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15 Times Jake Paul Trolled/Pranked Donald Trump (and Others)


15 Times Jake Paul Trolled/Pranked Donald Trump (and Others)

Love him or hate him, ex-Disney Channel mainstay and current YouTuber/worst neighbor on the planet, Jake Paul, is sorta of killing it right now. He’s broken all sorts of records for adding subscribers on YouTube (eight million plus in the first 6 months since he migrated from Vine? Wowzers) for his channel and also runs an entire brand/company.

That shows that while he does play stupid, A LOT, he is actually at least knowledgeable about business and especially about marketing. Part of that is reading what is popular and taking advantage of it and because a lot of what is popular on YouTube is either pranking people (real or fake) and talking about Donald Trump (and really, Jake Paul).

Because of that it made sense to jump on that band-wagon and combine two of the largest trending topics on social media in the past month, Trump and Paul. We also looking at other times Jake trolled the ever loving S^&# out of someone, including the President himself!

15. Everyone’s Ears

By now, everyone, has either heard about or just plain heard the song “It’s Everyday Bro” by Jake Paul and his Team 10 crew. Reaction to the track has been quick and harsh, with multiple parodies and videos made about the song pretty much as soon as it hit the … fiber optic waves (?).

Response ranged from negative to negative with critics saying it as the “Whitest song of all time” and actually physically painful to listen to. However, despite the backlash, Jake had the last laugh. The video for the song has had just under 100 million views (as of the writing of this article) and it reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 (for one day).

It created multiple catchphrases (like “Who the hell are flipping you?”, “England is my City”, etc.) and was popular enough that Paul was asked to perform it at the Teen Choice Awards last weekend, where he ended up bringing home two surfboards.

14. Death of a Parrot

The most recent entry on this list, Fake Parrot Maverick Death Prank on My Brother, was part of an ongoing prank war between the brothers Logan and Jake Paul. For those of you who aren’t aware (or are over the age of 15), Jake actually does have an older brother who is actually more famous/followed than he is.

Logan Paul, whom some find less obnoxious, clearly has taught his little brother a ton. The way that they make videos is extremely similar — they do collaborate fairly often. This prank war sort of cooled off after Jake “apologized” to his brother for putting up a billboard of him in Jake Paulers “Merch”, but started back up again once the brothers realized how many views it got them.

A major part of the prank war has involved Logan’s pets — a puppy named Kong and a parrot named Maverick (which by the way is also the name of Logan’s brand, favorite word and creed by which he lives/justifies his personality). Logan loves his bird and it stars in many of his videos, where it responds to him and even sounds like it’s talking from time to time. So, when he approached Maverick’s cage and the bird wasn’t moving or responding to its name, a look of fear seized his face for a split second. ‘

He really thought that his friend was a goner. However, because the toy they used to replace Maverick was shoddy at best, the prank almost ended before it began. It all worked out in the end though and Maverick returned to his life as the most pampered bird in the Western hemisphere.

13. Haunted Tesla

Whoever decided that giving a self-driving car to one of the Paul brothers was a good idea should probably lose their job at Tesla. As a sign of his immense popularity and the wealth that comes with it, Paul recently purchased a Tesla, a car that can easily end up costing somewhere in the six-figure range.

The cars are extremely popular and the waiting list to get one is so long that when the company recently had to refund tens of thousands of customers, they didn’t feel like the lost money was actually a loss, more of a gain as they simply cannot build enough cars to sate the public’s thirst for these space-age automobiles. It’s not hard to see why. When Paul took it out for a spin, the car literally drove itself around town. It all culminated in the car driving itself through the drive-through McDonald’s.

Paul and his friend ordered and then got out of the car as it drove through the drive-thru. It’s not new technology or anything but it’s still amazing to see and sort of hilarious too. They tried it multiple times at different restaurants and got yelled at multiple times — one restaurant even threatened to call the police.

12. Oil and Room-mates Don’t Mix…

Jake Paul lives in what is called the Team 10 House, a huge house full of other content creators who together comprise the “Team 10 Crew”. Team 10 is a hodge-podge of Paul’s friends from Ohio and other content creators who have signed over their lives and channels to Paul and his parent company. In exchange for the millions of views that living in the house brings, each reportedly gives about 20% of their revenue to Paul and his company for the first five years.

While that, combined with the fact they all live together, sounds like a recipe for disaster, so far it’s mostly been smooth sailing — probably because they’re all young and making more money than they ever thought possible. While things have been running smooth from a business perspective, not everything is easy about living in the Team 10 house.

As you can probably guess, there is a lot of tomfoolery going on. One time, Paul coated the floor with vegetable oil and then challenged different Team 10’ers to a foot race through the house. After betting his best friend $100 and even giving him a head start, he totally wiped out — that one really never gets old. Sadly, he also lost the race, which is probably the most painful part of all. Unlike a lot of things on YouTube, this appeared to be genuine and that’s part of what makes it even funnier.

