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15 Things You didn’t Know about Kim’s Surrogacy


15 Things You didn’t Know about Kim’s Surrogacy

Kim Kardashian is the Kardashians most famous member, the most successful and lets face it, the most attractive of them all. With an estimated net worth of $ 175 million, this celebrity gained fame and notoriety net worth sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J was leaked in 2007.  Most women would have crumpled and gone of the limelight in shame but not Kim, it seems she is a woman who is not afraid to live her life by her own terms and she makes no apologies for her choices.

That same year she debuted on her family’s show Keeping up with the Kardashians which airs on E! entertainment channel. Riding on that, the curvecious celebrity became an instant household name and her fame was further catapulted by various spin offs of the show like Kim and Courtney take New York. While most people are not fans of this very famous reality show, the show has been rated highly through out its seasons probably fueled by the familys scandals and sibling rivalry.

Being the most entrepreneurial of her siblings, Kim has various businesses starting from clothing lines and products to very expensive fragrances like ‘Gold’ which are every woman’s coveted items. Kim has an amazing acumen for business and an eye for gold mines as far as investments are concerned.

Married to rap musician Kanye West, Kim has three kids, Daughter North West, Son Saint west  both of who she had naturally and Chicago West who was born by use of a surrogate. Kim suffered from Placenta Acreta during these two pregnancies and and was adviced not to try for a third. Her struggles with fertility were publicized in various episodes of KUWTK and so was her decision to seek the services of a surrogate. Kims choice of surrogate came in the form of La’Raina Leyes, a mother of two in her early twenties. We know her name but below are things you dint know about Kims surrogacy.

10. She Didn’t Know She Was Carrying Kimye’s Baby At First

The most exciting thing in a surrogates career is knowing that you are carrying a child forl a celebrity or a really cool person and no one is more famous than Kim and Kanye with their relationship being viewed as one of the greatest power couple. this couples social presence is so rich that googling their names brings more hits than any other couple in show biz.

Kim revealead however that the surrogate did not know that she was carrying their baby at first as this was kept secret. Her reasons were that the surrogacy agreement allowed her to keep her identity secret or reveal it and she chose to reveal it later because she wanted a relationship with the surrogate. Kim was worried at first that the surrogate may not be a fan of them and would not want to carry on with the pregnancy. We ask again, who wouldn’t want to brag one day ‘I carried Chicago North for the Kimyes?’ Whatever her reasons were for the secrecy, La’Raina seemed to take up her new role with as much grace as any celebrity would.

9. It’s What The Doctor Ordered

Kim has had two kids: North West and Saint West, who were both born naturally but with some complications.  While most people speculated disapprovingly that Kim chose to use a sarrogate in order to maintain her gorgeous figure having ballooned a lot in her previous pregnancies,  it has emerged that Kim has suffered from Placenta Accreta. This is a condition where the placenta attaches itself a little too deep into the wall of the uterus but not the uterine musles.

The Doctors advised Kim that it would not be smart to have another baby. Kim who always wanted a large family chose to use a surrogate in order to realise that dream. The reality star felt that she had a lot to offer any child who came into her life in terms of love and security and she needed to do that. Kim has praised her surrogate severally on Instagram and they seemed to have gotten along quite well during the pregnancy.

8. It Took Long For Her To Decide

Choosing someone to carry a child for you is not an easy decision because if you choose wrong, it can become an emotionally draining process as some surrogates have been known to renege on their promises to let go of the child ones its born. This incidences though rare, they do happen and a Kimye baby would be an ideal candidate for a breach of contract.

Kim took long to choose a surrogate because she wanted someone who was just right in terms of health and capacity to nurture. She has declared in most of her interviews that the process was both emotional and time consuming and she had to do an indepth research before she could settle on her surrogate. We suppose for a person who will be carrying the next Kardashian one would need to be quite amazing for you to pass a Kim audition but in La’Raina’s case, her efforts paid off as La’Reina, her surrogate turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

7. She Wasn’t A Newbie

When you carry another human being in your womb for nine months, a being that totally depends on you and shares nutrients and hormones with you, if you feel that persons heart beat and their first kick, you are bound to form an attachment that can overwhelm even the most hardened souls. This life growing inside of you can make you a softie.

It has been revealed that La’Reina has been a surrogate before which made her credentials that much better. She seemed to enjoy her first time as a surrogate as she signed up for this gig too. Most surrogates only do it once as having a child to keep or give up can be emotionally draining. Some surrogates find that it affects them so much that they choose not to do it again. For some who consider this a business of sorts and for those who are in it to help those less fortunate, surrogacy is something they do time and time again.

