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15 Times Rihanna Was A Boss

For years people have underestimated Rihanna, believing she is just a singer who will probably fall off after a few years of hits. However, it’s been a little over a decade since she made a her first splash in the music world. Her presence is one that can’t be denied. What fans love most about Rihanna is her no nonsense attitude and her relatable presence. She does things on a daily basis that has fans liking, retweeting and blogging. She has earned a reputation of being a boss. Whether she is shutting down haters, making coin, or partying like it’s no one’s business. She is doing whatever she wants and could care less about how it will affect others or what their opinion will be. RiRi is living for herself and she isn’t apologizing for it. This has lead to fans believing that she is a boss chick; over the years she has made moves to become the queen of her own castle. Here is a list of just a few of those moves.

15. She Reps Her Culture No Matter What

Rihanna is an island girl through and through. She was born and raised in Barbados and every year, god willing, she celebrates Carnival. Not only does she go to Carnival, she actually participates in the festivities; she dresses up, marches in the parade, and dances on the floats. Basically, everything you would do when you are proud and love a good time. Carnival is something that is celebrated on all the Caribbean islands and then some. Each one has their own time to celebrate and they encourage people from around the world to celebrate with them. Even a few countries like Canada have their own yearly Carnival to appease their growing Caribbean transplants. Watching RiRi celebrate carnival is touching.

14. She Kills The No Makeup Movement

Rihanna isn’t afraid to show her true self, meaning she won’t hesitate to step foot outside her house without a lick of makeup on. The singer knows how to embrace her natural beauty and thankfully for her, she has great skin, beautiful eyes and she glows naturally. Her social media pages are filled with a healthy mix of glam and natural. It’s nice to see a celeb who isn’t afraid to post a fresh-faced picture without adding a LONG message to the post explaining why they feel the need to do it. She is no BS and she will put you in your place if you have anything negative to say about it.

13. She Embraces Being Single

Badgal RiRi is the queen of single-dom. Paparazzi have hassled her for years since her relationship ended with Chris Brown. Accusing her of dating every guy she is pictured with and trying to force her to put a label on her relationship with Drake. However, she is famously single and truthfully, she shouldn’t have to explain to anyone why she chooses to do what she does. She’s freaking Rihanna for Christ sake. Like any single girl. she mingles and has fun with whomever she pleases. One would assume that after the Chris Brown debacle, not only is she a little bit gun shy but she also realized that there is more to life than your relationship status. Plus, she’s a busy girl; she’s building her empire just like big brother Jay Z.

12. She Collabs With Unlikely Musicians

Her music has evolved since her first hit single, Pon The Replay. Rihanna has changed and part of her change is exploring different sounds and collaborating with musicians of different genres. Her albums in the past have had collaborations with Slash of Guns and Roses and Coldplay.  She also had a dance heavy moment where she collaborated with Calvin Harris. She has even had the opportunity to make a very popular song, FourFiveSeconds, with Kanye West and PAUL MCCARTNEY. One thing you have to admit about the singer is that she isn’t afraid to change stuff up; whether it be debuting a new look or sound, she is one that takes risks. This could be why she is so successful and her career has such longevity.

11. She’s Chill AF

Rihanna’s social media pages are chalked full of photos of her being chill AF. She always looks like she is enjoying life like when she posts pictures of her and her childhood best friend being silly. Or when she is being the best big sister in the world and hanging out with her younger brother #rolemodel. Rihanna just always seems to not have a care in the world. Being a celebrity can bring on immense stress so it’s nice to see a celeb who has good work/life balance. She isn’t overexposed even though she is always in the media. Rihanna is also 420 friendly, so, truthfully that could contribute to her chill demeanor. Also, being an island girl, the pace of life down there is easy going and relaxing. Ultimately, it’s probably just in her genes.

10. She Runs A Fashion And Beauty House

Besides being a musician, Rihanna has transformed her career into so much more. She has made a name for herself in the fashion and beauty world. Rihanna has collaborated with companies like Puma and designed for big wigs like Manolo Blahnik. She has even begun to design jewelry. All of this work is being done under her own fashion and beauty house called Haus Of Rihanna. The line has everything from shoes, clothes, a university clothing line (because we are all over those basic tees and sweaters). She even has a makeup line coming out in Fall 2017 that she is calling “the new generation of beauty”. She is definitely setting herself up for life. She is her own boss.

9. She Appreciates Her Career

Rihanna probably knows by now that she isn’t the greatest singer. Let’s be honest, there are other artists out there that don’t need the gimmicks, the lights, the glitz and glam to put a show on like say… Adele. Rihanna knows she needs that. That being said, she has stated a few times that she is lucky to be in the position that she’s in. She is surely more successful than other people her age, and because of this she tries to be active with her fans and give back to them as much as she can. One of the ways she showed her appreciation was by renting a private jet and inviting a few hundred bloggers, fans, reporters, and friends aboard to fly on a mini tour with her. They had access to her and each got one on one time to ask exclusive questions. It didn’t go over that well with some of the people aboard the plane complaining that they either barely spent time with her or saw her altogether. However, at least she tried.

