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15 Things To Look For In Game of Thrones – Season 7


15 Things To Look For In Game of Thrones – Season 7

The hype is on! Just last week, HBO released a trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 titled “The Long Walk”. It features Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen who are now the three biggest powers of Westeros (and a fourth, if you watch all the way to the end). Game of Thrones fans are buzzing everywhere. Within hours of its release, hundreds of threads, blogs and videos have popped up, analyzing every last detail of every still of the trailer. Yep, from the clothes our three game changers are wearing to that last, icy breath on King’s landing, everyone’s speculating like crazy. And, given that the show has now surpassed the books (we’re looking at you, George), it’s now more unpredictable than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re completely in the dark about what is coming up in your favorite fantasy series. Here’s what we are looking forward to in the Game of Thrones, where you either win or you die!

15. Winter is Coming

Let’s start with the obvious: winter has definitely come to Westeros, given Cersei’s icy exhalation at the end of the trailer. And, it looks like it’s going to be a Long Night, both literally and figuratively, with the White Walkers and their army of the undead edging their way down south. While the weather has always made an impact on Game of Thrones’ battles and politics (poor old Stannis), we expect it to play a bigger role this coming season. And given that, the Northmen will surely have an advantage over the sweet summer children of the South.

14. A Stab in the Back

Every single season, Game of Thrones manages to break our hearts. (Warning: Spoilers are coming!) Season 1 kicked it off, with the shocking death of our honorable hero Ned Stark. Of course, we are still not over the Red Wedding. We have even seen the death (and resurrection) of our main man Jon Snow. And just when you think that GOT can break you no more, it takes away that lovable, aphasic big guy, Hodor in the most dramatic way possible. We are pretty sure they will find a way to leave us sobbing and broken this season.

13. Not-So-Littlefinger

 Littlefinger has always been one of the major players in the Game. He has no small influence on the rise and fall of power in the Kingdom, as well as the lives and deaths of our favorite characters. But he usually does this in the shadows; manipulating people to bring about their demise. This season is noticeably different, since Littlefinger is now the de facto Lord of House Arryn, an influence that is kinda hard to ignore. Given this and the fact that he passionately revealed that he wants to sit on the Iron Throne with Sansa at his side, we are pretty sure he will disappear in the shadows this season.

12. Who Let the Dogs Out?

 Speaking of Sansa Stark, we’re pretty impressed at how the romantic, giddy little Stark girl has grown into a powerful woman. She just may now have both the wit and the will to rival even Littlefinger himself. Last season hinted at tensions between her and her half-brother-now-king Jon Snow, especially since she, the trueborn daughter of Ned Stark, now has a better claim on the throne. We just wonder if Littlefinger is playing her to get rid of Jon or if she will turn things around and play Littlefinger. Seeing her gratified little smirk after she set the dogs on Ramsey Bolton last season surely makes us thinks she is capable of more!

11. CleganeBowl

The Brotherhood without Banners has gotten even more exciting and we’re certainly wondering what they’re up to in the coming season. However, we were even more hyped at the return of our favorite Hound, who is now confirmed to be alive and kicking and joining the Brotherhood on their quest up north. We must admit that we are less interested in what they are doing up north than we are in the possibility of the much-hyped showdown between the Hound and his now-undead brother and rival, the Mountain. While we don’t expect the Cleganebowl to happen this season; we’re expecting the show to build up to it!

10. Sibling Rivalry

Let us not forget our favorite loving siblings, the Lannisters. We are not just talking about the twincest and the possibly strained relationship between Jaime and Queen Cersei. We are also talking about their estranged little brother, Tyrion. He will be arriving on Westeros soon with Daenerys Targaryen, who has her heart set on taking back the iron throne. We all know that there has always been bad blood between Tyrion and Cersei, but how this will affect Tyrion’s relationship with Jaime?… especially since he knows that Tyrion murdered their father!

9. The Crow’s Eye

 We all know that The Crow’s Eye aka Euron Greyjoy has stolen Seastone Chair from his brother Balon as well as his niece and nephew. But now that Yara and Theon have stolen the Iron Fleet from under Euron’s nose and forged an alliance with Daenerys, Euron seems to be at a major disadvantage. Unless, of course, he forges a powerful alliance of his own. We are thinking he probably hasn’t scored too many brownie points with the Starks. So, the obvious choice is his fellow psycho, Cersei Lannister. Now that’s a match forged in the deep pits of hell.

