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15 Reactions to Donald Trump

There is no doubt that you have heard the outrage that Donald Trump’s presidency has caused since being elected. At first, nobody really took it too seriously, until he started started to show signs of possibly winning. The unthinkable actually happened, and the celebrity became president to most of our disbelief. With anything, it is important to keep an open mind, so giving Trumpster the benefit of the doubt was the respectable thing to do. Perhaps he could actually do an amazing job and actually create the changes that needed to be made in order to improve the country. 

As more and more time went by, Trump’s behavior, actions and overall attitude seemed to get more outlandish and extreme, and not in a positive way. He is anything but humble and believes that anything and everything he does is great. When he is not creating walls or threatening nuclear war, he can be found sounding off on his Twitter account. His tweets go viral and get the country talking. Let’s take a look at some of the best Twitter reactions to Mr. President…

15. Global Warming

This has got to be one of the most insensitive and aggravating tweets this jerk has yet to post. He not only believes that Global Warming is untrue, but mocks it. The fact that a cast member of Jersey Shore had to attempt to educate him a little, speaks volumes. Vinny Guadagnino replies: `I think climate change is more complex than global warming will make it hotter. It has to do with disruptions of atmospheric conditions,ocean patterns, jet streams and shit like that.`

14. Deactivated

Trump’s Twitter account was actually deactivated on November 2nd, 2017 for a brief moment in time. Twitter exploded with jokes and rejoiced at this, then unfortunately, he returned. People wished that whoever deactivated his account, could possibly deactivate his presidency also. 

13. On both sides

Violence occurred in Charlottesville, Virgina stemmed from a Neo Nazi rallied shook the nation. It was shocking to see how open and present racism is today and especially to know that Neo Nazi rallies are actually going on in our own backyard. You would think the president in 2017 would be outraged and totally against this horrible behavior. No, that is not the reaction you get from Trump, he went on to blame `both sides` for the travesties that happened. This statement disgusted many and Twitter was quick to comment against the blatant racism. 

12. Travel ban

When Trump spoke about making a travel ban that included most Muslim countries, the world got mad, yet again. The countries included in this were: Chad, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea and Venezuela. He was defended as doing this to ensure national protection and entirely nothing to do with the Muslim religion. People of the world hashtaged together insisted they were good people, regardless of whatever nonsense came out of the president`s mouth. 

11. US Army

When Trump tweeted out: `Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart…` Mindy Kaling tweeted a meme of her airhead character Kelly from The Office with the caption saying: `You guys, I`m like really smart now, you don`t even know.` The US Army actually `liked` then disliked the tweet, once many people saw this. 

10. Nuclear bomb

One of the most recent and intense tweets fired off was in regards to Kim Jong Un and a nuclear bomb. Trump says: `North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!` He needs to remember that these tweets are actual threats and he should really think before sitting down and typing just anything. This is a game of who is bigger and badder, and it is endangering innocent lives. 

9. Winning the election

There were mixed emotions when Trump actually won the presidency. Disbelief, shock, anger and sadness were among the top reactions from the general public. Whether people liked it or not, he was the result. He was in the big chair calling the shots for the country and nobody could do too much. Since then, there has been talk about having him impeached, but no actions have been taken so far that have resulted in him being stripped of the president title. 

8. Christmas decor

Nothing is off limits when it comes to judging and mocking the Trumps. The First Lady, Melania Trump was in charge of the White House Christmas decor. Instead of going to the jolly and merry classic decor ideas, her decor looked more like a nightmare scene from a scary movie. Twitter wasted no time in making a few jokes about the not so White House, Christmas 2017. 

7. Mistaken mass shooting

On November 14, 2017 Trump sent out a condolence tweet in reaction to the mass shooting that occurred in in California. He confused the shooting with a shooting that occured in Texas. A gunman killed four people when he shot up an elementary school. The fact that the president cannot keep track of which shooting is where, speaks volumes. There are that many going on, that it becomes routine to send your prayers and condolences, then another shooting happens the following week. Very disturbing and very wrong. 

6. Time Magazine

This tweet can easily make you roll your eyes at the arrogance and entitled mind frame the president has. He was upset with Time magazine for apparently notifying him that he may be person of the year, to which he declined, because of the `may` factor. Time was quick to fire back and respond with: `The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6.`

5. Fake news

You may have heard the term fake news by now. Since his election, Trump has been adamant that many networks and news sources report whatever they want and distort the truth. He calls these networks fake news and the only truths are the words coming from his mouth directly. He even jokes about the fact that there is so much false reporting. Some reactions include Patrick Monahan`s : `We’re receiving reports the President posted something shitty and/or stupid. More on this as it develops`.

4. Covfefe

This tweet was actually done by accident, but had the world reacting in laughter. He originally started the tweet of in a serious manner, then it took a turn accidentally. Trump says:` Despite the constant negative press covfefe.` People could not resist joking, including Hillary Clinton saying: “People in cofveve houses shouldn`t throw covfefe”

3. First Lady`s portrait

The internet erupted when the portrait of Melania Trump was released. It looks more of a modelling shot, than it does an official presidential family portrait. She showcases her giant diamond ring as well and stresses that she cannot wait to serve the American people. Some people even put Photoshop in the photo to really get a kick out of it. 

2. Omarosa`s departure

You would think this term is a sequel to Celebrity Apprentice staring Donald Trump. His old cast mate Omarosa took a job in the White House since Trump`s term began. She was assigned as Director of Communications and nobody really knew what she actually did. People literally were laughing on news channels reporting this. 

1. Consensual

It is no surprise that Trump is not the sharpest crayon in the box. He manages to confuse and mix up words, much like his daughter Ivanka. His most recent mix up was with the word consensual. When Trump saw the mistake, he was quick to delete it. Twitter followers were quick to spot the mistake and then the tweets started to roll in. 

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