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15 TV Shows You’re Missing Out On

There are so many TV shows out there it is impossible to keep up with all of them. Especially shows that fly under the radar. It’s always fun to stumble upon a gem. You get to introduce it to other people it’s even better when they are amazing enough to get a season two. It’s easy to see why there are so many shows out there that no one is talking about.

After all, there are only so many critics.

So, guess what? We did the research for you. While this list is only offering up a few good options there are so much more out there for you to explore.

15. Witless

First of all, it’s British. Who doesn’t love a good British show? After witnessing a gang shooting, two friends and roommates are given new identities and placed into the witness protection program. The friends find themselves living in a crappy not to mention dirty AF flat in Swindon. They are being hunted by a pair of strikingly young-looking hitmen.

This show will literally make you laugh out loud. It’s surprising that more people have not caught on to the genius of this show. It’s not only funny but it has a bit of thrill to it as well. You really can’t go wrong, knowing British comedies it will probably last maybe one or 2 more seasons. They always know when to end a show in its prime.

14. Good Girls Revolt

Good Girls Revolt is kind of like Mad Men only it focuses on women. It follows a group of ladies who work at a magazine in the late 60s. The cast includes Anna Camp, Joy Bryant and Grace Gummer (who plays Nora Ephron). It had a little bit of buzz around it. Most Amazon shows do but there hasn’t been a second season and the show began in 2015.

The little talked about show is definitely one many women can relate to even now. Who doesn’t love watching a bunch of bad ass chicks take charge? Especially during a time where they were being told that being a housewife should be the epitome of their lives.

Hopefully, season two takes places. If it does here’s to hoping there will be a lot more buzz around it.

13. The Knick

If you love gritty, bloody medical dramas then you’ll love The Knick. Yes, there are other medical dramas but are they set at the beginning of the 20h century? Do they have more bloody action than romance drama? Are they about a doctor who is so brilliant yet, a complete drug addict?

The Knick is so much more than a medical drama. It also focuses on how some of the amazing medical tools still used today were invented.

The Knick shows the ugly side of racism and medicine and the disgusting side of diseases like syphilis. It has a decent following but not many people talk about it. The show has been on for two seasons but Cinemax officially canceled it before season 3 could be commissioned.

12. The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience is based off the 2009 film of the same name. This time it’s an anthology. Season one stars Riley Keough. Her character becomes an escort to balance her internship and life as a financially strapped law student. Who doesn’t want to know what the life of a high-end escort looks like?

Like the movie, Steven Soderbergh serves executive producer on the show. That should be reason alone to jump on this — all of his other productions have been great. It’s interesting this show doesn’t have a bigger following. Normally, everyone wants to be the first person to talk about the new Soderbergh.

11. The Night Of

Not only is this James Gandolfini’s passion project but it’s also really good — like on edge-of-your-seat good. The Night Of is an HBO limited series that follows a young Pakistani-American man who parties with a young, rich white woman. The next morning, he wakes up to find her stabbed to death in her bed.

The show is slow-paced with twists and surprises and an atypical ending. It got some decent reviews when it premiered. Then it disappeared off everyone’s radar.

But since all of the episodes are now available on HBO Go, this is the perfect time to binge. Binging usually drums up more conversation. The cast is also one to rave about. John Turturro may be the most popular star, but the performances from Riz Ahmed and Sofia Black-D’Elia are powerful.

10. Red Oaks

A coming of age story, Red Oaks focuses on a young college student in the 80s. He comes home for the summer and gets a job at the prestigious Red Oaks country club as a tennis pro. It is an Amazon Studio show and let’s be honest they do know how to make a good show.

Not many people know about it, which could be the reason why it’s heading into its third and final season. However, on the plus side, it stars Paul Reiser and Gina Gershon and it only has 10 episodes per season. You can knock that out over a weekend. 

9. Channel Zero

Channel Zero is the new Twilight Zone. If you enjoy a good scare and not being able to sleep, then Channel Zero is probably something you would be into. It only has one season so far but its so good it has already been renewed for season 2 to 4.

Ever since American Horror Story started, there has been a surge of anthologies. They normally focus on scaring the hell out of people. We can’t complain; we love a good scare.

If you like that skin-crawling feeling, watch the first season. You will become obsessed. It’s a wonder that not more people want to brag about watching this show. Then again, they could be too scared to repeat what they saw.

8. Dice

Showtime has already ordered a second season of this comedy driven show, so that means you are already behind. Dice is about Andrew Dice Clay, yes that Andrew Dice Clay. The famous, foul-mouthed comedian who was popular in the late 80s, early 90s.

