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15 Strange Addictions from TLC

This network has managed to capture the world with a variety of entertaining reality TV short documentary type shows. My Strange Addiction managed to pull in viewers because of the out of this world content. It is a show dedicated to following the struggles of people with an addiction that is out of the ordinary. 

It is shocking, funny and down right just insane. There are people who are addicted to things or behaviors that you can`t even imagine to make up. Joking aside, it can be quite sad because these people are genuinely struggling with their addiction. As out of the ordinary as they are, they still feel the difficulties that come with having an real actual addiction. Let`s take a look into the ironically addictive show about crazy addictions from TLC…

15. Eating her house

And you thought termites were bad! This episode follows a 26 year old named Nicole who is addicted to eating the drywall in her house. Every week she will consume roughly 3 feet of drywall. She is fully aware of the extensive damage this horrible habit can cause her body but is not able to quit. There is evidence of her snacking habits and meal times by the missing holes in her home walls. 

14. The bee stinger

Margaret is an elderly lady who has made it habit to sting herself with bees because she believes it helps her arthritis. She will sting herself up to 15 times per day and is full blown addicted to this habit. Throughout her lifetime she has stung herself over 50,000 times and has gained the support of her husband with her habit. They claim after getting stung by bees, the sex is better between them. She even has beehives in her home for easy access to stings. 

13. The adult baby

This episode follows 25 year old transgender Riley who adores acting and dressing like a baby girl. She uses becoming a baby as a way to relieve stress from the every day world. She sleeps in a crib, has pacifiers and bottles and wears diapers 24 hours a day. She continued this behavior since it started when she was 13 years old. Since her friends have found out, they have encouraged her to see a psychologist to help, because this is not healthy or normal. 

12. The inflatable love affair

Twenty year old Mark has a collection of 15 inflatable toys that he has been completely in love with for six  years.  We are not just talking about having an amazing time playing in the pool with your toys because he takes it to the next level of weird. He has one dragon who takes the #1 place in his life, who he is adamant that he is actually  in love with. He will have dinner with them and cook them their own meals, watch television with them and even sleep with them. The inflatables help give him the affection he believed he never received from his mother. 

11. The plastic bag eater

Since he was seven years old, Robert has created a habit of enjoying eating plastic bags. He goes to great lengths to get the bags including stealing them from grocery stores or hunting the neighborhood grounds for them. To much surprise, his medical examinations have always returned without anything alarming or startling due to the insane habit. He maintains that blue colored bags are the most tasty and finds them all to be delicious.

10. The Justin Bieber `lookalike`

 This story actually has a sad ending and shows just how troubled these people really are. Toby who was 33 spent well over $100,000 in plastic surgery trying to alter his appearance to look exactly like pop star Justin Bieber. My Strange Addiction was actually not the only reality show that he appeared on. He appeared on Botched as well as he clearly suffered from body dysmorphia. Unfortunately, in 2016, he was found dead of a multiple drug overdose. 

9. The gasoline drinker

Shannon has a really dangerous addiction of drinking gasoline and she will consume roughly 12 teaspoons per day. She says she feels it tingle at first then burn the back of her throat. It is highly toxic and can inevitably cause death with the constant amounts being consumed. It actually physically hurts her when she drinks it, despite this, she claims that it makes her feel good. 

8. The pillow addict

At 33, you would think you do not need a security blanket at that age. Not for Tamara, she carries security pillow that has never been washed literally everywhere she goes. She has been carrying this pillow since she was four years old. She named the pillow Boo and her increased dependency on it stems back to her molestation at age seven. The pillow dependency has caused her engagement to be called off and major concern from her loved ones. 

7. The dirty diapers

This was by far one of the most disgusting and disturbing episodes to air. 22 year old Keyshia is addicted to sucking urine soaked diapers. She has sucked on a reported 25,000 dirty diapers throughout her lifetime. She leaves the diapers all over the house and in mugs which her fiancé finds. It is totally unhygienic and really a deal breaker. It is by far one of the strangest and sickening addictions that this show has aired.  

6. The bleach bather

28 year old Gloria loves to take baths with bleach poured in it on a regular basis. She says that she likes the feel of it on her skin. After cleaning her entire house with bleach daily, she soaks in the tub with it. She will only get out of the bath when her eyes becoming watery because of the intensity of the bleach. Her friends say that when they walk into her house, the overwhelming scent of bleach smacks you in the face. She has reportedly used over 300 gallons of this highly toxic chemical per year to date. 

5. Hot relationship with his car

27 year old Nathaniel takes the term car lover to a whole other level. This man is in a committed and very intimate relationship with his car. He claims that he feels a connection to his car and that when it saw it, it was actual love at first sight. He named his car Chase and kisses and caresses it in public and feels no shame. He says that they communicate because he feels the energy that the car emits to him. He continues to be in a happy and monogamous relationship with his car. 

4. Biggest boobs

At 45 years old, she goes by the name Lacey Wildd and is no stranger to plastic surgery. She wants to be a size QQQ and has already augmented her breasts to be an MMM. Surgery is not cheap and she has spent of $250,000 on altering her bust. It looks completely fake and pretty ridiculous. It also is really dangerous to constantly be doing these surgeries due to the life threatening complications that could arise. It seems like it will never be big enough. 

3. Snorting baby powder

28 year old Jaye has a long lasting addiction to snorting talcum powder. She has remnants of the powder all over her house which would often confuse visitors thinking it was cocaine. Even though it is not considered an actual drug, Jaye is inhaling it really like it is. She has snorted up to 1,125 pounds to date. This behavior can cause major damage to your airways and even lead to pneumonia. 

2. Pee pee drinker

53 year old Carrie has been addicted to her own urine. She will drink it, pour it in her hose, bathe with it and wash her eyes with it on a regular basis. This episode is hard to watch because it completely turns your stomach at how disgusting it is. She will drink about 80 ounces of urine a day. She believes that by doing all of this, it helps treat illness and cancer despite never going to a doctor. 

1. Marriage to a doll

This is one of the most iconic episodes from this show and one of the most memorable. Meet Davecat, a 40 year old man who has married a synthetic doll he named Sidore who he lives his daily life with. They also live with another synthetic doll Elena, who he says is his mistress. He has come up with backstories about both the dolls lives and how they met him. He finds it easier to be in a relationship with these dolls instead of an actual person because the dolls will never damage or leave him. 

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