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15 WTF Whisper Confessions

The internet has no doubt become a place for people to let it all hang out. In recent years it has brought us horrible makeup hacks, annoying social media “stars” and most importantly a bunch of “how-to’s” that nobody can master.

The most common thing is it has allowed society to hide behind a keyboard and express their worst fears, worst attitudes and most embarrassing secrets. It has opened a new dialogue when it comes to honesty and not all of it is good. There is this fairly new concept going around on the world wide web called whisper confessions.

These confessions are coming from people who just have to get something off of their chest but, they aren’t ready to tell it to someone’s face. Fortunately for the rest of us, some of these confessions are beyond hilarious and completely mind-blowing it really makes people wonder who would do “something like that.” What would your whisper confession be?

15. Paying For Autographs

Is this what it takes for people to succeed on dates now? There are two main problems wrong who this situation: first, why would anyone think it’s cool to waste $20 asking someone to essentially pretend as though they’re famous? Second, what basic AF girl would fall for something so blatantly ridiculous? She is making women everywhere look bad.

She’s can’t be that dumb, right? It’s kind of crazy that basically anyone can claim they are famous nowadays because they have a couple thousand followers on their social media page. If someone is so eager to throw money away, at least give it to someone who actually needs it like say, a homeless person.

14. Horrible Teacher

This teacher has solidified what many people have speculated about teachers for decades, they are sheer evil. Clearly, she has a lot of time on her hands because anyone who can think up something like this is desperately bored. On the other hand, she is funny, and it makes one assume that maybe teachers can take a joke, they just can’t show it in front of their students.

You know because of the whole being a professional thing. Can you imagine the look on the students faces as she strolls down the aisles cutting farts like nobody’s business? However, one of the real questions people should be asking is what is she eating to be able to cut all those farts? Either she has a constant stomach ache, or her diet consists of beans, beans the musical fruit.

13. Moo Sex

Oh no honey, we all sympathize. Moo-ing during sex, where would that even come from? What could have been going through their mind to think “oh, okay this is the point where I moo”. Did she intend to moo or did it just come out sounding like a moo? There are just so many questions.

Needless to say, she probably never hooked up with that person again or on the other hand they probably just pretended like it didn’t happen. Either way, one thing is for sure, this incident is enough to back away from sex for a solid 3 months at least. When you really think about it, maybe it was that good that all they could do was moo, just saying. iIf you ever need to talk girl, we’re here for you.

12. TMI Teacher

Soooo, where is this teacher now? Is he still teaching? Has he not been charged with something pertaining to endangering children or something similar? Isn’t one of the main duties of a teacher to protect children in addition to teaching them to enhance their future? How is this enhancing their future? How is this not some form of abuse?

This is way too personal to share with STUDENTS. One has to wonder what grade this was because this teacher is crossing so many lines. Also, he is literally stealing milk from his child that’s deranged, no? it’s like a real-life American Horror Story character, are we sure his last name isn’t Thredson?

11. Coke Daddy

One has to assume that child services paid a visit to this home. This incident goes to show people that babies and small children are way more observant than one thinks. They see things that most of the time no one else sees and if you think that you can get away with doing foul things in front of them, think again.

As soon as they learn how to talk they are spilling secrets left, right and center. Do you think mommy filed for divorce from daddy? This whisper confession is perplexing at best, to confess something like this and leave us hanging is crazy.

What happened to the little girl, was the mom secure enough to leave the drug abusing father? or is she just as bad? maybe they are on drugs together? either way, this is not the first or last time an incident like this will come about.

10. Horrible Sister

Don’t be alarmed there are worse whisper confessions than this involving sisters. However, this is definitely a foul AF one. Not only is this one of the most ultimate betrayals, it’s also disgusting. Either she was jealous of her sister and wanted to ruin her happiness, or she is just a straight up dirtbag who makes decisions without thinking.

Either way, no one deserves betrayal like this from a sister, like they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea so, why couldn’t she find her own. What makes this situation worse is that not only is she actively sleeping with her sister’s fiancée she managed to be real loosey, goosy about it and get knocked up. Pregnant is just too good of a work for a chick like this.

9. New Piercing, No Big Deal

Hmm, where to begin here. First, sleeping with random people and justifying it by saying you’re a stripper, basic move. Second, how are you not afraid of any impending diseases? Not only from sleeping with a stranger (who probably didn’t use protection) but also from waking up with new piercings. What did he pierce you with? Is this his profession?