8. She Is Very Active In Her Community

Rihanna knows that she has been blessed in life; she has a successful career and loving family, she’s rich and has great friends. What more could she ask for? The great thing about Rihanna is she doesn’t use social media to complain about random things or small problems. She always seems happy and grateful. She created a foundation called Believe in 2006 to help terminally ill children, she donated almost $2-million to hospitals in Barbados, and offered scholarships to US students in need. Not only is she giving back to her home, she is also giving back to her adopted home, the US. She is wise when it comes to sharing and showing appreciation to those who were there for her before she was badgal RiRi.

7. She Had A No-Strings Fling With Leo DiCaprio

Almost every girl wants to hook up with Leonardo DiCaprio. He is successful, smart, someone you can bring home to mom and dad and he is an amazing actor. Apparently, he and Rihanna have been hooking up on and off for a few years. The paparazzi have caught them hanging out and cozying up to one another a few times. However, when asked about it, sources revealed that Rihanna has no interest in an actual relationship; she just enjoys the hookup. This makes her even more bad ass. DiCaprio is probably not used to women saying no, or keeping him at arm’s length. Her strength in this situation is admirable and there are probably a lot of jealous women out there. Especially since he looks like he is totally into her.

6. When She Got That Traditional Tattoo

The songstress has always been a little on the wild side. One of the ways she shows off her deviant behavior is by getting obscure and randomly placed tattoos. Some of her more popular tattoos are: a huge chest piece right underneath her breast, the gun underneath her right arm, and the “shhh…” tattoo on her right index finger. The “shhh…” tattoo is actually so popular that it has been copied by other celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen. However, one of RiRi’s more daring tattoos is the dragon claw on her right hand. A matching tattoo she got while on tour with Chris Brown in New Zealand back in 2008. The tattoo is done in the traditional Maori style (yes, the tools that look like a stick and a hammer). It stands for strength and love.

5. When She Left Chris Brown

Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown was very public and very toxic. Even after all that drama went down, she still tried to be the bigger person and keep some sort of friendship with Brown. It didn’t last and while he kind of went off his rockers, she picked herself up and built her self-esteem back up. The drama must have been very embarrassing for her but she has come back a better person. It looks like she poured all her energy into making her career bigger than it already is. Clearly, she is more successful because she now has her own fashion house, several hit records and isn’t dying to have a man in her life. Not only did she rise up from that drama like a boss, she also taught a lot of her young female fans a lesson.

4. When She Sings A Hook And It’s The Best Part Of The Song

Rihanna has been featured on many songs. Truthfully, she sings a hook like nobody’s business. It seems like she can do no wrong music-wise. She knows she doesn’t have the best voice, but she has the look and she has great people not only writing for her but wanting to collaborate with her. RiRi is basically set. She can make even the crappiest of songs sound fire with her chorus. Have you heard Coldplay’s Princess Of China?, Nicki Minaj’s Fly? Even some of the best songs like Kanye West’s All Of The Lights and Jay-Z’s Run This Town have benefited from her high energy vocals.

3. When She Has Men Fighting Over Her

Rihanna is a hot commodity and everyone knows it. She is very independent, very open minded and is confident in herself. Well, at least enough to know that she doesn’t necessarily need a man to keep her happy. At one point this singer had several guys fighting over her. Like literally fist fighting over her. When she was finally finished with Chris Brown, he still wanted her back but she had sort of, kind of moved onto Drake. The rapper and Brown got into a little bit of a scuffle in a club one night and sources claimed it was because Drake was just with Rihanna the day before. How did Brown know? Well, Drake documented some of it on social media and the rest was documented by paparazzi.

2. When She Claps Back On Social Media

Don’t ever come for Rihanna period. If you do, don’t leave it in writing because you will get called out. She will also screenshot it, tag you, and come back with a clever and more damaging clap back. This is not to say that Rihanna’s interactions with her fans are hateful but, just like in the real world, if you come for someone they will definitely come for you. Rihanna’s boss mentality is probably what makes her so capable of putting people in their place. She even comes at celebs who throw shade her way. A prime example would be when Ciara publicly stated that Rihanna wasn’t the nicest person. Rihanna clapped back on Twitter stating “my bad ci, did I forget to tip you? #howrudeofme”. Yikes, it looks like anyone can get it.

1. When She Gained A Little

Recently Rihanna gained a little bit of love-yourself weight and in the process basically told the world to screw off. RiRi got a lot of flack for gaining what is probably no more than 10 pounds. Not only did rumors swirl about her being pregnant, people also accused her of losing control of her eating habits. Rihanna clapped back at the haters by using silence. She isn’t phased by their ridiculous comments. In fact, she refuses to be bullied because she decided to enjoy life by eating a little more. The singer decided that instead of words she would speak with her style. She appeared in a new music video with DJ Khaled for Wild Thoughts wearing a see through stylish crop top and tight pants. Take that haters.

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