Her quirky characters display the imaginative goings-on in this seasoned artist’s mind.

Mary’s Channel

Recommended Video: All the Doodle Bugs! – TIMELAPSE DRAWING!

2. Alisa Draws

Alisa, a straightforward, delicate-voiced woman with an adorable accent hosts this relatively young channel. She shows a deliberate style in her illustrative artwork. She is proficient with her materials of choice: watercolor, often with a soft mix of blended color pencils.

She creates both portraits of young women as well as environmental scenes or landscapes. She sometimes combines the two into carefully rendered, layered, atmospheric pieces, reminiscent of Studio Ghibli’s style.

Her charming compositions are included in challenges and methods she does, such as cheap art supplies challenge, “draw this again,” and reviews. In her  time lapses, she also addresses art topics such as theft, jealously, mistakes and critiques.

Bright colors accompany her stylized drawings, full of character and charm. Alisa’s sparkling style stands out among other artists. 

Alisa’s Channel

Recommended Video: Drawing time-lapse + Commentary || INKTOBER – “INK TRADER”

1. Robin Clonts

Besides being a highly talented artist, Robin is as funny as she is skilled. She brings humor to her videos, setting up elaborate sketches intertwined with her advice. She uses her character, Hoodie — her wearing a sweatshirt, hood up — to show the “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” of fine painting.

She less often speedpaints and creates time lapses. Robin focuses more on advice videos, how-to’s, opinions on art school, artist problems, art hacks and challenges. She specializes in painting waves — inspired by her father’s sudden death.

As she recently relocated, she herself is experiencing a change in her style, inspiration, and motivations. She discusses her journey as she explores different mediums and themes.

She’s been experimenting with more quirky compositions in her sketchbook, always keeping the humor cleverly intertwined with sage advice, deep thoughts, and inspirational messages.

Robin’s Channel

Recommended Video: Ways to Fill a Sketchbook | Sketchbook Tour

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