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15 Sitcom Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off


15 Sitcom Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

Have you ever just watched a television show, became obsessed with it only to have it snatched away? It leaves you with an empty hole that no one can fill. Every time you think of that show the pit of your stomach rumbles and before you know it, you are setting yourself up for a binge-watch. Don’t you just wish that at least one of your favorite characters could get a spin-off and you could feel whole again? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone there have been plenty of shows over the years that have left us reaching for more. Left us just dying to know what happened to certain characters and even wishing that the show was just about that one character. This list is here to support you. We too wish that some characters would come back to our television screens and bring that wholeness back to our lives. Chances of it happening are slim AF but, fans can dream, can’t they? Here is who we believe deserved that coveted spin-off spot, however, we are open to suggestions. What TV character do you believe on or off this list deserves to get a spin-off?

15. Elijah – Girls

Elijah was the highlight of Girls. There wasn’t a situation that he couldn’t make light of and he made Hannah a bearable character. Out of everyone on the hit HBO show, he deserves a spin-off the most. If one was to truly break it down, fans don’t need to know more about Hannah, Marnie was annoying, Shoshanna was too all over the place and Jessa it too damn messy. It just wouldn’t work out. However, Elijah seems like he could have an entire show based on his fun, straight-talking style. There is no doubt fans would want to see a glimpse of his relationship with oblivious Hannah and his escapades as a gay man in New York City.

14. Titus – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Titus is a crazy character. He is dramatic, fun and even though he sometimes scams Kimmy he actually loves her. All his antics and dramatic breakouts deserve TV time of their own. Who wouldn’t want to watch a half-hour sitcom about Titus’ life before Kimmy entered it? Or a crossover where we see his life separately from Kimmy’s. He would probably have a song for every scene and there is no doubt it would allow for some really fun guest appearances (Kristen Chenoweth anyone?). There is a chance that it could be a huge flop but at least the fans would get one season (or half a season) of all Titus.

13. Annalise Keating

Okay, we know that Annalise is the star of the show already, but her life is always entwined with the Keating 5. Don’t act like people would not be beyond excited to see a younger, fresher Annalise. An Annalise before she low key went bitter and crazy. who doesn’t want to know more about that case between Wes’ mom and his father? Who wants to see a happier Annalise and Sam? The writers could even show Bonnie and Frank’s lives just before they met Annalise. At this point, we would take any spin-off with regards to How To Get Away With Murder. The show is beyond a hit and it’s edge of the seat kind of fun.

12. Huck – Scandal

Huck is a hot mess. Anyone who watches Scandal knows that he has been screwed up royally. He was dealt a crappy hand and fans want the nitty gritty of it. The hardcore truth of what the hell happened to him. Olivia Pope has made him a somewhat better person (more controlled) but, there will forever be that deep down darkness. It’s great that the fans get glimpses and backstories, but many can’t help but wonder what they haven’t seen. They can’t help but wonder if he always had a crazy streak or if there was one particular event that set him off.

11. Poussey – Orange Is The New Black

Poussey was by far the coolest character on Orange Is The New Black. She was so smart, cultured and funny to watch. Her friendship with Taystee made everyone envy prison friendships. Truthfully, the show is sad without her. Even though she wasn’t the main character it was always a pleasure to see her get a storyline that fans could get wrapped up in. That being said, the fans just didn’t get enough. It would be cool to see her travel the world for her father’s job and seeing all the mischief she can get herself into. Maybe even see her coming out story in greater detail, or even the people she encounters along the way. There is so much potential.

10. Kramer

Kramer was Jerry Seinfeld’s kooky neighbor. He was always getting into something that wasn’t going to benefit him in any way. His hair-brained ideas usually got himself and anyone around him at the time in trouble. Now imagine having just that in a TV show. There would surely be no shortage of laughs and there would be no lack of guest appearances as well. Everyone would want to be on that show. Especially if it premiered around the time that Seinfeld was outrageously popular. The potential for a show like this was immense, there could have been a crossover episode. George could have walked from down the hall. It’s a little too late now but just imagine if it wasn’t.

9. Lumen Pierce – Dexter

Lumen Pierce played by Julia Stiles had a guest starring roll on season 5 of Dexter. Her character was kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted and let go. She was left with a revenge streak that no one can beat which is what brought Dexter into her life. He taught her the thrill of the hunt and helped her to get revenge on her attacker. When the season ended she went off to try to find normalcy in her life again. Fans, however, just wanted to follow her story and see how this attack changed her life, how seeking her own revenged changed her as a person. With Lumen it wouldn’t be a backstory it would be a what’s next. It seems like her life before the attack was pretty normal but after the attack she was different. She looked over her shoulder, she fought for her freedom. It must have changed her drastically.

