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15 Insensitive Halloween Costumes That Backfired


15 Insensitive Halloween Costumes That Backfired

It is that time of year again, the spooky month leading up to Halloween. It’s filled with energy of excitement, decor, dress up and horror movie watching. People plan their Halloween parties, buy all their candy and decide what they are going to wear this year.

It is an all around fun vibe, but someone always has to kick things up a notch and pull some undesired stunt. Well, Halloween is no different. Some people wear the worst possible costumes. Maybe they were looking for a laugh or wanted to be controversial, but their poor costume choice left jaws wide open. 

Some of these costumes are offensive and a lot of them were “too soon” after an event or tragedy. Take a look at the following 15 tacky people who didn’t know where to draw the line…

15.  An Anorexic

This is wild that this costume was even put into production! It is essentially a skeleton with a measuring tape made for women. The dress is super short and tight, which is not really good for promoting healthy body image alongside revealing it all so that you need to be thin to wear it.

It makes light of a really serious health issue that kills thousands of people per year. As a trick-or-treater do you think you would get a lot of candy wearing this?

14. Sexy for the girls

Costumes like these are sold by the millions. Anything marketed towards the female sex goes hand in hand with a sexy image. You can be a “sexy garbage truck,” “a sexy witch,” “a sexy doctor” etc. Girls are not expected to go as anything scary, rather show skin and wear short and tight attire.

Keep in mind that this type of marketing rarely targets men. Here is an example of the child cartoons minions and just how sexy you can be dressed as one this Halloween. 

13. Walter Palmer, the lion killer

How could anyone ever forget the dentist who ruined his life by killing Cecil the lion?! This disgusting costume portrays him holding a bloody lion head. Cecil the lion was being tracked for an Oxford study and was a main attraction in Zimbabwe, where he lived. Walter Palmer decided to kill the lion on his big game hunting trip.

The lion suffered for 40 hours from the initial wound before dying. The entire story is despicable and Palmer got away with the horrible act with no punishment. The world erupted in backlash. Here is a tasteless costume poking fun at the horrible and unjust death of an innocent, beautiful animal. 

12. Ahmed Mohamed

Because we pretty much have all lost faith in humanity, it does not surprise us that manufacturers would poke fun at this poor guy. Ahmed Mohamed was a 14-year-old teenager who got arrested at his local Texan high school for allegedly bringing a fake bomb to school.

He actually had reconstructed a digital clock at home and was bringing it in to show his teachers. He was racially profiled and after being questioned, arrested. He even had his mugshot taken. he was finally released and declared innocent. Here is a tasteless costume of this poor child to defame his character just a little bit more. 

11. Kim Jong Imitation

Anything goes when it comes to selling costumes for Halloween it seems. Some creators decided to poke fun at the whole end of the world thing because why not!? This costume resembles the North Korean dictator holding a rocket. It’s made for a baby to top it all off — which just screams tacky.

I guess if the end of the world is coming, the creators found that laughter would be the best medicine. Yikes!

10. Homeless

Some people may think that they are getting creative when coming up with something to wear. Dressing up like someone who is homeless makes you look like a jerk. Poking fun at someone who is struggling in their life is not funny or cute.

This costume portrays a dirty and poor human begging. Imagine if you were in a homeless situation, would the costume be a hit? This is definitely tacky. Yet, it’s a popular look on Halloween and done in many different ways. 

9. Caitlin Jenner

This costume isn’t too bad, but it isn’t great. It imitates Jenner when she was transitioning and came out as she posed on the cover of Vanity Fair. Everyone seems to be offended by anything big or small these days. It can be seen as shocking to see the outfit on a man.

Nowadays, transgender people have a big support system. It is an iconic costume that depicts an event in history, but it can still make certain people uneasy if they are not too comfortable with diversity.

8. Twin towers

This person has a lot of guts to wear something like this. 9/11 was a day that changed the lives of many forever. There were so many deaths and loved ones lost that it was no joking matter.

These kinds of costumes lack sensitivity and respect for those who died and who were affected by the day. As the years go by, it still is never forgotten. There is no doubt that this costume offended anyone who saw it. This costume crashed and burn, just like it shows. 

7. Boston bombing

Wow, there is such a thing as too soon and there is such a thing inappropriate. This girl wore this getup to her office party! It is so unprofessional and offensive. People lost limbs and died and she has the audacity to poke fun at it. There is nothing funny about terrorism or this costume. Epic fail on her part; better luck next year!

6. Chris Brown & Rihanna

When news struck that Brown actually literally struck pop star Rihanna, the world watched. The pictures of her black and blue face were horrifying and the realities of domestic abuse were given a bright spotlight for the world to see.

Thankfully, she has moved on past that dark time in her life and so has Chris. That year, many duos decided to dress like the pair. We never know who is facing troubles behind closed doors. Making lighthearted jokes about a very serious and scary issue is no laughing matter — even if it is Halloween. 

5. Hitler

Now this is one scary costume! Why you would want to dress like this or even buy a costume like this for a kid is questionable. Unfortunately, there are still Hitler supporters who believe in his message and carry on his legacy today.

This costume brings to light all the horrible things that happened because of him. It reminds us all of the blatant racism and barbaric policies this man created and the horrid consequences. The costume is shocking, unacceptable and disgusting. 

4. A terrorist

Considering how much violence has been happening around the world lately, dressing up like a terrorist is so tacky. Terrorists can be any race,religion or sex, and we have seen examples of this especially as of late.

Terrorists are responsible for countless deaths and create fear and hate wherever they strike. It a costume that has no part in our society today and should never be taken lightly or joked about. 

3. Robbed Kim Kardashian

This costume went over the line when it was released to poke fun at the trouble Kim Kardashian faced. She was held at gunpoint in her hotel room in France, tied up and gagged in a bathtub. She was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry and was unsure if she would be killed.

Thankfully, she made it out of the ordeal alive, but suffered post-traumatic stress because of it. Reportedly, she saw that this costume being released last year and said that it was despicable. 

2. Blackface

It seems like a simple concept just does not go through with certain people. Blackface is not acceptable! Period. It is offensive and down right rude. You can dress up all you want but physically painting your skin a different color just draws attention to the fact that racism is a huge issue and no lines are left uncrossed.

Leave the color of your skin out of the picture if you are choosing to dress up. The same thing goes with Native American headdresses or dressing up like a Mexican!

1. Trump’s wall

Out of the long list of craziness that Trump has brought to this world since he was elected President, the wall has definitely got to be one of the most insane. Trump proclaimed he would build a wall to keep out Mexicans from the US.

Costumes can be anything nowadays and it seems like we have seen it all. The option to be a wall is available for you if you want to commemorating one of Trump’s best *ahem* moments. And if you have really poor taste or judgement!

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