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15 Times Annalise Keating Completely Screwed Over The Keating 5 Plus Oliver


15 Times Annalise Keating Completely Screwed Over The Keating 5 Plus Oliver

How To Get Away With Murder recently went on its winter break. We figured there is no better time to give you a chance to catch up or refresh your memory before it graces us with its presence again. Fans of the show know that main character Annalise Keating is crazy. She picked up these eager first-year law school students, took them under her broken wing and screwed them up royally. An internship that they once would kill their own parents for has become a nightmare that has turned them into actual murderers. She has even managed to get some of their boyfriend’s and girlfriends involved as well as her own husband. So why do these kids keep hanging onto to Annalise’s every word? it’s tough to say but one thing is for sure, she makes it easy to love her. There is no denying that she is a savage in the courtroom and an internship with her will (well, would have) looked great on a resume. However, her recent fall from grace has fans and the Keating 5 plus Oliver wondering just WTF they saw in her in the first place.

15. She Picked Them As Her Interns

Annalise should have never been allowed to have interns. Not only is she unstable, she also never seems to set a proper example for the law. She’s a rule breaker and that’s fine if you’re breaking rules on your own, but when it involves young, impressionable minds well, that’s a whole new story. Her interns have become quite traumatized by all the shenanigans she has involved them in. Yet, she just keeps going and they just keep hanging on. When will they realize that being her interns may not be the best thing for the Keating 5 plus Oliver?

14. She Pits Them Against One Another

Annalise has a funny way of teaching her students about loyalty; she pits them against one another. She has been known to favor the student who has the best ideas. However, if she feels like all their ideas suck she pits them against one another to “challenge” them. Only, it isn’t really a challenge. She seeks one maybe two of them out and hints at clues is she doesn’t outright give them the answers, to begin with. Some of them like Asher always wonder why they can never get ahead with Annalise. It’s simply because he isn’t one of her favorites like say… Wes or Michaela.

13. She Set Up Her Own Attempted Murder

In season 2, Annalise set up her own attempted murder. Yes, you read that right Annalise had Wes shoot her somewhere that wouldn’t necessarily kill her in an attempt to implicate someone else in another crime they were going to trial for. Whoa that’s a mouthful, right? Try watching it go down, it was shocking and brilliant at the same time. Yet, somehow, again, the Keating 5 plus Oliver came out looking guilty. They had to cover not only her tracks but Bonnie and Frank’s as well. Initially, this plan was meant to “help” them, or so she implied. But for some reason, it’s just too hard to believe everything that comes out of her mouth.

12. She’s Rarely Honest With Them

Annalise is constantly lying to the Keating 5 plus Oliver. She always has her own agenda and it always ends up blowing back on the students and their significant others. It took us almost two seasons to find out who really murdered Sam and Rebecca. This is of course due to Annalise’s habit of withholding the whole truth. She makes it seem like her lack of honesty is to benefit the students but, when you really examine the situation it’s clearly not. Some of the more prominent lies that are basically unforgivable are – Wes’ mother’s death, covering up that Bonnie murdered Rebecca and of course, every time she blames or treats Frank like garbage after everything he has done for her.

11. She Implicates Their Loved Ones

Oliver always seems to get screwed over by Annalise and her antics. This is partly because he is the only stable relationship for most of the series so far. Also, because he is super smart and knows how to hack TF out of everything. He gets implicated time and time again and he always comes back for more. One might even say that the others cannot keep healthy relationships because Annalise either deliberately ruins them by somehow weaving loved ones into her intricate plots. Or, the students themselves get so bogged down with guilt and trying to dig themselves out of hole after hole (literally) that something has to give. But, most of the time it’s Annalise’s fault.

10. She Makes Them Hurt People Emotionally 

Annalise did one of the cruelest things in season 2 when she had Michaela pretend to like their client, Caleb. Caleb and his sister were both adopted by a wealthy couple, they were accused of murdering their adoptive mother and father. They sought out Annalise as their counsel, but she had no trust in them and this is where Michaela came in. She did this in an attempt to keep an eye on him and possibly prove that he did indeed murder his adoptive parents. However, she also did this to make his sister jealous because they were supposedly in a very unhealthy relationship. Her plan ultimately worked but not before he found out that he was being used by Michaela and firing Annalise.

9. She Uses Their Weakness Against Them

Annalise always finds one way, or another to bring up the one thing that makes people weak at the knees. With Bonnie, it’s her father and the assault he forced on her. When it comes to Wes, it’s his mother and Rebecca. With Laurel and Asher, it’s their fathers. The list can go on and on she always hits them where it hurts the most. Her tactic is ruthless but, it always seems to get the job done. However, in the process is she making them stronger like she claims or is she just weakening them? Annalise will admit she is ruthless, but she will always manage to make someone believe it is for their own good. However, we all know that is some BS.

