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15 Scariest ‘American Horror Story’ Scenes… So Far


15 Scariest ‘American Horror Story’ Scenes… So Far

With the seventh season of American Horror Story underway, it’s hard not to anticipate what’s next. Just how will creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy plan on scaring the crap out of us this time? The past seasons have struck fear in the hearts of many people.

They have played out some of fans’ worst nightmares all while keeping them glued to their screen. There is no doubt the new season will bring about a two-part Halloween special that will have fans on the edge of their seats. Here are several episodes that can get you prepared for the inevitable twists and turns of this season.

15. A Dinner For Murderers

In the recent American Horror Story: Hotel, there was a scene that was absolutely terrifying: when infamous serial murderers gather for a midnight reunion. The likes of John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos, Richard Ramirez and Jeffrey Dahmer — just to name a few — show up to this dinner.

They don’t actually eat; they drink and talk about their favorite kills and what they miss about killing people. It’s scary because these are real people, real murderers who got away with it for a long time. Can anyone imagine if this scene actually happened in real life? Stay in your homes on Halloween night. You never know who might be lurking.

14. Elsa’s Snuff Film

In American Horror Story: Freak Show, it was a tragedy to see how Elsa the owner of the freak show had lost her legs. While doing a movie that was supposed to be kinky at best, the tables turned. Her legs were cut off by someone who took things way too far. Not only is the scene hard to watch it’s sad to witness her betrayal.

The scene itself doesn’t let up. You basically watch a snuff film, her legs chopped off as she screams in horror. What makes things worse is that something like this could actually happen in real life. There are actually people like this out there.

13. Kyle’s “Relationship” with his Mother

In Coven, Kyle was the frat boy who was torn apart by a freak accident brought on by one of the witches. However, he is sown back together in Frankenstein-like fashion. The kicker is that his life as a mutilated creature is probably better than his past life.

Kyle’s back story reveals that his mother was sexually abusing him. There is even a scene that shows her “missing” her son so bad that her mourning forced to sexually assault his corpse. The sick part is that the writers felt the need to foreshadow that it was going to happen; they show some of it. Just so nothing can be left to the imagination.

12. Breast Milk

American Horror Story: Asylum is probably one of the sickest seasons to date. So much deviant behavior is displayed. Most of it comes from Oliver Thredson and his son Johnny. One of the weirdest and most off-putting scenes involved their love for breast milk. Straight from the source.

Father and son who never met one another and decades apart are obsessed with drinking breast milk; sexually it’s a turn on for them. Seeing as they both had mommy issues, it’s also probably in some sick way a chance for them to connect with the parent they never felt love from. Either way, for fans of the show it was disturbing to say the least.

11. The Zombie Bed

In Hotel, fans already knew something was fishy about that place. However, the extent scared the hell out of everybody. Especially when a dead man came climbing out of the mattress. Not only was it scary AF but it was so unexpected that if you didn’t jump while watching it well… something must be off about you.

Imagine trying to sleep on a bed and a corpse’s arms come rising out, trying to pull you into the mattress. Who could ever trust a bed after that incident? Insomnia might seem like a no-brainer.

10. Bloody Face

Bloody Face was one of the serial killers in American Horror Story: Asylum. There is no one particular scene to be drawn from simply because every scene he was in was horrific. Just his presence caused fear in most of the characters and of course the fans. He was vicious in his ways and he was able to keep his real identity a secret for a very long time.

However, once it was revealed, he created a whirlwind of problems that forced fans to cover their eyes in horror. He held captive women and became obsessed with one in particular. He is one of the creepiest characters in the series.

9. The Kidnapping Of Holden

America Horror Story: Hotel was weird at best. Not a fan-favorite season but it still had its moments. One of those was the kidnapping — or luring whatever you want to call it — of Holden, a small child staying at the hotel. Not only was he kidnapped but he was turned into a vampire.

Forever destined to remain a child and be held in captivity. He looked extremely creepy. He had all white hair and skin so pale it was almost translucent. While he was well taken care of most of the time, he was still a child abducted. Honestly, the look of the deep red blood on his pale white skin was horrifying.

8. Cordelia’s Eyeballs

In American Horror Story: Coven, Cordelia has one hell of a time. Her mother was a hateful woman who wanted nothing more than to be young and in charge. She tortured Cordelia just by being alive.

