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15 Signs She’s ‘Thirsty’ AF

We now live a world where there is a word for what women have been doing since the beginning of time; putting themselves out there. However, a woman that puts themselves out there normally gets shunned in some way, shape or form for being too bold.  

We must admit, it’s annoying watching these Insta-chicks and social media obsessed women throw all their business out there. Not everything is meant to be shared, commented on, “like,” “loved” and whatever else you can do online. Especially when it comes to guys. Some girls will do just about anything to get that guys attention. We now call this the art of being thirsty.

In Urban Dictionary “thirsty” is defined as “too eager to get something (especially play)” or “desperate”. No one wants to be known as thirsty it’s not a good thing. So why are people out here acting like they are parched? In case you are still confused here is a list of ways to tell if she is just too thirsty. By the way, a lot of these entries can apply to men as well.

In fact, they may be even more thirsty than most girls.

15. She Messages You Way Too Early

She just can’t wait to wake up and message you. A girl who has you on her mind first thing in the morning AND she isn’t your girlfriend, that’s a problem. Text messaging anyone too early is a sin but when it’s a girl crushing on a guy, she comes off thirsty AF and it’s not cute at all.

It gives off weird vibes like she’s insecure or just doesn’t know that patience is key when courting someone. Either way, it’s not looking good for her. If you’re a girl with a texting problem, start locking your phone up at night. Guarantee you will be too lazy to get out of bed to message some guy.

14. She Friends YOU On Social Media

Okay, so friending or following someone on social media isn’t that big of a deal. Unless of course, it is someone who you haven’t actually met. Yes, there are people out there who get caught in that wormhole that has them browsing profiles of “people you may know.”

They see a few pictures then all of a sudden, they are sending a friend request in hopes that their life is like a movie and something magical will happen. There are also those people who view social media as a means to find dates. They slide into the DM so quickly, you wouldn’t know what hit you.

13. Sets Up A Second Date During The First Date

The first date could be going bad as ever and this chick is trying to secure a second date because she can’t read the signs. There is something to say about someone who doesn’t give up on their dreams. However, when your dream is to get a second date with a guy who seems uninterested well, you’re thirsty.

A girl that is going out of her way to initiate a second date is brave and it’s cool when there is definite chemistry. Guys do love a girl that is confident. But, please make sure that there is chemistry and that he is also into you. Trust us, you will know.

12. Lingers When It’s Time To Leave Your House

You shouldn’t have to be kicked out when its time to leave someone’s house. If she is hesitating to leave and is trying to do everything in her power to stick around longer, she’s thirsty. It’s great that you guys have been hanging out all evening and you may even be getting along really, really well. But, when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

There is nothing more awkward then you sending signals that you’re tired and getting ready to turn in. Or that you have plans with your friends and she’s hanging around like you didn’t hint to her a million times. Damn girl, there’s always next week he’s not going anywhere, hopefully.

11. Mentions Marriage Within The First Month

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get married, it’s the reason why a majority of people date. They want to find their significant other, make a life together, maybe even have a few kids. However, marriage is something that shouldn’t even be a topic of conversation for at least a year (for some people six months).

There are rules to courtship. So, if homegirl is hanging out with you and casually starts bringing up wanting to be married and looking forward to her wedding day, well you might want to nip it in the butt, quick. Maybe even inquire about when she wants these plans to take place. A girl constantly talking about marriage comes off as desperate or shall we say, thirsty.

10. Doesn’t Understand What A One Night Stand Is

You pick up a girl at a bar or club or some other social setting, you take her home and the next morning like clockwork she leaves. That is unless she doesn’t. If you wake up and she isn’t already gone or at least up and trying to sneak out, you may have a problem.

Or if she wants to go for breakfast or leaves her number like she doesn’t know what the situation is, you’ve got a problem. If she wanted more with you she probably shouldn’t have slept with you the first time you met one another. You just better hope you don’t see her again after you blow her off because she can’t be held responsible for how she reacts.

9. Always Manages To Be The First To “Like” Your Posts

It’s like she is sitting in front of her computer well, smartphone waiting to get alerts (that she set up) on everything you post. If you notice that she has liked everything you posted since you met (or didn’t meet), and she is normally one of the first people to do so well, she may be trying to get your attention.

