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15 Unforgettable Super Bowl Moments

The National Football League’s Super Bowl has become an extravaganza. The champions of the NFC and the AFC face off in the big game, bur first they must survive the intense media coverage. On Super Bowl Sunday 100 million people around the world huddle in front of their televisions to watch the spectacle which includes commercials that cost a fortune to air. There have been many unforgettable Super Bowl moments including “The Tackle” in the Rams-Titans matchup and Janet Jackson’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” during her halftime show. Super Bowl LII between the Eagles and the Patriots is sure to have its share of unforgettable moments for fans to enjoy.

15. Silence of the Lambert

Famed Pittsburg Steelers linebacker jack Lambert did his talking on the field and Super Bowl X against the Dallas Cowboys was no exception. The Steeler’s kicker hadn’t been having a good day and after one of his misses Cowboys safety Cliff Harris patted him on the head. Lambert took exception to this disrespectful treatment of his teammate and decided to act. He grabbed Harris and threw him to the ground. This decisive act inspired the Steelers who mounted a comeback and went on to a 21-7 Super Bowl victory.

14. Run, Hester Run

The game couldn’t have started any better for the Chicago Bears when Devin Hester ran back the opening kick off for a touch down. The Bears and their fans must have thought they had the Indianapolis Colts right where they wanted them. Unfortunately the 92 yard run was the high point for the Bears in Super Bowl XLI. Future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning led the Colts to a convincing 29-17 win.

13. Use Your Head

David Tyree’s  clutch 32 yard play is known as “The Helmet Catch.” Although the Giant’s receiver was well covered by the Patriot’s defender Elie Manning threw the pass up where only Tyree could get it. He hauled it in with one hand and his helmet and the impressive catch stunned the crowd. The catch came at a pivotal time in the game and helped the Giants lock up a 17-14 win in Super Bowl XLII against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

12. Steeling a Touchdown

James Harrison will be playing in Super Bowl LII with the Patriots when they take on the Philadelphia Eagles. But before he was a Patriot he was one of the Steeler’s all-time best defensive players. He solidified his legacy in Pittsburg during Super Bowl XLII when he intercepted a pass on the two yard line from the Arizona Cardinal’s quarterback Kurt Warner. With the help of some key blocks Harrison ran the ball back 100 yards for a touchdown. Harrison was completely spent after his unforgettable run, but it helped his team triumph in the Super Bowl.

11. Darkness Falls

The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers expected adversity during the big game, but the power outage during Super Bowl XLVII was an unexpected wrinkle. The Superdome in New Orleans was plunged into darkness for more than a half-hour during the third quarter leaving players and fans to wonder what had gone wrong. The problem wasn’t serious, but the system did need to be restarted. When play resumed the 49ers tried to take advantage and fighting their way back from a 22 point deficit. But it wasn’t quite enough and the Ravens were able to hold on to win 34-31.

10. The Butler Did it

The Seahawks were down at the Patriot’s goal line and it looked like they were about to score and take the lead with only seconds left. The Patriot’s corner back Malcolm Butler snatched the Seahawk’s hopes right out of the air when he intercepted a Russell Wilson pass. Butler had not been well known even by Patriots fans, but this play changed that. This amazing play effectively ended the Seahawk’s chances and the Patriots held on to win Super Bowl XLIX.

9. Nipped in the Bud

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake are both accomplished performers, but it isn’t their singing that people remember from the Super Bowl XXXVIII  half-time show. They remember Janet Jackson’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” that revealed part of one of her breasts to the world. Whether the incident was a mishap or a stunt has been hotly debated, but there is no doubt it surprised fans and embarrassed the NFL. Justin Timberlake was invited back to perform at Super Bowl LII. Janet Jackson has yet to be invited back, but the NFL denies she is banned.

8. Remember the Tackle

Football is a game of inches as the above photograph clearly shows. Rams linebacker Mike Jones made this game-saving play that has become known as “The Tackle.” Kevin Dyson, the Titan’s receiver made a tremendous effort to get the ball over the goal line, but Jones’ equally tremendous effort preserved the Ram’s 23-16 lead. With time expiring “The Tackle” allowed the Rams to hold on and win Super Bowl XXXIV.

7. A Kick in the Pants

Before kicker Adam Vinatieri had a great career with the Colts he had a great career with the Patriots. It’s easy to scapegoat a kicker when they miss a clutch attempt, and crown them as a hero when they come through. Vintieri is one of the most reliable kickers in NFL history and stepped up like a champion when the Patriots needed him most. He showcased his elite skills when he made a 48-yard field goal kick to beat the highly favored Rams 20-17 in Super Bowl XXXVI.

6. Joe Strike’s Gold

Joe Montana was the definition of cool under pressure when he played quarterback for the San Fransisco 49ers. One of his unforgettable plays came in Super Bowl XXIII with the 49ers down to the Bengals with time ticking down. Montana drove his team down to the ten yard line only 34 seconds left. This was more than enough time for Montana to throw a strike to receiver John Taylor in the end zone and secure another Super Bowl win.

5. Silver Streak

The Raider’s running back Marcus Allen ran for 191 yards on 20 carries in Super Bowl XVIII. This was a great performance against the defending Super Bowl champion Redskins, but this wasn’t enough for Allen. His unforgettable moment came when he ran for a 74-yard touch down. Allen’s run proved to be the icing on the cake in the Raider’s 38-9 blow out victory. Although he ended his career after playing several seasons with the Chiefs, Allen will always be an unforgettable part of Raider lore.

4. Saints March to Victory

 Peyton Manning was supposed to be the biggest star of Super Bowl XLIV, but somebody forgot to tell the New Orleans Saints about this. Saints defensive back Tracy Porter flipped the script and changed the course of the game. Manning was driving the Colts down the fielder what looked like a certain score when Porter intercepted a pass and ran it back for a 74-yard touch down. The Colts never recovered from this unforgettable turn of events and the Saints went on to win the Super Bowl 31-17.

3. U2 Tribute to 9/11 Victims

Many people remember Adam Vinatieri’s 48-yard kick as the highlight of Super Bowl XXXVI, but the halftime show had its own unforgettable moment. U2 played in 2002 and made the most of their post 9/11 appearance. The band rocked out to some of their greatest tunes as the names of the victims scrolled on the giant screen behind them. Most Halftime shows are entertaining enough to fill time, but U2’s performance was a fitting tribute to the victims and an unforgettable Super Bowl moment.

2. The Crown Jules

The Patriots were down 8 points with only 2:28 left on the clock when Julian Edelman made a phenomenal catch that kept his team’s hopes of a comeback alive. Three Falcons tried to make a play on the ball as it seemed to hang suspended in the air. It looked as though the ball would be intercepted or merely fall to the turf, but Edelman snatched it out of the air. The Patriots finished the drive with a touch down and a two point conversion to tie the game. Despite being ahead 21-3 at halftime the Falcons couldn’t hold onto their lead and the Patriots went on to win Super Bowl LI 34-28.

1. The Guarantee

Football players don’t guarantee victory, but that’s exactly what  New York Jets quarterback did before the big game against the Baltimore Colts. Heading into Super Bowl III the Colts were favored to win by 18 points so Namath was definitely the underdog when he said, “We’re going to win Sunday. I guarantee it.” He admitted later that it was more of an off the cuff remark than a planned statement, but he was confident he could beat the Colts. His brash words would have been long forgotten except that Broadway Joe made good on his promise delivering a stunning 16-7 Super Bowl win.

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