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15 Things You Didn’t Know You Were Doing Wrong With Your Diet!


15 Things You Didn’t Know You Were Doing Wrong With Your Diet!

Being slim or even a size zero is every woman’s dream! With the growing rate of obesity, there is an increased awareness on staying slim to remain healthy. However, being slim is more of a fad today than a need. People are obsessed with losing weight and the internet is filled with a number of strategies for doing it. Whether they are safe or not is still a question. If something is helping you lose weight within a very short period, it is probably not healthy for you and chances are, the weight will come back on as soon as you stop. Here’s a list of common things that people are doing wrong when trying lose that excess fat! Let’s go!

15. Slashing carbs

Many people like to cut out carbohydrates completely while trying to lose weight. However, doing that over an extended period of time can really make one feel tired and lack in energy. You can definitely decrease carbohydrate intake to about 325 grams per day in order to achieve that perfect balance; but completely doing away with carbohydrates may not be the wisest thing to do. Nature has given us several healthy carbohydrates that we can enjoy while trying to lose weight. Oats, Barley, brown Rice, wheat, nuts and sweet potato that are highly beneficial because of the nutrients and fiber they provide.

14. The Narrow way!

Diet pills or other slimming products are aggressively marketed by several agencies to fool desperate people who are vulnerable and are willing try any means to lose weight. The narrow way may seem easier and less stressful however, taking diet pills may have long term repercussions on your health and is the product really effective? How does it make you lose weight so rapidly? In fact, some of the product’s commercials encourage NOT giving up your favorite food while taking the dietary supplement to lose weight. That seems like an outrageous claim and must be considered with tremendous caution! Slow and steady wins the race is an old saying and is absolutely accurate when it comes to dieting.

13. Scream Diet!!

One day you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You look at yourself in the mirror and see a monster and off you go! You’re ready for a month of arduous dieting that makes you shed 20 pounds in a month, then you can’t do it anymore and you’re back to meeting your ghost in the mirror! Intense dieting weighs us down, makes us feel haggard and sucks the energy out of the human body. Cutting our food intake too severely is never the right way to lose weight and will only cause you mental stress and more weight gain thereafter. Take the conventional path, have a balanced diet which may be 6-7 meals in small quantities and avoid excessively oily and sweet food and you are good! It may take a while but you will eventually catch up with it.

12. Alternating between high calorie food and Diet

This is by far the single most unintelligent method of dieting that many people use; it is like beating the wind around! One week you are all charged up to eat healthily and you bring the whole house down with your diet plans. You give a shout out to all your peers and acquaintances that you found this cool diet that will help you lose 20some pounds, you miss that shimmery party to refrain from indulging in tasty alcoholic cocktails and calorie infused pizzas! It’s the second day and you have not lost your enthusiasm, and by the third day you are already regretting your decision because your body has not caught up with your decision and has started to show withdrawal symptoms. Human bodies follow certain mechanisms to fight food strikes. When it recognizes that the body has not received its regular food intake it begins to create hunger pangs that are deadly, resulting in binge eating. What you have conveniently done is allowed your body to starve to the point where it breaks free and eats with no bounds whatsoever! One week of diet and the next week of indulging is not the best way to lose weight.

11. Obsessed with the treadmill??

Some people just can’t stop working out! The ghost of their weight haunts them every second and all they can do is walk on that treadmill every passing moment. Exercising is definitely good for the body and we all need to be active regularly to stay healthy. However, excessive exercising can make one irritable and low on energy. It can also have other serious side effects and is difficult to maintain for very long. A more balanced approach to exercising is the way to go so your body gets enough time to rest and recuperate.

10. Proteins are your best buddy!!

Protein diets are really trendy because they allow us to eat foods that appease our hunger and also help us lose weight. Some famous protein diets allow you to eat meat, eggs, cheese etc; while completely cutting out carbohydrates. You may ask what is wrong with that. Honestly, nothing is wrong with a protein diet; it can be effective and helpful for people who love to eat and cannot completely follow a full-fledged diet. However, each of these diets comes with a specific cut off time and shouldn’t be continued past this point. However, the diet craze makes many of us go beyond the recommended days and hoping to lose even more weight. But this can end in disaster! The borderline has been crossed; the red flag has been hoisted! You are now in the danger zone! High protein diets cause constipation, flatulence and can have several other side effects if not followed as advised.

9. Camel in the Desert

Water, water everywhere, but you don’t take a drop to drink! A diet without water can lead to several health problems that can really be dangerous! A low-calorie diet alone can make one weary. A lack of proper hydration can be even more taxing. Our bodies require at least three liters of water a day to keep us hydrated and prevent us from getting constipated due to the lack of fruits and vegetables (usually ones that are high in sugar and carbs). Keeping oneself hydrated can really help us avoid these pitfalls.

8. Give me results

Constantly being obsessed with weighing ourselves is another crazy thing we all do when we diet. Often, we lose in inches and see our body shaping up without it showing on the scale and that’s perfectly fine! Remember, good and effective diets may take a while to show results in your body but they are long lasting!

7. Feasting and Fasting, Bad companions!

There are days we binge on food, juices, candies and soft drinks and then we go into diet mode and exercise. Once we have lost a satisfactory amount of weight we end up filling our stomach with more food, therefore not really getting into a healthy regime. This formula may seem great to some but is not usually ideal for maintaining health

6. Skip It!!!

Diet mania can really rip your common sense apart. The desperation of wanting to lose weight can really make us do unintelligent things that can harm us. Skipping a meal only makes us feel hungrier. In fact, nutritionists advise that we eat 6-7 meals a day instead of three to four main meals. This helps your metabolic rate high, and keeps you adequately satisfied filled and helps avoid binge eating.

5. Size Zero Mania

It is funny how many people are obsessed with the concept of size zero without considering the consequences. Does it really look good? And, is weight really the deciding factor when it comes to looks? These are questions that we should all truly ask ourselves. Health should be the priority when choosing a diet. So keep that as your focus instead of being a size zero!

4. Over-exasperated with calorie counting?

Have you seen people who spend hours reading every product they grab off the shelves at the supermarket? These people tire themselves out so much with counting their calories that they no longer enjoy their meals. Preparing meals for them requires over the top meticulous planning. Can you imagine counting every grain of rice you consume at every meal? It is distressing and unimaginable!

3. Exercise, no match for a high calorie diet!

You can exercise all you want, day in and day out but if you are constantly loading yourself with food that is high in sugar and fat, you can be sure that your exercise is not going to be enough to counteract your high calorie intake! Maintaining a good balance calls for eating a variety of healthy foods along with doing exercise on a regular basis.

2. Purge purge!

You eat without stopping and then feel guilty which ends up making you purge to throw up all that food that you have stuffed inside of you! This is an extreme way of trying to lose weight and is usually associated with deeper psychological issues. Purging can also be very dangerous for your health. If you are purging your food voluntarily as a means to lose or maintain weight, please seek out professional help.

1. That one thing I can’t give up!

What is that one thing you can’t give up! Is it a particular juice, or chocolate that you eat with no restraint and think that exercise will make up for it? Again, finding a good balance between exercise and eating, and training your mind to eat quality food in the right quantities will enable you to lose body fat and get results.

Dieting is all about getting into a healthy routine where you include a variety of foods: fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, proteins and even sugar in moderation. Excessive sugar is definitely a no no, however, a cup of tea with a small teaspoon of sugar (maple syrup and honey are healthier options) should not harm you as long as you are exercising regularly and eating balanced meals. Dieting doesn’t need to be extreme and stressful, because life is more about feeling good than looking good!

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