Only, this isn’t the way to get anyone’s attention again it comes off as desperate and thirsty AF. Like, how does she have time to constantly be the first or one of the first people to “like” your post? Don’t you see something wrong with that? Major red flags. Not only is she thirsty, she’s getting a little too comfortable.

8. Post A Scandalous Picture… By Accident

A common move for a thirsty girl is to either direct message you or post a public photo that shows off her assets. Pictures like these don’t need to be shown all over social media. However, if a girl has the confidence to send you a scantily clad photo well, the thirst is real. One good thing about this is that at least you know she likes you.

Then again, there are other ways to express your feelings. She is probably looking for some sort of compliment or attention that will boost her ego. It’s extra AF and she knows it but when you’re thirsty, you’re thirsty.

7. Compares Themselves To Your Current Girl

If you are good friends with a girl who wants more than anything to be THE girl in your life knowing that you are in a relationship she’s thirsty. Why else would a girl go after another girl’s boyfriend? It’s disrespectful. She shouldn’t even be having a conversation with you about your relationships.

It’s one thing to have a girl that’s a best friend before you got into that serious relationship but to make friends with a girl after you have a girlfriend then let her talk about your current girlfriend. She’s thirsty and you’re a questionable boyfriend, just shut her down as quickly as possible.

6. Doesn’t Mind Being The Side Chick

Any girl that tells you that she doesn’t mind being the side chick or just accepts that she is the side chick is thirsty. There are plenty of men out there why not go out and find your own? Being a side chick has become a serious profession. Girls are out here making a salary off of side chicking AND they feel no type of way about it.

They look at it like getting theirs then try to justify their thirsty behavior by saying the girlfriend wasn’t keeping her man happy. Realistically, why is that any of your business? These girls are out here making a fool of themselves by claiming that side chick status.

5. Sends Inappropriate Pictures

Sliding in DMs and sending someone naked pictures is apparently the norm in society today. However, we forget to actually look at what doing something like this means. It makes females look beyond thirsty and most of the time, it doesn’t impress the guy.

If someone is so willing to show off their assets in a dirty picture that can forever be shared over and over again on the internet well, be my guest. But, it doesn’t always send the right signals and it doesn’t always work in the favor of whoever is attempting to master it. Then again, it apparently goes down in the DM so maybe this tactic does work?

4. Too Many Sex Jokes

Too many sex jokes are her hinting at wanting to have sex. Why else would she be so bold to put herself out there? Why constantly bring up the dirty deed if she isn’t willing to make good on that “promise”? It’s rare that a girl talks ones ear off about what goes on between the sheets.

And believe us, there is such thing as talking about it way too much. There has to be a line somewhere. Being thirsty makes a girl do some crazy things. But come on, being overly sexual only gets you so far this has been proven time and time again.

3. Stages A Photo

There is nothing more annoying than someone who posts a picture of themselves looking off into the distance. Then tries to act like they didn’t know the picture was being taken. These staged photos that they then post and watch relentlessly to make sure it’s getting “likes” is thirsty.

If you want to post a photo of yourself that has some cheesy profound caption that was supposedly quoted from Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn then go ahead. However, don’t go and stalk the photo and see if the guy you are obsessing over is going to “like” it. Chances are he didn’t see it or if he did he didn’t care enough to comment.

2. Her Fave Hashtag Is #getyouagirlthatcandoboth

OH MY GOD! The #getyouagirlthatcandoboth saying is so annoying.  It another way for some girls to showcase their thirsty side. More times than not they attached photos that prove nothing about them being able to “do both”. Please don’t use this hashtag if you plan on posting a photo of you in a club looking drunk AF then the next day reading a book.

It doesn’t apply to everything ladies and if you can’t do both it’s fine. Or if you don’t have two good examples that’s fine as well. Just stop using this thirsty post to get comments and “likes” because it looks like you’re trying too hard.

1. She Tags You In Every Post

It’s cool when you see something funny and want to share the post with the guy you’re crushing on. But, when you decide to tag him in every post that you can, it’s overload. Not sure how you guys feel, but, seeing that little notification floating on the phone is annoying AF. Not everything needs to be shared with millions of people.

Whatever happened to enjoying a nice laugh by yourself? If you are looking to get his attention or show him how “funny” you are you there are other ways to do it. Life happens outside of the thirsty zone of social media.

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