The show comes off somewhat autobiographical, focusing on Dice as he tries to revive the fame he once enjoyed some twenty-something years ago. This time he is partnered with the hilarious Natasha Leggero who plays his wife. It offers a funny, truthful take on what life is like for a washed up comedian who only wants and knows how to be a comedian.

At times, it can even be heartwarming. Dice is also offered on a number of streaming services like Hulu, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon. It’s not widely talked about but it’s definitely a show you want to jump on.

7. Ash vs. Evil Dead

One would assume that Ash vs. Evil Dead would have more of a following that wouldn’t stop talking about it. Clearly, we are wrong but they do have enough of a following to keep it on TV. If the name sounds familiar it’s because it’s based off the Evil Dead Films (well to be technical only the first 2 Evil Dead films).

Let’s get real here, it’s a big deal for the original actor from such a popular franchise to reprise his role in a TV show. More people should be talking about that coolness alone but they aren’t. It seems like Ash vs Evil Dead is a bit underrated. People were excited in the beginning but now it seems like just another show to keep up with.

6. Survivors Remorse

Survivors Remorse follows two cousins who have finally made something of themselves after growing up in a rough neighborhood in Boston. However, now, they struggle with what comes with success. Reaping the “rewards” of having money and fame and sometimes feeling  remorse for making it out alive while others didn’t.

This show is authentic to what it is like to have a sudden surge of money and what comes along afterward. Having to deal with family members who feel they are owed. Ultimately, the trouble comes from not knowing how to properly manage your money.

It’s an easy watch and has a great mix of dark comedy and drama. Plus it’s been on for four seasons now, so they must be doing something right.

5. Travelers

Compared to the other shows on this list, Travelers is more popular yet, still not widely talked about. It stars Eric McCormack and focuses on a group of humans hundreds of years in the future. They send their consciousness back in time to the 21st century in order to save humanity from a terrible future.

Whew, that’s a mouthful that’s how you know this show is strong, complex. The pilot has a number of entangling storylines and keeps you wondering until maybe 10 minutes to the end. What they do with the host bodies are interesting to see. Maybe  there will be a stronger following by season 2. Season one is officially up on Netflix so jump on it quick.

You can be one of those people who can say they were a fan from the beginning.

4. Quarry

Hitmen in the 70’s — are you interested yet? Quarry follows the story of a veteran who returns home from the Vietnam War. He quickly realizes that he has no support. A shady man offers him work when no else will — only he has to kill people. He sure has the skills for it.

It began in 2016 and is currently on hiatus until season 2 so there is time to catch up. It’s a bit surprising that no one is talking about it more. It has a cast of virtually unknown actors, which makes it even better. You are able to take it in for what it is and not who is in it. It’s a Cinemax show but produced by HBO so if you’re an HBO snob, there you go.

3. Power

Power is a show about a night club owner who has a seemingly normal business. It’s actually a cover for a lucrative drug business. The hot show comes from the mind of rapper 50 Cent. From the beginning, it drummed up a decent amount of exposure. But lately, it seems like one would only know about this show if they did optimal research.

Like typing in particular keywords in your search engine. It has been able to maintain a steady following. However, a lot of people are missing out on the very interesting life of main character Ghost. It’s only 4 seasons deep right now. It’s already being renewed for season 5 well into 2018.

2. The Missing

The Missing is a show for you if you love a good murder-mystery story. It began in 2014 with 2 seasons so far. Season one follows the story of parents desperately searching for their child who goes missing while on a European vacation. Season two gets more intense when a young woman who was abducted returns home alive and somewhat well.

Wait, how is no one talking about this show? It sounds so intense and if you are worried about not knowing the cast who cares. It is a Starz show — when was the last time you watched something you absolutely, completely regretted on Starz? They always seem to be on the cusp of great programming. They just don’t get enough attention from it.

1. Guerilla

Guerilla is a mini series that started in April 2017 and ended mid-May. The show focused on a group of activist in 1970s London who plan to free a political prisoner. However, as one would assume, things don’t always go as planned. It starred heavy hitters like Idris Elba and Freida Pinto. While the show received great reviews no one really talks about it.

It had a home on Showtime. This would usually drum up a lot of attention but, this show seems to miss the shine almost every time. It’s one of those cases where you either know it or you don’t. The show blends bad ass characters and the excitement of the 70s. Guerilla is one show you should check out.

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