8. Leon Black – Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm is an insanely hilarious show. There is no one better than Larry David to portray such a self-absorbed jerk. Maybe the only thing better than Larry is Leon Black. Leon is annoying, has the worst ideas and can seriously annoy Larry to no ends. However, when he opens his mouth you can’t help but laugh. He has been with Larry for a few years now and maybe it is time to see him in his own show. He certainly has an interesting enough life to keep fans interested. Who doesn’t want to know if one of his crazy schemes actually ends up making him rich.

7. Chandler

Now, we aren’t saying a spin-off for Chandler would be a great hit, he is always so much better when he is with the gang. But we wouldn’t mind seeing more of his loveable, dramatic nature. We would even accept a spin-off with him and Monica as a married couple, raising their kids. just as long as we get more Chandler. He is intelligent, funny and able to dish out some of the funniest jokes on the show (in our humble opinion). This is more so a plea for more Friends in any way the fans can get it. At this point, we are even willing to have him run the local coffee shop/hangout just so he can have a premise that will focus on the nostalgia of the original show.

6. Hiro And Ando

Heroes had such a cult following. All the characters were so interesting and great, rightfully, anyone could have a spin-off. But, no one was more loved than Hiro and Ando. We were able to see a bit more of Hiro’s life in Heroes: Reborn but it still wasn’t enough. There is so much more to Hiro than time traveling, and we need to figure it out. not to mention we still virtually know nothing about Ando and what is Hiro with Ando? A spin-off of these two would have so much potential so all we need now is a director, producer, cast, showrunner and a set. Let’s get on it.

5. Sister Wives – Big Love

Bill Hicks is great and all, but fans of the show know that the real stars are Barb, Nikki, and Margie. The sister wives made this show amazing and no one would fault the creators if they decided that after Bill’s death they would just go on with the wives. It may not seem like it, but these women have a bond, they are strong and willing to help one another no matter what. Their lives are way more interesting than Bill’s would have ever been and let’s be honest, they were the powerhouse behind Bill’s every step. Now that they are free of marriage they can pursue a life that is fulfilling for them and the fans are here for it.

4. Jughead – Riverdale

It’s true that Riverdale has just started but fans are already obsessed with Jughead and his crazy life. He is the dark horse of the show and it got fans scratching at their TV screens to know more about him. So, either make him the focus of the show or just give him his own show. We all want to know about his life as a child and what his parents were into, we want to know how he decided it was better to be homeless than live with his crazy dad. We also just love seeing him on the screen, he isn’t bad to look at.

3. Sally Draper – Mad Men

Sally Draper became a rebellious young woman by the end of Mad Men. She discovered The Beatles and other mind-blowing music. She was defiant of her stubborn mother’s traditional ways and she was a looker so boys came into play. However, as the show was ending fans felt as though Sally’s story was just beginning. They wanted to see what she would get herself into, how her life would turn out, what drastic change she would make next. Can you blame them? She was a pretty big part of the show as a family member of Don (who also went a little crazy). Even now, it’s not too late to jump back into her life. The showrunners could pick up with her starting college. It won’t be as good as Grown-ish but then again, what is?

2. Eddard Stark

Fans could always read the Game of Thrones books to get more insight into Eddard Stark and his life before marriage and kids. However, most people would prefer to watch it. If the whispers are true they just might get it to the delight of many. It would be awesome to see what happened to Eddard as a young man maybe even find out if Jon Snow is his child or his sisters. He is an unbelievably interesting character and for those who didn’t read the book, well, we feel cheated. We only had the pleasure of knowing him for one season and we are just dying to know more.

1. Michael Lee

Michael Lee was by far the best character on season 4 of The Wire. We aren’t here to glorify gangs and drugs, but he was just so bad a**. What actually made him the best though was the fact that he never backed down. Not only was he able to rise to the top, he did it to take care of his younger brother and his best friend. This guy wasn’t afraid of anything and if he was, he never showed it. At the end of season 5, we see him packing his bags and going into hiding only to come back for one more kill. But, what happens to Michael after that? Enquiring minds want to know he had so much heart. Fans of the show know that he is too streetwise to get himself murdered so he’s around but where?

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