8. They Aren’t REALLY Learning

Annalise Keating is constantly taking the students out of class to “learn” in the real world. Let’s be honest, what they are supposedly learning in the real world isn’t going to help them achieve that law degree they are paying thousands of dollars for. Well, unless of course, the question is what was the weapon used to kill Sam Keating? Or how many times did one of you witness Frank at his worse? The students are losing out on a lot of money because as everyone knows law school is no cheap ticket. We later see the Keating 5 go in different directions in the current season including some of them scrapping school altogether.

7. When She Tries To Play Mom

Annalise will forever be reeling from the frightening loss of her son. This could be why she is constantly trying to play mom with her staff and students. She’s a mom to Bonnie and Frank and she is a questionable stepmom to the Keating 5. However, whenever she plays mom she seems to make things worse before they get better. One of the more prominent examples of this is when she tries to be a mother figure to Wes. She babies him in class and favors him when they are at her home office. Respectfully, she has tried to mother every single one of the Keating 5, she gave Michaela pre-marriage advice, she is always schooling Connor on right and wrong and she is always putting Laurel in her place. Rest assured it always backfires, when will she learn?

6. When She Officially Implicated Oliver

Annalise will use anyone she can to help advance her in any way. Once she got her hooks into Oliver Hampton, Connor’s innocent boyfriend, his life was never the same again. He has now been implicated in so many crimes that he is an honorary member of the Keating Five. Poor Ollie has hacked into personal accounts, “friends” emails, police databases and the list goes on and on. He has set up webcams to spy on people, is there anything he can’t, or shall we say won’t do for Annalise? Most of the time he does it to help Connor and his friends out of a jam because Connor is the love of his life. That being said, Annalise has really put this guy in a horrible position and there is no way out now.

5. When She Tried To Hook Up With Wes

Annalise was supposed to be apologizing to Wes after he walked in on her and Nate in her office doing well, you know what. However, she took it too far and started inappropriately touching Wes – it’s unclear why, but, it was awkward AF. One could see that Wes felt weird, but he also stood there and allowed her to continue. This is an abuse of power at its best. After that awkward encounter, it’s safe to say the dynamics changed significantly and Wes tried to avoid Annalise any time he could without causing alarm in others. For someone who is supposed to be nurturing young minds, she sure is making a mess by blurring lines and trying to hook up with students because she has zero self-control. This was not the only time she acted out of pocket with Wes. Sometimes he even responded favorably. 

4. She Makes Them Hate The Profession

Season 4 opens with Annalise and the Keating 5 on the outs. In fact, some of them no longer want to be lawyers because of the horrible experience and trauma they have experienced with her. The group feels betrayed and they haven’t learned crap except how to ILLEGALLY get themselves out of many sticky situations. This is disappointing. To become a lawyer takes a lot of time. People work a majority of their educational careers striving for competitive grades to get into law school. Boom, just like that Annalise has crushed these students spirits and made them hate a profession that they worked years to get into. It takes a special kind of person to have the power to do that. 

3. The Way She Torments Frank And Bonnie

Okay so Frank and Bonnie are not officially the Keating 5 but we like to think of them as the pre-Keating 5. The test subjects if you will. Annalise has tormented them in so many ways it is unbelievable that they are still standing let alone as loyal as they are to her. The only problem is they now take it out on the Keating 5. They are insanely jealous anytime Annalise praises the students. In particular, Bonnie is a miserable, hot mess who has fallen way too far into the whole Annalise is my mommy thing. They never seem to realize that Annalise is pretty selfish and normally only has her best interest in mind. 

2. When She Loses Control

Annalise breaks down a lot and contrary to popular belief she isn’t as strong as many fans make her out to be. She frequently loses her mind in front of the students (talk about unprofessional). Annalise once walked around trying to hush an invisible baby and got flat out sloppy drunk in front of the students. She has even attacked people physically and acted like a complete maniac. Normally, this behavior occurs once she is under the influence but there have been several occasions where she has exuded the same behavior while sober, so what is going on with this lady? She is basically teaching them that it’s okay to act up as long as you can blame it on something like a mental break down or alcohol. Or better yet, being in your own home.


1. She Got Wes Murdered

Wes’ murder was one of the most horrifying things about How To Get Away With Murder. It was shocking and sad, especially seeing as he is basically the main character. He was more important to Annalise than anyone else. Unfortunately, his death is kind of on her hands with help from Laurel’s father. This death set a precedent for the Keating 5, Oliver and Annalise herself. Their lives seem to be spiraling and they are each struggling individually and together. The group is currently enduring a fracture that is not so easily put back together.  It is all be traced back to Annalise entering their lives and completely F’ing it up.

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