11. A Million Thumb Tacks

Few YouTube pranks actually evoke the memory of the MTV shows Jackass — because you couldn’t fake Jackass. The set up for this one was pretty cut and dry. Paul is “married” — but not really, long story — to a girl named Erika who also lives in the house. She is the brunt of more than one or two trollings as does her friend and “wife” of Paul’s best friend, Tessa Brooks.

One great example was when Jake put over 10,000 thumb tacks on the floor outside of the bathroom door whilst Tessa was taking a shower. Stranded and thinking about jumping over the pile, Erica luckily came to her rescue. Because that didn’t really hit Jake’s high standards, they ended up using the tacks in a ton of different ways, including attaching them to the end of Nerf darts and shooting them at one another and even jumping on a trampoline covered in tacks. You have to give credit where credit is due and because they actually hurt themselves with this one, here’s one credit.

10. Toilet Troubles

Like the thumb tack and oil showed, normal contents of one’s pantry or junk drawer are just tools in Jake Paul’s prank arsenal. So, you knew it was only a matter of time before they went after one of the oldest pranks in the book… The old Saran Wrap on the toilet prank.

What’s great about a lot of these pranks is that they’re actually genuine and the Saran Wrap prank was one of the real ones. When a Team 10’er attempted to use the toilet, of course urine got everywhere and because as Dumb and Dumber proved (“I can’t stop once I’ve started, It stings!”) he ended up jumping into the shower to finish.

After that, Paul got impatient and decided to up the ante. He stretched wrap between two of the pillars on the first floor of his house in the hopes that someone would run into it face first and bite it. After that, one of the Spanish Twins slapped the other in the hopes he would chase after him. He did and the resulting action is one of the more genuinely funny things I’ve seen in a long, long time.

9. Slimer Eat Your Heart Out

Part (and arguably the best) of the prank-wars between brothers Jake and Logan Paul involved something that took YouTube by storm earlier this year: green slime. Once people realized that you could order packets of the ingredients needed to make the stuff it was only a matter of time before the competitive nature of YouTube took hold.

People started filling everything with it. From bathtubs to entire pools, no body of water was safe from the dark, gooey mixture. Jake should’ve probably known his brother slimed his pool (which is why the pool is empty (which ended up being a huge deal as the Team 10’ers filled it with old furniture and started a gigantic fire that made the news)) so he couldn’t have really been that surprised when his brother stopped over to show him what looked like the origin story for Swamp Thing.

Sure, this list is about Jake Paul trolling people but it really felt like since we’re about halfway through this list that we had to give Jake a taste of his own medicine by showing Logan (along with a lot of Team 10, (perhaps not) surprisingly). Considering the pool is still empty, they probably did irreparable damage to the filtration system and considering they’re renting the Team 10 house, it makes sense why they’re currently looking for a new place to live.

Jake’s reaction seemed genuine — he didn’t even trust his brother enough to even turn his back to him. His reaction was one of shock; he said he was going to get evicted. That isn’t a stretch considering Logan has recently been thrown out of his own place.

8. I’m Tired of the M-Fing Snakes in this M-Fing Bed!

If there’s one thing that Paul’s “wife” Erica is afraid of, it’s snakes (and sharks, which was another one of his pranks)… That and ending up like Alissa Violet. Paul is a master at getting people to watch his entire videos and he does that by creating interesting titles and thumbnails to match. But he also finds new and inventive ways to get genuine responses from the Team 10’ers. By now, they are so used it that they’ll eventually need some sort of therapy.

Because he is in a real relationship with Erika, he knows some of her deepest darkest secrets and fears. So of course, he’s going to use that against her at some point (because, clicks, bro). Her fear of snakes prompted Jake to bring in a reptile expert. Together, they dropped a real, live yellow python on Erica as she relaxed in bed with her headphones on. She was upset to say the least.

7. Head of Lettuce…

Jake Paul is one of the better vloggers out there today not just in terms of the amount of people that watch his stuff but in how he does… everything. From the way he films himself (by constantly moving the camera so your eye stays interested), to the quick cuts he does in editing, everything has tons of actual thought (and even psychological research) behind it.

So, when Paul vlogs, he always has some sort of prank at the end of that forces people to sit (or skip) through the majority of the content to get to what the title/thumb nail suggest. Because YouTube favors videos that are over a certain time, Paul has taken advantage of this by bringing daily content that mostly focuses on teasing or pranking his roommates and friends.

Because of that, though, the people he pranks are used to it and so their BS-meter is always on, especially since the camera is always recording. So, it’s great to see a genuine reaction within that context. The table scare prank was a good one. By hiding the camera along with the rest of his body, Paul got some of the more genuine reactions from his roommates and they’re spectacular.

6. Collapsing Bunks

The Team 10 house is a disaster. You have to wonder how someone is still RENTING that home to a group of twentysomethings, who spend every waking moment scheming on ways to prank one another.