How sanitary was that needle? She needs to take every precaution possible like getting every test known to man done. Then showering like you’ve never showered before (not that it will help much) but a good shower always washes away impending doom in the moment. Just please for every girl around the world, make better decisions. Get your life together.

8. Period Stains

Every girl’s worst nightmare has just been summed up in one whisper confession. Being frightened of a leak is one of the worst feelings ever and it’s a very real fear. The worst part is knowing that when you get up there is going to be something there because one, you’ve been sitting for too long and two, you can, unfortunately, feel it with every single move you make.

How do you think she explained this one? Do you think she was able to leave before the interviewer saw what she left behind? What a horrible experience. Hopefully, she didn’t get the job because how can she show her face around that office again?

7. Ezra And Aria

If anyone reading this is a Pretty Little Liars fan than you know what an Ezra and Aria relationship is. You also know how highly illegal that kind of relationship is. On Pretty Little Liars, Aria and Ezra’s student seducing the teacher relationship is seen as cute and playful.

It is also shown as beating the odds in longevity, however, we all know that in addition to these relationships being illegal, they have a horrible success rate. Mostly because the teacher usually ends up being reprimanded and put behind bars. But, we do have to admit Aria and Ezra did have a pretty cute relationship, too bad they all don’t turn out that way. Good luck boo!

6. The Other Woman

Wow not only is she being a horrible sister she is also being passive aggressive and spiteful. Even if she didn’t leave her underwear in his car on purpose she should be more panicked and embarrassed. She shouldn’t be writing a whisper confession about it on a public forum.

Truthfully, the audience isn’t privy to her relationship with her sister who knows, it could be payback, they could have a horrible relationship where they don’t speak at all. Regardless, it’s shady business she’s keeping up and eventually it will come back to bite her in the butt. No whisper confession will even help her clear her conscious.

5. Bad Breath

First of all, who forgets to brush their teeth? Isn’t it the first thing people do after waking up? Besides using the washroom. And of all days to forget to brush your teeth you forget on a date NIGHT? basically, you had all day to get this done. Come on that’s a basic AF mistake. On to the next mistake they made, using a cologne wow you have a death wish.

It may not actually kill you but that pungent, aromatic smell tastes like some form of poison in your mouth. Okay, it’s understandable that you don’t want to have bad breath in front of the girl you like and in a panicked state of mind you used what you had on hand. However, that’s why it’s always good to keep breath mints or mouthwash around.

4. Side Chick Confessions

Wow is this what you get when you’re a side chick? That’s why it never pays to be a side chick with a heart of gold, you might as well always be in it for the money. Anyone that has a family and is stepping out on his wife is not a good man at all. Hopefully, she learned that being a side chick isn’t worth it and “dating” a married man speaks volumes about that man.

Could we speculate that she has low self-esteem and is slightly stupid for believing that she was being the “good person” by being settling for side chick status and not breaking a family apar instead of finding a single AVAILABLE man? Karma came knocking at her door real quick.

3. Health Insurance

If this isn’t a testament to America’s healthcare system, then what is? People are just getting married now because someone has good health insurance, wow, that’s sad. Well, it’s actually kind of smart seeing the state that the US is in right now people can’t afford medical bills. Some of them can’t even afford to pay for insurance. Could this be a testament of the times?

Well, this can be a good thing for guys, right? All they have to do is make sure they have good health insurance and women will be all over them. Maybe this will be the new dating trend, someone should make a health insurance dating app it will blow up.

2. Honeymoon Confessions

Yikes, how embarrassing. It’s safe to say that after that little slip of the tongue this couple is still married because she refers to him as her husband. But, one has to wonder how happy their marriage is. Admitting that you never wanted to marry your spouse is fighting words, in fact, it’s ground to get your butt whopped.

People say that when you’re drunk you spill all your secrets and true feelings so, her next step should have been to the courthouse for an annulment. Clearly, she chose to stick it out and well, it may be safe to speculate that her marriage is a daily struggle. Mr. “I don’t remember saying that” should thank all the heavens that he is still a married man.

1.Video Games

This has to be one of the craziest confessions ever. There are so many questions, how did she keep it vibrating? What was the outcome? Is this a common thing for her?

WAIT, is this the reason why girls are so into video games (just kidding) the honesty is so real we can’t even fault her, we only have applause for her courage and determination to find more than one use for a video game controller. She should teach a class, she’s probably turned other things into makeshift vibrators.

Just a treasure trove of items that were once boring and now recycled into exciting objects.

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