6. She Had Very Strict Rules To Follow

For most people who go for a surrogate, it is enough that they agree to carry your child, go for their prenatal clinics, take their folic and supplements, eat healthy, nutritious well balanced meals, exercise a little, give up booze and smokes at least until the child is born and then finally after all of it, hand over the child to the parents. This regimen is very important as missing some can lead to some pretty devastating birth defects and Kim was not about to take any chances when it came to her new baby.

For a Kimye baby, this rules are not enough and were expanded to include no hair dye and no dog and kitten litter. Really? According to most sources,the surrogate was instructed not to dye her hair as hair dye is known to go into the blood stream thus affecting the foetus and can predispose him to some birth defects.  The same goes for the cats and cat litter. We hope the poor woman didn’t have to give up her kittens to bring forth a Kimye heiress.

5. She Earned Over $68,000

With a combined net worth of several million dollars, one would expect carrying a baby for this power couple to be a lucrative deal after all, this is Kim and Kanye West who own several luxury homes and cars and whose daughter North received a diamond tiara from her father. Kim has also received some pretty extravagant gifts form Kanye and they are rumoured to have various estates worth millions of dollars and luxury cars that are unprecedented.

Your expectations would be a bit too high though as it is rumoured that the surrogate only earned slightly more than 68 grand. We think this figure is too low considering their status but who knows, it is probably more than what is standard in this situations. Either way, a reason she kept her identity secret from the surrogate may have been in order to cap any high expectations she may have had. We think this is a smart move on her part as she was treated like any other person seeking for surrogacy services.

4. She Has Two Kids Of Her Own

Pregnancy plays a big toll on a mother as the life growing inside of you sucks nutrients from your bones and wrecks harvoc on your emotions. Every pregnancy is different and one pregnancy may be a smooth ride while the other becomes a complete nightmare. This things contribute to the success of a surrogacy agreement.

The choice of surrogate can get very tricky with some people claiming they would prefer a new mother while others prefer someone with a bit of experience in the motherhood field. We feel that a surrogate who has born kids of her own is a better choice as she already has kids she has bonded with and knows what to expect during and after the pregnancy. Kims choice was a hit as La’Reina is a mother of two boys and is a housewife.

3. Chicago West Was Born Naturally

We use the term ‘natural’ loosely here as having a baby through C section cannot be said to be artificial. The way you have a child is a personal choice and choosing to have a C-section or being forced to have one should not be belittled in any way as both methods of birth are amazing one way or the other.

While most women seem to think that giving birth naturally is some kind of accomplishment, the mothers who give birth through a C-section enjoy the same trauma of child birth and may be said to go through more pain as theirs is prolonged.  Kim was however quite giddy when she announced that La’Reina would give birth naturally probably due to some health benefits associated with virginal birth. It could also be because Kim herself has given birth to both her children naturally.

2. She Was Not Kim’s First Choice

In an earlier episode of keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim had floated the idea of surrogacy to Kloe who had seemed agreeable to the idea of being her surrogate. This would have been an excellent choice as most suitable surrogates are usually members of ones family since they know your struggles, empathise and genuinely want to see you happy. Kloe would therefore have been an excellent candindate for this noble cause.

She however did not become the surrogate probably because she is now in a committed relations with Tristan Thompson and would probably like to have a family of her own soon which would not be possible if she carried a Kimye baby. This is because she would need time to recover after the ordeal which is no mean task. Her boyfriend would also probably not have liked it as whichever way you look at it, having your girlfriend carry someone elses child is a bit overwhelming.

1. She Would Have Earned More

If you thought a single pregnancy is hard, try a double pregnancy. The tolls brought about by a single pregnancy are doubled when it comes to multiple pregnancies and anything that was to swell swells twice as much. In most cases, double pregnancies are considered high risk calling for close supervision by a doctor and religious intake of supplements as well as other precautions.

It is for this reason that Kim’s surrogate would have received an additional $5,000 dollars for a double pregnancy. This is good bonus money considering the pregnancy will not take longer due to the multiples.  This emerged as details of her surrogacy agreement were leaked online. We hear that this is pretty standard procedure for most surrogacys and therefore not unique to the Kimyes. La’Reina however gave birth to one baby and the couple aptly named her Chicago West. Sounds like a town though.

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