On top of that, because Jake has made his address public, his fans (the aptly named “Jake Paul-ers”) are always standing outside in the street waiting to catch a glimpse of their hero (so most of the pranks take place either inside of the house or in the backyard).

Case in point, the prank that was most likely thought up after Paul watched Step-Brothers. Because the house is filled to the brim with content creators, they have to get a bit creative with their space. One of those ways is to stick two grown men in the same room together.

Despite their age, bunk beds actually make a lot of sense. They help save the space needed to leech off Paul’s shining star. It’s made even less weird by the fact that the room is shared by the “Spanish Twins” (also known as the Martinez Twins), and while the prank wasn’t actually pulled on them it was still pretty funny (thankfully it was only the mattress and not the box spring).

5. Adultery

Outside of his brother, Logan, there is perhaps no one that Paul likes pranking more than his “wife” Erika. They’ve been together pretty much since Paul’s ex-Alissa Violet was kicked out of the house. Violet has a channel of her own and has gone on record about the terrible situation she endured while living at the Team 10 house and dating Paul.

Alissa states that while they were together and sleeping in the same bed every night, Paul wouldn’t make it official and would even ask her to leave the house sometimes so he could hook up with other girls that he flew out from his home state of Ohio.

So, considering the fact that Jake spends a ton of time on YouTube, you know he and Erika watched the video Violet released detailing her ordeal (especially since he’s responded to it). So, when Paul decided to prank Erika by hiding cameras and laying in bed with another (male) Team 10’er (wearing a wig), you know her response was genuine because she sort of half expected such shenanigans.

4. Erika’s Pregnant!

At one point Jake had a full (non-legal) marriage in Las Vegas with his girlfriend Erika. Since then, he’s sort of confused everyone by continuing to refer to her as his wife, despite the fact that they’re not legally married.

They do live together and sleep in the same bed every night though. So when Jake went around the house showing everyone a positive pregnancy test, team members weren’t too surprised by it. Still, this was fun to watch. People attempted to suck up to Jake and Erika while hiding their shock/disdain. While Paul has shown he’s willing to do almost anything for views — like he says in the video —  don’t think he’s really at the point where he’s actually going to impregnate a Team 10’er for his audience.

3. The Dead Body Prank

Now, if there is one thing on YouTube people don’t like, it’s videos of cats being euthanized and pranks involving death. Just ask (former) YouTube personality Sam Pepper, who filmed himself being “murdered” in front of his best friend in a video that was roundly hated by almost anybody who watched it.

That, on top of some other really sleazy “pranks” — and some awful accusations outside of YouTube — pretty much ended Pepper’s career as a content creator and also gave YouTube pranks a bad name (“It’s just a prank, bro!”). Jake Paul got away with it though. Perhaps the difference is that the “dead” body isn’t someone the team knows too well.

In it, the guy playing the corpse is covered in blood, has makeup on that makes him look dead — even his eyes look dead. While you’d think Team 10 house would be used to pranks by now, their reactions are pretty genuine (especially Nick “England is my City” Crompton and his shaking hands).

2. The Billboard that Started it All

Logan Paul, who has more subscribers and a more refined sense of humor than his brother, worked with Jake back when they two were making Vines. When the app shut down, they both ended up both moving to YouTube. They also moved from Ohio to Los Angeles.

Their growth has been intertwined with one another, so you knew it was only a matter of time before they got into a fight — the only thing YouTube users love more than cats is intra-YouTube drama. There are entire channels dedicated to the drama that comes from making tens of thousands of dollars making videos. And if anyone has mastered that idea it’s the Paul brothers.

It all started when Jake posted a pretty gnarly picture of his older brother on the busiest street in L.A. The billboard bragged that Jake had more subscribers with Logan wearing his “merch.” For some reason that “enraged” Logan and an “epic” prank war was launched.

It ended with both putting out diss tracks on one another. One video had Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet kissing Logan at the end of the video. Later, the brothers squashed their beef. It only added about 300 million clicks to their videos in the process. Talk about sacrifice.

1. He “Sold” Donald Trump’s Home

If Jake Paul has any talent, it’s being able to take what is popular on YouTube, recreate it and somehow make it his own in the process. A perfect example is when he pretends to sell the home of a famous person.

Typically, Jake Paul doesn’t put a whole lot of forethought, care or concern into his pranks but he did start this video by disclaiming that he was a bit worried. He admitted being on a Secret Service watch list for the “24 hour challenge” he attempted while Barack Obama was still in office.

So by messing with the private residence of the current president, he could’ve attracted even more scrutiny from the Secret Service. In the video, Paul and company went to Home Depot to buy a small “For Sale” sign. Then they wrote “Donald Trump” on the sign and had one of the Spanish Twins from Team 10 plant it near Trump’s driveway. Take that, Trump.

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