8. A Girl is Arya Stark

 No One aka Arya Stark is back in Westeros and is likely going through her list of people to kill. Last season, we saw her assassinate Walder Frey, but not before feeding him his own sons baked in a pie. Gag! Her next obvious target is Cersei Lannister. But sightings of Arya suggest that she may be meeting her family up north. And we say we can’t get enough of the tearful Stark reunions! They’ve gone through so much! But it also begs the question: even if Arya Stark has finally reclaimed her name and identity, how much of it is still left?

7. Here be Dragonstone

The Long Walk teaser features Daenerys taking her throne in Dragonstone. And this is one epic throne. Dragonstone has been the seat of House Targaryen for centuries. It is the very place where Dany’s ancestor, Aegon the Conqueror, resided before he and his sister-wives took Westeros and established King’s Landing. Dany seems like she’s following a storyline remarkably close to Aegon I, so it is only fitting that she make a pitstop there before she attempts to seize the throne. Considering the rich history of Dragonstone, we wonder what other secrets it has in store.

6. Who’s Your Daddy?

Season 6 had its most exciting reveal. Long-time Game of Thrones fans kind-of already knew but needed confirmation. Jon Snow’s mom is none other than Ned Stark’s long-dead sister, Lyanna! And the long-running fan theory (which has been confirmed on the official GOT site for those who are paying attention) that little Jonny’s father is none other than Rhaegar Targaryen, Dany’s older brother, is true. Which means that if someone can prove that Jon is Rhaegar’s son, he has a better claim to the Iron Throne than even Dany! Rumor has it that Rhaegar Targaryen will make an appearance in Season 7, played by Devon Oliver.

5. The Other Lyanna

Speaking of Lyanna Stark, let’s not forget her namesake, the badass Lyanna Mormont. The very little girl who demonstrated honor, leadership and bravery and gave a death stare that earned instant love from GOT fans. If one man from Bear Island is worth ten from the mainland, she has definitely proven that one 10-year-old is worth more than a roomful of Northern Lords. We can’t wait to see more of her in the next season. But, also, kind-of scared. We all know how the showrunners love to break our hearts by killing off well-loved characters, so we are on our toes.

4. Sammy Geeks Out

We must admit: Samwell Tarly’s storyline thus far hasn’t been very exciting. Sure, he is traveling with a wildling and a baby that he claims to be his. And yes, he’s got daddy issues and a pretentious older brother, and he has just stolen his family sword. But all things considered, what he has been doing so far hasn’t been that interesting. However, since they are showing it, we feel confident that it will all be relevant in the end game. Now that he is in a paradise of magic and wisdom, we are pretty sure he will dig up something that will blow our minds!

3. History Lessons

We have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Bran Stark’s blasts into the past. Now that he is the three-eyed raven, he probably has more power than ever before and may now be able to look deep into the past and changing the course of history. The past, after all, holds the key to Jon Snow’s heritage. And it looks like we are getting flashbacks of Robert’s Rebellion, especially since Rhaegar Targaryen is rumored to have been cast. The past could also reveal to Bran the secrets of the White Walkers, perhaps even how to defeat them.

2. Wolf Pack

Sure, everyone’s hyped up about the dragons. They’re big and awesome and there has even been rumors that we are getting an undead ice dragon this season. We are also hoping to catch more than a glimpse of the direwolves. It is a given that we will be seeing more of Jon’s direwolf, (Ghost) this season. We are also keeping our fingers crossed for the wolf pack that Arya’s runaway direwolf (Nymeria) is leading. Considering that the showrunners killed off both Shaggydog and Summer last season, the least they can do is to give us more of these awesome winter wolves.

1. The Wall Falls  

To go down south, the White Walkers will have to cross the Wall. It seems likely that that is exactly what is going to happen; Night King and his legion will move further and further south. Now, while this has us all riled up for one epic battle at the Wall, we are also terrified of what this might mean for our favorite Night’s Watch Commander, Dolorous Edd. (Yeah, sorry Jon. It’s not you.) After all, in the books when Cotter Pyke proclaimed that they would defend the wall to the last man, it was Dolorous Edd who said, in a resigned voice: “Probably me.”

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