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15 Tips to Surviving Your 20s


15 Tips to Surviving Your 20s

Your 20s are one of the best decades of your life, it is a time to experience anything and everything. It`s a time you learn so much about yourself, others and life in general. Although you may not realize at the time, you are like a sponge just absorbing all that is around you. 

A lot of people do not realize how special a time it is to be in your 20s. Once they reach the dreaded 29 year old mark, they sometimes start to freak out and feel like they are suddenly really old. It is like that with each passing decade, the older, the wiser you get. Whether you have already stepped to the other side or are currently smack in the middle of it, here are the 15 things you will most likely experience when in your 20s…

15. Having an unclear direction

Not knowing exactly what you want to be when you grow up or what degree to major in are really normal things to have happen. Wanting to take a year to travel and explore the world does not mean you have no direction either. Your 20s is the time to explore as much as you can so that some sort of direction falls into place in your life that reflects what you love. So don`t worry about not having it all figured out just yet. 

14. Travelling is everything

The more you travel, the more actual knowledge you have about the world. There is never just one way of living. Life is more than going to work from 9 to 5 until you die. Travelling allows you to experience other cultures and learn hands on more than you would from reading a book. You can see amazing sights and experience wonderful ways of living. Travelling will always have a positive impact in your life and help mold and shape who you are as you continue to age. 

13. Be kind to one another

Kindness never goes out of style, no matter what age. Taking the time to get to know the story and lives of those around you is important. We never know who is battling what, so it is important to be kind. It goes a long way and can truly change the lives of others, even if you had no idea the impact your kindness makes. 

12. Your friendships will fail

A hard lesson to learn is realizing that some of the lifelong friendships you thought would last forever, really don’t. As you get older, usually you weed out who is truly good for you and a solid friend, rather than stockpile acquaintances that you don’t even really care for in the long run too much. If you have friends who have stuck by you through the thick and thin and have never stabbed you in the back, hang on to them, they are the ones worth keeping. 

11. Comparison is your worst enemy

It is so easy to compare yourself to those around you. The grass always seems greener on the other side – sometimes. The quicker you learn to be satisfied and happy with yourself regardless of what others around you have or are doing with their lives, the better you will be. It is a never ending battle that you will never win if you compare yourself to others, because you are all that matters in the end for your happiness. 

10. The value of work

Many of us spend most of our lives working, so it is very important to love what you do. Valuing the hard work that you do fulfills you inside knowing that you are accomplishing things throughout the day. Consistently improving at your job or getting closer towards your goals has a positive impact on your mental and emotional well being. 

9. You can learn a lot from your parents

Believe it or not, this is something that you will only realize when you get older. You are still young in your 20s and you can not necessarily relate to an older generation, especially your parents. You will begin to understand why they told you the things they did, mentored you and acted the way they did when you were 20. There is method to their madness, that you will only understand as the clock goes tick tock. 

8. Life does not go as planned

If you are trying to map out your every move to happen at an exact time, you can forget about it. Life is known to throw us all curve balls, especially when we least expect it coming. An element of going with the flow needs to emerge because you will go absolutely crazy trying to control every little thing. Life is bigger than we are and we need to adapt to the changes and shocks that come our way, whether we asked for it or not. 

7. Don`t stay in something that makes you unhappy everyday

It is so important to realize how precious your time is. Wasting your days with worry, anger or tears is no way to live your life. You are not guaranteed every day, so any day spent staying caught in something that makes you miserable is hurting you more than you know. Life should be enjoyed and if something is bringing you down more than lifting you up, you know what you need to do. 

6. Try something new all the time

The more you experience, the better. Do not pass up the opportunity to jump into things that may make you a little frightened or nervous. Experiencing new foods, new sports, countries, people, anything that is out of your norm will benefit you in the long run. Once you have braved something that you are not so sure about, you always have a sense of pride that you went ahead and did it. Your 20s should not be a time to be too safe, so step outside the lines a little bit. 

5. Trust your gut

As much as you can be wild and crazy, the most important thing and life long lesson should be to always follow your gut. At whatever age, you should never ignore that feeling you get when you know something is really off, or that you are so, so sure of. Your gut is never wrong and the sooner you realize never to ignore it, the better. 

4. Find your passions and follow them 

It may take a life long in order to discover where your true passions really lay. If you are lucky enough to find the people or things that make your heart beat fast and bring a smile into your house, then you have lucked out. Always pursue what drives your soul, make constant effort to live doing what it is that makes you fulfilled. Passions should never be underrated. 

3. Your views are going to change 

What you think in your 20s may certainly not be the same years later or before, obviously. The more experiences that you have will shape your opinions, attitudes and behaviors towards almost everything. If you are extremely adamant that your opinion is right and will never alter, do not be so sure about that. A constantly evolving mind is a healthy mind, so don`t be so shy to be open minded. 

2. Don`t make rushed decisions

Doing anything rushed, never ends well. Replying to situations or people when angry or not giving enough time to think about your actions can impact relationships negatively forever. Life is not a race, so understanding that you can take your time with people, things or situations is beneficial to know in your 20s, despite feeling like you need to go, go, go! 

1. Life will never be 100% perfect

The sooner you realize that at whatever age you are, your life will never be 100% perfect, nobody`s is. There will always be things that can improve and things that you can not change. Accepting where you are and what you can do in order to improve yourself or situation is amazing to know. Control what you can and appreciate everything that you have, because life is pretty great, at any age! 

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