Their relationship only became more strained when she was attacked because her mother had beef. She was blinded in a horrific way. On the bright side though, she gained the gift of “sight.” When she gained her eyes back, she lost her special power. So why not blind yourself again by jamming gardening sheers into your face?

She decided she was better off being blind. It was gruesome watching the sheers pierce her soft, gel-like eyeball. Thinking back, it still sends shivers down the spine.

7. Kathy Bates Becomes The Butcher

American Horror Story: Roanoke was okay. It came off kind of messy and complex but it had insane characters. One that shot fear in everyone’s hearts was The Butcher. The original Butcher was insane that was clear to see. But watching the actor (played by Kathy Bates) turn into the Butcher in modern-day was even crazier.

The character was possessed. She went around hiding in the woods and murdering people in blind rage. She was scary AF. When she would go off, she was 100 per cent a brand new person scaring her cast mates and random people in the street.

When when she wasn’t brought back to film more scenes, she went ballistic claiming that she was the true Butcher. WTF, she was way too unpredictable.

6. That Hillbilly Cannibal Family

Also appearing in Roanoke was that dirty, dreadful cannibal family. Francis Fisher played the matriarch. They kidnapped a few members of the cast and had no intentions to kill them. In their opinions, the flesh tasted better when they could keep the body alive for as long as possible.

Watching them slice off the thinnest slivers of skin and flesh right down to the bone was… nauseating. The scene was a dirty garage-looking area full of rusty bits and dirt everywhere. Needless to say, it was all around nasty as hell, and no, we won’t be watching that scene again. Thanks!

5. All The Halloween Episodes

Every season, creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy create a two-part Halloween special. Every year, the episodes get scarier and scarier. The murders of the gay couple in season one, the exorcism and that creepy AF storm in season 2, the resurrection of Kyle in season 3…

We won’t give away too much but each year they become either creepier or scarier or both. It’s crazy how they can write a whole season of scary stuff but manage to still have enough scare in them for Halloween episodes. Take your pick. They will all frightened the hell out of you.

4. The Museum of Horrors

In Freak Show, one of the creepiest parts involved Emma Roberts’ character Maggie. She is undercover working with the freak show. Her real intentions are to kidnap and steal freaks’ unique parts. She sets her sites on Ma Petite because well, she’s the easiest. That being said, her scene at the museum is… intense.

There are a bunch of parts cut off from people who had a deformity. They are preserved in glass jars and look creepy AF. Eventually, Ma Petite and her tiny frame end up in one of those jars. Not only is it sad to see, it’s disturbing that she fits in an entire jar.

3. Edward Mordrake

Nothing scarier than seeing a man appear out of smoke in the dark woods, glide into your freak show totting two heads. One evil and one, not so evil. Freak Show‘s Edward Mordrake was kind of summoned on Halloween night and brought nothing but evil with him. Elsa believed that he had the “power” to revive her deader than dead career.

However, she would have to trade one person’s death for her fame. He ultimately takes Twisty the Clown. Regardless, his entire appearance is spooky and sad. He was a tortured soul even while he was alive.

2. James March’s Obsession

“Pull the trigger and take her last breath. It’s exhilarating.” Hotel‘s James March was insane. His backstory is so cool but actually watching it take place was scary AF.

His obsession with Elizabeth, his intense love for murder — he was so passionate that he built a hotel just so he could murder people and keep them or their barely alive bodies inside hidden walls. Not to mention all his protégé’s at that dinner of murderers.

He’s an intense character who has managed to make everyone hate him. He was out smarted by Olivia but only after he broke her heart.

1. Discovering Violet’s Dead Body

There is probably nothing creepier — maybe the better word is weirder — than seeing your own rotting corpse in a crawl space. This happened to sweet, tortured Violet in Murder House. It turns out the night she tried to commit suicide, Tate wasn’t able to save her. After she died, Tate hid her body and tried to convince her a few times to “kill” herself.

The appearance of Violet’s body was gruesome. It was withering and rotting, bugs crawling in and out of her mouth. She was positioned in a way that made it seem like she suffered. Tate told her she died crying but she was okay. We wouldn’t take Tate’s word for it though.

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